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  • Your dream gown

    Ladies, do you have a dream gown in mind? Is it something already available? Did u already see something u have always dream of since you were a little girl? Or till now, nothing has caught your eye? Describe/draw/show your dream gown (day/evening). For veterens (a better word for the been-there-done-that cotters ), tell us all about your gowns. Anyone designed their own gowns?

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    Here's a peep on my Wedding Gown:

    This is designed by Michelle-Hui Min.

    Edited to remove photo.
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      knowing how much cotters like drooling over gorgeous clothes, i found a couple of beautiful designs (to me la).


 <-- has lots of pretty dresses!


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        Xue, those gowns are designed by Michelle-HuiMin!!!


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          haha, bridal veil right? i like how her style's very classy. i always love looking at bridal gowns because they're so gorgeous! freaks my bf out initially though... :sotong:


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            Michelle designs absolutely gorgeous gowns IMO!

            Hahaha Most guys do...


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              I don't have a pic right now but mine was an empire line, Juliet like dress, designed after my mother's own wedding gown


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                thanks for the previwe queenie. you're going to be a beautiful bride.

                looking at pics always makes me think about what i'm going to wear on that day too. sighhh.... not that i'm getting married anytime soon.

                xue, the pics are beautiful. thanks for sharing.

                most gowns i've seen are beautiful. as long as they're not fussy or too elaborate. i like simple stuff. something like what caroline kennedy wore on her big day.. she had simple hair, simple makeup, a simple, elegant and beautiful dress. and she looked really really gorgeous. that's what i like!

                mag, your mum sounds like a stylo mother. esp after seeing all your maternity clothes which were previously hers.


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                  Queenie, Pretty Pretty gown... Thanks for sharing.

                  Xue, I love looking at bridal gowns too. I had so much fun helping my sister choose her gowns when she was getting married.


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                    Pretty pretty Queenie!! For a moment I thought it was a pic of a princess you took out from some magazine!

                    Are you wearing that for your photoshoot in Paris? If it's outdoor, ain't it gonna be C_O_L_D??? :sotong: :sotong:


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                      Queenie, your gown is lovely.....

                      I don't have a pic of my exact gown...but it is combination of the three gowns below... The lower part is the second pic, the upper bodice is more like the third pics but with straps like the first pics...the details on the upper bodice is closer to third pic..confusing?


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                        Queenie! Congratulations!! also a bridal veil bride Love your gown! It is beautiful!!
                        The fabric is unique....may i know what fabric is that?


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                          Can't fit into my dream gown so this is second best! It's emboidered flowers on organza (scratches me like crazy!). And no, I'm not that slim IRL!

                          BTW, this is a rejected photo from my PS.
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                            congrats look wonderful in that dress...may i know where can i find michelle hui min???


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                              stressed: you look sooooo sweet! and demure! it looks like a great dress to me.

                              astrid: check out