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  • BEWARE Virus Attack!

    The following is quoted from an email from my vendor, PacNet:

    Dear Customer,

    We have identified a widespread activity related to a malicious code known as W32/Blaster. This worm appears to exploit known vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Windows DCOM RPC on the following platforms:

    * Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
    * Microsoft Windows 2000
    * Microsoft Windows XP
    * Microsoft Windows Server 2003


    I. Description

    The W32/Blaster worm exploits a vulnerability in Microsoft's DCOM RPC interface. Upon successful execution, the worm attempts to retrieve a copy of the file msblast.exe from the compromising host. Once this file is retrieved, the compromised system then runs it and begins scanning for other vulnerable systems to compromise in the same manner. In the course of propagation, a TCP session to port 135 is used to execute the attack. However, access to TCP ports 139 and 445 may also provide attack vectors and should be considered when applying mitigation strategies. Microsoft has published information about this vulnerability in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-026.

    II. Impact

    A remote attacker could exploit these vulnerabilities to execute any programs or to cause a denial-of-service condition.

    Infected systems may also experience random system shutdowns or crashes.

    III. Solutions

    We encourage you to apply the patches referred to in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-026 as soon as possible in order to address the vulnerability. These patches are available at the following link:

    More information about this worm can be found at:

    Information Security Department
    Pacific Internet Limited

    [Please do not reply to this email]
    NOTE: In no event will Pacific Internet Limited be liable for any business interruption, lost revenue, profits or data, or for damages of any kind, however caused, arising out of your use of or inability to use the information contained in this advisory, or your failure to receive any prior or future alerts, watches or warnings, even if Pacific Internet Limited has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

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    My computer is acting strange today... I need expert help!!!!

    1. Cannot copy and paste. I can copy but when I right click and want to paste, the 'paste' is not selectable...

    2. Cannot activate any web brower that pops-up. i.e cannot use emoticons in my post (I click on them but they do not show up), I cannot access to the forum page from the main menu (I have to somehow open it within the same web browser; anything that opens a new web browser doesn;t work.)



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      i've heard of this virus too. don't forget to update your anti virus program as well in addition to downloading the patch!


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        Riv -> did you try restarting your pc?? To paste, try Crtl+v.


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          argghh... my new lappy was infected with this virus!! just coz i haven't installed all the anti virus software.. thank god my fren fixed it for me. its working fine now, i think. so scary!


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            Originally posted by candeecake
            Riv -> did you try restarting your pc?? To paste, try Crtl+v.
            Ctrl C and Ctrl V doesn't work. IT has been like that since this morning....


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              Urghh i got infected by it! :piss:
              Windows kept restarting because the system file was deleted!!!!


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                tinkling, quick go to to d/l the removal tool!

                yeah the bugger will keep restarting itself.


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                  riv, did you trying running norton antivirus and windoctor?


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                    Anti virus software I don't have...


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                      go borrow a friend's norton systemworks or something girl!


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                        my sis warned me about this and i was on the internet the whole morning, part of the afternoon and now, i'm back again. she said her lecturer's system had shut down. i wonder if it meant she had school today.

                        please have an anti-virus program on your computer. it might come in handy one day.


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                          I got this message: "NT authorised system...system will shut your work." when I was using my laptop last night. Sorry I can't remember the exact message. And it shut down and re-started a few times. Really irritating! :piss: Never seen this message before.


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                            Hiaz...I thot I was the only one ranting.
                            My Rant

                            Queenie, u've got it too

                            Ladies, read these steps :note:

                            1.Download the patch
                            2.Disable your system restore
                            3.Update the virus definitions
                            4.Restarting the computer in Safe mode or ending the Work process
                            5.Scan and delete the infected files
                            6.Reversing the changes made to the registry.

                            From my experience, the system will shut down whilst u are doing these steps. So be patient!



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                              Thanks for the solution, Stressed.

                              Think my SO has probably re-formatted the computer. We weren't even sure whether it's the virus. Hope it's working now.