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  • Salam girls.

    Just applied for marriage on the ROMM site yesterday and like I've predicted, it was so complicated to file for marriage without a wali. I was advised by the ROMM officer that I need to indicate that my Father's whereabouts are unknown. They told me that the standard procedure will take about 1-3 months depending on the complexity of the case and that I can only confirm my solemnisation details AFTER they have taken the measures to find my Father.

    I'm feeling so distressed. I don't know where my father is and I don't have any contacts to the paternal side. What if he doesn't come forward? What if he's not even in Singapore? ????

    And looking at the amount of application for people to nikah on my chosen wedding date is already beyond the number of kadis/naib kadis available. And I've to wait probably till early February to book a kadi when my wedding date is in March. What if I don't find one or if the kadis are fully booked? My Mother told me that I need to be prepared to not be able to get married on my chosen wedding that and all I'm thinking is what's the purpose of the majlis if there's no nikah. Sigh. My mind is in a whirl and I'm so stressed out. ????