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    Am I too late?

    qiu-> Calling them a Palm or Pocket PC is just a means for differentiating the different operating system that they use.

    Nowadays, Pocket PC is commonly known as Windows Mobile 2003.

    As for handwriting recognition, both Palm and Windows Mobile 2003 uses different s/w so it all depends. Best to ask the SA when buying

    Hope this answers your query.


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      Thanks for explaining


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        Any one knows how to get the realplayer - mp3 downloaded into my Zire71? I so stupid, tried but still don't understand how it can work as mp3 player???


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          Palm Zire 71

          How do i convert my Zire 71 into useful mp3 palyer? Its been with me for so long, and yet i still cannot figure it out!


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            Does Zire71 allows that? If so, you just need to download a MP3 player software.


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              but can u play Mp3 using realplayer...i using palm tunsgten E, just plug in earpcs...and play can **** ***..


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                Palmtop suggestions?

                Im posting this on behalf of a friend. She wants to get a new palm top.

                Her requirements are as follows:

                camera, non-volatile flash memory, voice recorder, big and expandable storage, sleek design, not too bulky, bluetooth, mp3 player, less than $1000.

                either palmone series or hp series

                most imptly, must be user-friendly

                anyone familiar with palmtops?


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                  how about the latest Palm LifeDrive? It plays music, photo, video, voice recorder, has bluetooth and huge 4GB hard drive. But I don't think it has camera function. Should be retailing below $900.

                  Actually HP is not too bad but I simply dislike its design. Thumbs-up for Palm's sleek design. I am using Palm T5 now. It is good for playing MP3, storing word docs & powerpoint, playing games, etc.


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                    hi, thank you for the recommendation! i'll try to read up more on it.


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                      Reviews aren't too good for this one. Apart from a huge memory harddrive, it's laggy, lots of resets and incompatible with alot of programs. For the amount of money I'd wait for the next generation, which should come out pretty soon.


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                        um bumping this thread after 2 years..any other reviews on good pda's?


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                          any darlings know about palm E2? very keen on getting in....any reviews? TIA!