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Will running develop big calves??

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  • Will running develop big calves??

    read from a few forums that running actually causes the calves to grow bigger.
    Is this true? what if i only jog once a week for around 2km??
    and how abt walking up the stairs?

    i heard that going gym is effective.. but does running on threadmill develops bigger calves? i been to aerobic classes at Amore before but it doesnt help my weight much. I think because i tend to eat more after a work out..

    sorry for asking so much...appreciate all help and advice.

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    definitely will, esp if you consume alot of meat as well because a higher level of intake of protein will increase your chances of building up bigger bulkier muscles.


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      oh thanks for all the advice.
      oh dear, i wanted to run to lose some weight... in this case, what is the best way to lose weight and look leaner?
      swimming, slow jogging, aerobics or yoga? pls share...thanks!!


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        I was watching the long distance running in Olympics and I realised that all the runners, men and women have super toned bodies and stick thing legs. Not bulky at all.

        I'm also really curious since it seems that either long distance makes the legs skinny, or skinny legs are better in long distance running.


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          to lose weight over time, you actually have to watch your diet and exercise regime.

          a somewhat balanced weight is a result of energy intake equating to energy given out. so if you wanna lose weight, your diet has to be such that it's healthy and nutritious yet energy burned is more than your energy intake. it takes months to see the results. but note that diet is the key. running certainly helps but you'll need patience.

          if your weight is acceptable actually i don't see a need to lose weight but rather exercise to keep fit and make your muscles firmer and more defined rather than it being flabby. a mixture of sports such as swimming and running will do go as it emphasizes on strengthening different parts of your body.

          also, skinny legs are better in long distance running is somewhat true only. people train their leg power and stamina so they can go further. running may or may not develop big calves because it's dependent on your muscle and body structure as well

          sorry if i don't make much sense to you but HTHS


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            I am also worried not only about calves but also bulky legs. Thus I mix what I do with aerobics, brisk walking and stationary cycling...


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              How about doing more stretching for cooling exercise.. I did yoga and my teacher alway focus on lengthening the muscle. Saying regular stretch help lengthen than expanding it. I make it a point to pull my hamstring and calves after every run. Dont think my leg is big as i run regularly..


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                Hi ORangeGina: ya i think u are right... i recalled during my dancing classes days when the teacher taught us to really strech to lengthen the muscles. Actually in all sports, the warm up and warm down is impt so as to prevent bulky muscles.
                And i agree with Xnana must go along with exercise. If one exercises frequently, but continues with a heavy intake of food, it doesnt help much.

                Jaymee, same as me! yday i was watching the olympics marathon and theirs is like so taut ! not really bulky...


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                  Originally posted by littlegreenyoda

                  1 thing to take note of.. weight is not equivalent to how fat you all.. u could weigh heavier due to ur muscles bulking up..
                  I assumed that too for a long time until i read Reader digest issue (think last month). It wrote an article on Fats and Muscle. It state 1kg of fats = 1kg of muscle so we cant assume muscle is heavier. We can say that muscle is denser than fats thus take up smaller space. Therefore, when we do exercise for a long time, we feel different when we wear clothes due to muscle taking less space. Weight still retain and why it increase it never explain.


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                    I ran long distance last time.. now my calves are still quite thin - no fats. They can maintain on their own! teehee.. but unfortunately, the butt cannot maintain itself that well, so i look kind of heavy on the top.

                    I think running is a good way to tone and maintain muscles. Unless you're doing a lot of sprints - which will work your muscles harder, thus they'll look bulkier. See the sprinters. They have more muscle mass - maybe that's what you mean by bigger calves?


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                      I have really BIG calves, which i think is caused by running. My bf told me that to prevent big calves, you should use your thighs to run... Don't know how to run using thighs, so whenever i go jogging , i will be chanting "run using thigh, run using thigh" in my head..


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                        Run using thighs? Then will that make the thighs bigger?

                        Your chant is funny.... I usually chant "beautiful legs, beautiful legs" when I'm dead tired from jogging but need to motivate myself.


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                          Haha.. sometimes i will chant slimmer waist... haha.. looks like we have motivation chant


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                            i used to run a lot... my calves are fine... but i have 'muscular' thighs...

                            not too sure whether you gals understand... when i wear tight pants cos the muscle will bulge out... but i like to wear pants.. so i usually find boot-cut or st cut pants... slim cut is definitely out for me...


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                              Originally posted by OrangeGina891 View Post
                              Haha.. sometimes i will chant slimmer waist... haha.. looks like we have motivation chant
                              hey... guess what.. my boss was telling me the other day that her doc actually said there was a research carried out... those who 'day-dream' for 5 mins everyday that they are on a treadmill, working out very hard... they actually slimmed down..

                              so i think chanting everyday for slimmer frame, may work??