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    i'm interested in getting a palm top or pocket PC as an organiser. sick of paper types, which are very messy for fickleminded people like me who keep reorganising their schedules

    any recommendations or suggestions?

    i'm so backward, i don't even know which brands are reputable and what these gadgets are supposed to have! i just want something basic for sorting out my schedule, appointments, to-do lists, etc. so any advice would be much appreciated!

    thanks in advance!
    paper organizer

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    i have a sony clie bought last dec. it's pretty basic with none of the fancy schmancy stuff like camera, mp3 etc. i like it coz it's cute and compact, plus i don't need fancy functions that i won't use.

    <img src="">

    there're lots of new products out there though, just go and browse around, ask some questions before you decide.


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      Hi xue

      I have a Compaq IPAQ Pocket PC. It's bigger than Palm or Sony Clie but it's got a recorder, a mp3 player and it runs on Windows Pocket PC Software. I think if you are only looking for an organiser without any fancy built-in gadgets, then Sony or Palm is good enough and they are smaller too


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        wow! that sounds fantastic Ariel! :sotong: i'm impressed!

        erica: i'll probably go asking around, but wanted to gather some info first so i don't sound like some silly girl who can be cheated

        meow: ok dear... hopefully, Pan will come online and see this.


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          It depends on whether u are more familiar with Palm or Pocket PC. For Palm... form of entry is grafatti... (not sure if its the right spelling). Its a method of writing letters that the gadget can understand.

          Whereas for Pocket PC, usually is the normal way u write... jus have to configure the software a little... to see the kinda of styles ur letters often take.

          Personally, I would not recommend people to buy Clie... Its using Palm OS, and Sony items are proprietary in nature, additional items like maybe mem cards or cameras are only available from Sony and can only be used on Clie... :piss:

          So if u prefer Palm OS, get the Palm. Palm Tungsten is a good one. But there are 3 versions.... I have forgotten the configuration already...

          Palm Zire is also not bad. Simple and with basic features. Also has one version with a camera.

          For Pocket PC OS, get HP (there is a slim fit version for ladies... its rather expensive though 600+ for a simple featured Pocket PC). Alternatively, go for Acer, which is only 499....

          Choosing a not so expensive one gives u the flexibility of changing a new one when u are so impressed by the always coming new gadgets..

          Hope this helps...


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            hey califit, you seem to know quite a bit about these gadgets!

            all i want in a palm is:
            a) schedule - be able to see my weekly & monthly schedule at a glance
            b) daily appointments - write down where i need to be everyday
            c) To-Do list - list of all my tasks, preferably able to split them into categories
            d) memo - to take down random bits of important info
            e) address book
            f) record expenses - for me to keep track of my spending
            g) mini word processor - would like to type notes into it
            h) colour! i don't like b&w.
            i) affordable - S$500 max..

            your information has been really useful! i'm eyeing the Palm Zire 71 in fact, just that i'm not sure i want to pay so much for something i don't need (camera, mp3 player)

            but i was quite disappointed to hear that about Sony, i never knew they were like that! what a downer. was originally looking at the CLIE PEG SJ33 and SJ22 (i think), but shall think twice now.l

            thanks dear for being so helpfuL!


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              just want to add my opinion.
              actually, sony's memory card can be used on all sony's digital gadgets. can use the same memory card in your digital camera as well as clie. so it wasnt that bad at all if you are a sony fan.


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                Yap the Zire 71 is a good one.... If u get the Zire (lower version) its ok to meet ur needs too... BUT.... since ur budget is 500+, then get the zire 71.... Coz if u get the lower one, i think u will end up regretting.

                Besides, the camera is handy if u go overseas.... (i think u r going london to study rite?)

                I like the Clie colours too. very cool... but too bad its quite proprietary....

                Personally, I have a palm and an Acer Pocket PC.... I kinda like Pocket PC better... coz i am lazy to remember the handwriting methods.

                If u r going Sim Lim and get ur stuff, go to a shop called bits and bytes. They have a wide selection and sometimes best price.... Another shop to go for best price would be the shop 2 shops away from bits and bytes (if i am not wrong)... The shop has a display rack for the chinese input softwares displayed outside and one of the SA (male) has long blonde hair... (to shoulder length)....

                Ask around for the prices... and beware of shops which quote u low low prices but end up they are export sets.


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                  yap... sony's add ons are of coz useable on their range of products.... proprietary in the sense that u cant share with other brands, which is rather bad liaoz... coz my bf and me have different brands of pocket pc and sorta must be compatible with both, then can borrow here and there...


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                    thanks dears!

                    i don't have any Sony products at all, which would probably mean it's not such a great idea. but that's not too big a deal for me.

                    thanks for the recs on shops especially califit! i'd be at a loss otherwise.


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                      Originally posted by babyflite
                      i have a sony clie bought last dec. it's pretty basic with none of the fancy schmancy stuff like camera, mp3 etc. i like it coz it's cute and compact, plus i don't need fancy functions that i won't use.

                      <img src="">

                      there're lots of new products out there though, just go and browse around, ask some questions before you decide.
                      Got this from Pan's SO 2nd hand at a very good price!! Thanks KV!! ( cannot use or else Pan will ... )


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                        any more such lobangs?
                        trying to get one for my mum for work.

                        so Riv, is your life more organised now??


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                          oh Europe itinerary is all in there!

                          It's pretty user-friendly, and easy to pick up how to use. I think mine has mp3 though... but till now I've only been using the appointment scheduler and time to navigate the rest of its capabilities yet...


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                            I agree with Califit in getting the Zire with the camera. It's going to be useful when you're studying abroad. The resolution of the photos that you get will be better than those taken with camera phones. The dimensions of a Zire is also more handbag-friendly. I'm not sure of the battery supply of the Zire, but it's better to get a PDA that recharges when placed in the cradle during syn-ching.

                            Anyway, the fun part of shopping is doing comparative research. Plonking down the money is no fun at all.....

                            Good luck.


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                              One thing good about palm tops that can use alkaline batts is that if u forget to charge them, u have the option of buying batteries from the stores....