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    I love my Sony Clie. Triple up as a dairy/planner, camera, MP3 player in one.


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      l my clie too! it's just nifty & it's got a great design too - it helps that i use a vaio so my memory stick's handy for both.... but it's not that oft that u actually pass yr memory cards ard anyway so it's not too big a deal for me that some other frens use a palm tungsten or whatever else. alternatively u can use IR to transfer information to someone else's palm.


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        thanks for all the input!

        went hunting around Funan yesterday and found out lots more.

        the main three i was eyeing are:
        a) Sony CLIE PEG SJ22
        b) Sony CLIE PEG SJ33
        c) Palm Zire 71

        for the first two, it didn't feel very comfortable when i held it. also, despite being marketed as a multimedia type PDA, many customers complained that they weren't very satisfied with the sound system.

        i'm quite certain the zire71 is the one i'm looking for. other than the sleek design and lightness, the colour display is excellent. it sits well on my palm and is quite fast as well. the camera is also pretty decent!

        i managed to find a good deal - the Zire 71 (original retail $54, with an extra 64MB card, protective screen, and leather casing for a grand total of S$590! it's from this shop called SEA or something..

        but decided not to get it in the end because i'm still not convinced on how useful a device this is. and why i should pay 2500% more for this instead of a paper organiser. also, felt quite bad since my mom's been buying so much stuff for me these days.

        shall think about it for a few weeks.. hopefully, my SO will get it and then i can play with it too.


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          mine is the first gen color palm (palm505).

          i love it - use it to keep track of my trips, expenses, timezones, addresses. also, when i'm bored, the games section proves very handy!

          also love that i can upload photos to take around.

          actually, when i was still studying, i still preferred pen and paper to keep track of homework and other appointments cos it was easier to just scribble things down. wasn't until i started working that i made full use of it. perhaps you might wanna consider just sticking to a pen-and-paper organiser till then?


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            Xue: my friend has the Palm Zire 71 and I would say its a neat looking gadget! you would think that the camera's pretty useless but actually, its kinda fun to play around with sometimes! and whatsmore, you can also store mp3s in it, which couples up as an mp3 player too.

            but whats most important is that it's user friendly and has all the functions that you'll need for an organiser. plus, i think the blue color is pleasing to the eye too! overall, i think its a good buy, really. pda-s aren't really my kind of thing, but i have to say that the palm zire's really quite cool afterall.... =)


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              i've slept on this for ages and i'm still thinking of it!

              pen and paper doesn't seem to be enough for me since i'm horribly disorganised. i keep making lists and having to reorganise or add more things into my lists, which makes the lists more messy!

              unbelievably, i've forgotten how i organised myself in school.

              i think i'll be getting the Zire71 ultimately, probably during the current Comex Fair at Suntec if i can reconvince my mom to get it for me.

              now i'm wondering, what other downloads do you have in your palmtop?


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                Actually, after getting the palm top, u might find it most convenient to use paper and pens... coz sometimes, its a hassle to bring it... and it takes more time to scribble on the palm top than writing on paper.

                hmm... i have lotsa games in the palm top... from card games to tic *** toe..


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                  oh no! :sotong:

                  i'm so confused here. my life's so messy and disorganised now, so i'm grasping at straws for help. *sigh*


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                    califit is right. After owning a palmtop and pocket pc, i've chucked them aside in favour of my trusty pen and paper.


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                      xue... i think you might find it useful to borrow one palmtop (if possible) and try to use it for a week. see if you can cope with always bringing it around, always remembering to use it to record stuff, etc.

                      Alternatively you can wait till school's open and see how the life is there. Perhaps you won't even need one, might end up under utilizing it.

                      Better to be sure that you need one then you get one. in this case, you will be sure you are buying at the appropriate time and the right model for you and at the right price.

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                        thanks for all the great advice girls!!


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                          hey girls, took the plunge finally!

                          how about rolling recommendations on great software (preferably freeware) that you've downloaded for your palm?

                          for me, my palm came installed with quite a few games from the previous owner!

                          how about you? what have you added on to your palm?


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                            HELP! trouble with HotSync

                            i did the HotSync for my palm to comp yesterday, using the cradle and it worked fine.

                            but today, it just won't work! i keep getting the message:
                            "HotSync Operation was interrupted..."
                            "An application on the PC failed to respond to a confirmation query. This application may need to be restarted."

                            do any of you girls know what i should do? i've read practically all the troubleshooting guides on the palm website ( regarding HotSync and no references to this problem could be found!

                            i have no idea what this mysterious "application" could be too. any help would be much appreciated!


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                              Maybe you should work backwards. What did you download into your Palm yesterday? Try removing them from your Palm one by one and see if it works.


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                                that's the strange bit! i havent downloaded anything into my palm nor my laptop.

                                i'm worried that it's the different users that's causing the problem. but how am i supposed to change users? :huh: