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    hi ladies,

    wondering if anyone has dabbled in extreme sports. where do you go to do these? it doesn't have to be too extreme like snowboarding or hanging off a cliff. perhaps stuff like bungee jumping or sky diving.

    would be great to hear some feedback. i'm in need of ideas. thanks all.

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    hi michannat and everyone else

    Still pretty much new to CC but here's my 2cents worth!

    SG's pretty tough to do extreme sports, but there's tons of watersports (wakeboarding, windsurfing) and i've heard of SG companies that run skydiving, rappelling, hang gliding and mountain biking trips to Msia, Thailand etc. if anybody knows anything, do share

    I did some of it in NZ during my trip, Queenstown is not only beautiful in summer, it's an adrenalin rush to be there!

    Skydiving is exhilarating, there's magic between the jump and the freefall (and then the chute's supposed to open ).

    Nearer to home, Hang gliding can be done in M'sia, Kota kinabalu, Thailand, Krabi, Phuket. It's just as beautiful, think swooping around like a bird with the currents. You run off a bridge and let the hot air currents gently lift you (and i've seen someone run and then suddenly brake at the tip of the bridge. If the hang glider's nose tips down... ) I was blessed and lucky enough to try it in Hawaii, if words could only describe the view.

    There's rafting etc in sarawak, sabah M'sia etc, but crazy me went to try and defeat a grade 4-5 river in NZ, and body surfed down it with nothing but a wetsuit and teeny styrofoam board. After spinning/going under/choking in the rapids and whirpools for a few times, I pretty much enjoyed the rest of the ride

    I'm too chicken to bungee. Anyone tried?? Don't want to burst a capillary on the way down (head down too! shudder)!

    Do share any other experiences!


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      i've only ever tried reverse bungee and parasailing. would LOVE to give white water rafting and bungee jumping a go though.

      reverse bungee was done in gold coast. it was fun. catapulted off the ground in a 'ball' attached to springy ropes. 'boinged' up and down for a coupla minutes. i was laughing my head off the whole time and it was not the least bit scary at all.

      parasailing was in phuket iirc. no kicks at all, just gliding in the air, dragged by a powerboat. guess the only 'thrill' came from seeing the people on the beach looking so tiny.


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        Originally posted by vixette
        reverse bungee was done in gold coast. it was fun. catapulted off the ground in a 'ball' attached to springy ropes. 'boinged' up and down for a coupla minutes. i was laughing my head off the whole time and it was not the least bit scary at all.
        Like extreme trampolining? That's fun! Which part of Gold Coast may i ask? Was kinda thinking of heading there end of the year .


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          Originally posted by lolitapop
          Like extreme trampolining? That's fun! Which part of Gold Coast may i ask? Was kinda thinking of heading there end of the year .
          not quite.

          you're strapped into a seat which is encased in a spherical tubular cabin. this in turn is attached to rubber cords. the rubber wire, which is strung between two steel 26 meter towers, is pulled down to its greatest point of elasticity. The wire is then released, sending the two-seat cabin into the air up to 31 meters.

          basically, it's a giant catapult. loads of fun!

          this pic might give you a better idea of what the setup looks like.

          For those who like it both ways, the Sling Shot is bungee jumping in reverse. Upright in a parachute harness, you are catapulted from the ground at the end of a rubber cord at an acceleration of 0-80kph in less than two seconds. It's how a jet fighter feels when he presses his ejector sear button. The blood rushes to your feet then back to your face when the Bungee Rocket throws you and a partner 50 metres high in about a second then drops you back in free-fall. You roll round and round while bungeeing up and down. Awesome - and best experienced on an empty stomach!
          taken off a website description.

          i can't remember exactly which part, all i remember is it's sort of near Surfers Paradise, and situated very near/right beside the putt putt golf.


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            thanks dearies.

            vix, singapore's going to have its own version of reverse bungee. and i'll all raring to go with this.

            would love to go to the gold coast to scuba dive and then to cairns to sky dive. this is in the process of planning but it won't happen till maybe next year.

            lolitapop, thanks for the great recs. unfortunately, most water sports can't be done in SE Asia at the moment (till end of the year or early next year) because of the monsoon.

            hand gliding sounds thrilling. i wanted to do this in bali this april but we spent too short a time there.

            keep the recs coming in! thanks for the suggestions so far ladies. most helpful.


