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    Just got back from Eagle Eye Center for my ICL implant pre operative assessment. I was really impressed by the service and the advanced facilities in the clinic. I have super high myopia and I don't trust LASIK because the result is too unpredictable for me. After months of research, I selected Dr Julian Theng because he has many years of experiences in ICL since 2005. He did ICL for his own sister too.
    The procedure took about 3 hours. I have to go through 6-7 types of measuring equipment and few times of repeat checking. After that my eyes were dilated and repeat check again.

    I'm paying S$3300 per eye before GST. Consultation and assessment fees were waived.

    I'm happy that I'm qualified suitable for ICL. They are arranging my surgery date hopefully by early Jan 2011.


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      glad to here u are suitable for ICL! hmm so ur lens will only arrive early jan?

      i heard that currently alot of orders on backlog due to the festive season.


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        A quick question and urgent help! How long does the pupils go back to normal size and vision return back to 100% normal after the first round of laser pi?


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          My laser PI will be held on 6 Jan 2011 at East Shore EEC branch. My annual eyes check Dilation usually will take about 4-5 hours to be fully back to normal! Due to high myopia, I was informed that my degree will be under corrected! Final residue degree can only be confirmed after the implant. Should be below 200. My surgery date is fixed on 11/Jan/11.


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            Dewy: mine took nearly 48hrs to be fully 100% normal.. at 24hrs was still feeling abit blur.


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              my degree has been increasing by 25 yearly since age of 21 to current 27, from 350 to 525 qne 575. the only reason i can think of is because i dont wear contact lens anymore and i face the computer for too many hours as i began to work in office environment. before 21 i wore contact lens daily and my degree maintained at 350 for many years.

              hopefully after i implant my lens my degree will not increase anymore. any way to prevent that from happening? pls share as much info as u can, thanks!


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                any halos after the op??


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                  Dewy: by taking care of your eyes like how you should even w/o the implant, e.g. getting enough rest, taking breaks from the com every 20mins.

                  ing: hey haven't hear from you in a while, how're you doing? i did and still do experience halos/flares.


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                    Anyone experienced one eye more teary n blurry then the other after the op?


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                      had icl done yesterday at 10am. will post more details when my eyes can see better.

                      but just a quick question, my right eye acheieve 6/4.5 by yesterday afternoon.

                      but my left eye not so good..still blurry up to today. i am expecting it to see as well as my right!

                      i dont feel anything in my right eye anymore, but i can still feel the incision and blurry vision in left eye.

                      is this normal for those who did ICL? help!


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                        Grats! :D Don't worry excessively for now... there are alot of healing and inflammation going on in the eye right now as your body is adapting to an implant. It takes nearly a month for it to stabalise. I had 6/5 the next day but it slowly came down to 6/6.

                        I didn't feel any incision at all, from start to end. Did you have a chat with your doc the day post-op and during the next day follow up session?


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                          Hmmm thanks for ur reply. Hmmmm u said u got 6/5 and then 6/6. so meaning it worsen? Or u meant 6/9 instead of 6/5?
                          Ok I try not to worry so much..


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                            Dewy: you can say it worsen lol.. or can look at it another way, it stablised to normal human's vision aka 6/6 as 6/5 is exceptional vision already. it has been nearly a week, have you went for your 1-week post op review yet?


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                              hi there!

                              dr lee says my eye is still recovering so thats why the vision will fluntuate. but anyway the halo is gone im hoping the best in another 3 weeks.


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                                i just went for lasik evaluation with Dr Leonard Ang recently, and I must say the overall experience is disappointing. After hearing all the rave reviews about him, I was prepared to pay a premium for my eyes.

                                However, the consultation with Dr Leonard Ang was not very pleasant nor professional. He was extremely impatient with the questions me and my mum have on lasik and icl (he recommended icl for me as my cornea was too thin) and it came to the extent were i felt like i was dealing with an unpleasant client at work and I had to quickly drill answers out of him to get what I need. And we didn't even ask a lot of questions, and those we ask were very normal questions.

                                Perhaps he is really good at performing the surgery, but for me and my mum, his attitude was a real turn off. We are both not going back for the surgery with him.

                                This is the first time I have ever commented in a forum, and I signed up as a cotter just to write this.

                                I just thought someone should tell the other side of the story as I was extremely disappointed for the service for the premium I pay. Especially after all those rave reviews. Perhaps I just caught him on a bad day.