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  • Music devices (vcd/cd/mp3...)

    Seriously considering buying a minidisc to store my fave songs in digital format. I gotta have music wherever I go but whenever the mrt goes underground, I lose reception for my fm receiver. :piss:

    I'm completely clueless about all the specs for current models of minidisc players.

    Help or suggestions please?

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    Why MiniDisc? Isn't it going obsolete? :roll: Try the iPod. Sleek, tiny & oh so cool. Has a capacity for 1000 songs at least.


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      oooh... i heard about the apple ipod, but never paid much attention to the ads. but such a cool gadget has gotta comewith a cool price too huh? *heehee*


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        I think it's going for about $700. Not sure though.


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          yup Darling, IPOD - 7 500 songs in your pocket

          not that expensive i think, check it out~


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            thanks for all the great suggestions dears.

            there's some kind of ipod roadshow at isetan shaw so might head down during lunchtime to check it out. shall post up my findings in a while.


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              in my opinion, the md player in the market are more or less the same.
              if your songs format is in mp3 form, netmd would be a good choice for you. downloading of songs will be relatively faster compared to other md players.

              do update on the ipod. very interesting gadget!


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                Noooo, MD isn't going obsolete. I love my NetMD machine. Not so different from an MP3 player except with affordable media. One MD takes 2 to 3 albums worth of songs, and is a great way to keep songs organised. With those new copy-protected CDs, I just record them directly, CD to MD, without going through the computer.

                I'm a gadget freak and think MDs are


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                  Ummm...just saw this thread.

                  I use my Sony MZ-R3 to record my lessons. Better than ancient tapes.

                  Look out for those that has the MDLP function where u can do compression. U can record up to 320 mins of music on 1 MD. U save money on the empty mini discs as well. 1 mini disc can only record up to 74 mins mostly. Also, u can delete any track so easily, move the tracks around, set the clock to stamp the recorded time and erase the whole disc!

                  I agree with Saresha on keeping MP3s organized. If u have a huge database of MP3s in your computer, MD player is good.

                  I'm too lazy to burn my promos on CDs...sometimes, I just choose the easy way out. Use MD player.


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                    Hi gals,

                    I need help. Any idea what model is this from Creative? SingNet is giving away this as a freebie if I continue a 2 year contract with them. Just in time as I want to buy a mp3 player now. Attached is the picture that SingNet is giving away. It says the mp3 player is worth $229.

                    Is this the same as this ?
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                      Hey girl, it isn't the same I believe. My friend has the Creative one Singtel is giving away, and there's an irritating flaw with it: apparently it's battery-less, meaning u have to hook it up to a comp/laptop connected to a usb port for charging everytime. There isn't a battery compartment.

                      It's all fine and dandy and light, until she realised: "so if I go for long trips/overseas, how am i going to charge it? Carry my laptop around?"- or so she says

                      I'm using this!


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                        Ok it! It's called Rhomba. Looks cool on the website.

                        Creative Rhomba

                        Alrighty gals, can you roll in suggestions for a good mp3 player?

                        I need:~
                        1. Large storage for my all my MP3s before I reformat my sickening PC
                        2. Rechargeable via USB port instead of those AAA batteries
                        3. Fast transfer
                        4. Expandable memory

                        Can I ask a question? If the lithium batt is built in, it will be troublesome to change it if it's spoiled, ya?

                        What else should I look out for?

                        Any comments on some of the mp3 players you are using?

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                          i'm looking for a mp3 player too - thus far am eyeing the creative muvo (the ones with lcd) and iriver ifp 390t. any comments on those / which is better?

                          btw, what's expandable / flash memory? i'm pretty clueless abt the specs only look out for the functions. anyone can advise what specs i should look out for?



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                            The reviews I got on the iPod aren't too good. My friend's iPod died on her barely a month after purchase. Also, heard complaints that the rechargeable battery will be flat out after 1 year - you just can't charge it anymore. Worst part of it is they don't sell the rechargeable batteries.


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                              Hi cherrycoke,

                              This may come a little late .. expandable = there is a slot for your to insert a flash device.

                              Flash device = (with reference to MuVo and iRiver) SD or MMC cards

                              SD and MMC cards are like floppy disks for the MP3 players, you use them to add to your device's existing memory, to increase the storage capacity.

                              Just a tip: Currently I'm storing about 26 MP3s on a 128MB SD card. If you want to squeeze in more songs, encode them with a lower bitrate (my MP3s are mostly encoded at 128 kbps) .. you'll compromise a little on the audio quality but at least it gives you a wider selection of songs!