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              i've done a full day white-water rafting in Cairns. Adrenalin pumping at some spots. The guide made us perform stunts towards the end and we all ended up in the water.

              It's good fun, must try if you can!

              I still haven't muster enough courage for bungee jumping. :roll:


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                thanks keiki. i think cairns is a must go.

                today's LIFE came in handy. 2 pages devoted to adventure sports. but i really can't imagine myself spending more than a day in icy cold Anatartica.

                and i'm also one happy lady now that Australian Airlines flies direct to cairns. would love to go:

                * white water rafting
                * bungee
                * sky diving
                * hot air balloning

                ladies, one more question, when's the best time to visit cairns? thanks.


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                  cairns is hot pretty much all year round. go up to mission beach to bungee!!

                  actually, gold coast isn't that great to scuba dive, it's more a surfer's place. if you want to dive, try Byron Bay (eastern most tip of Australia, just south of QLD), or go up to Great Barrier Reef!

                  Byron Bay is a lovely laidback town. the dives are done at Julian Rocks which is supposed to be quite pretty.

                  GBR, well.....what is there to say, it's GORGEOUS!!!
                  went to the Whitsundays (southern end of the GBR), did some snorkelling there once, and vowed that i'd go back for a proper dive next time. white sands, blue sky, colorful fish, it's an absolute dream come true!


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                    yes should go to Cairns for whitewater rafting and diving / snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef.

                    The last time i went was in Jan, was pretty hot then.

                    Go try!


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                      Yeah, the NE monsoon is terrible, but the west coast of thailand will be mostly untouched and calm. Good for sea kayaking, and canyon-exploring. I'm useless in the cold heh. Anybody tried snowboarding?

                      I'd love to hear about your experiences after bungee-ing! Am completely chicken, knees went weak watching it, even tandem skydiving seemed "safer" cos well, i had a big guy strapped to me ha.

                      it's sounds beautiful and laid back! Hopefully i can extend my trip from Gold coast up to cairns and do a lil bit of snorkling.

                      I know this is a tad irrelevant, but any quick recs for the best way to go up the coast from GC to Great Barrier? Virgin Blue or rail? Don't wanna mess up the thread so if anyone has any idea, PM me. TIA!


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                        Originally posted by michannat
                        keiko, your white water rafting experience sounds really exciting. you even performed stunts?
                        i was scared stiff, man! He made us go backwards down a mini "waterfall" (whatever you call that). Thankfully we didn't capsize. The finale was when the group moved to the front of the raft and piled on top of each other as it went down downstream. Boy! it was like sitting in the front of a roller-coaster. Of course, we all ended up in the water. It was really good fun.

                        If you are not that big on summer weather. What about going skiing or snowboarding in Victoria? Not too much of an extreme sport (depending on your speed) but it's good fun too! I'm hooked already.


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                          thanks keiko for the suggestion.

                          snowboarding and skiing sounds fun but i'm really quite sure i'll end up on my face most of the time. my balance is really really off. my bf would love these 2 though. he's really into his wakeboarding. i tried this in bali and needless to say, i spent most of my time falling on my face. i'm terrible with anything with wheels or requires balance. hence, no surfing or blading for me too.

                          how long did you take to learn to ski? read in your other thread that you were in melbourne recently?


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                            yes, i was in melbourne last week. Went skiing at Falls Creek which according to some people, that is better than the more popular Mt Buller.

                            It took me 1 morning to learn how to ski and stop. I lost count of the number of times i fell and it did not help that the weather was really bad then. The wind was so strong that i was blown off balance I almost gave up during the 1st hour.

                            I spent the remaining days practising my turns and tackling beginner's slope.

                            Like i always tell my friends, if a klutz like me can learn to ski, everyone else can. i'm sure you can do it. But remember to build up your stamina first because it is really tiring.

                            I came back with lots of bruises and achy bones but it's worth it. I'm now itching for the next ski trip!


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                              i love the GBR! been up there twice to scuba dive so far and i love it! i actually got my diving cert there. PADI open water and advanced diver cert all done in 1 week! first 2 days spent on theory and the rest spent on a boat in the ocean. you pretty wake up, put on your gear and dive the days away. awesome experience! saw lots of pretty fishes, and even a baby reef shark and baby octupus. oh yeah, met a couple of cute european guys too.

                              skiing and snowboarding are fun, though i'm still a beginner so i fall quite bit too. would love to try sky diving and white water rafting next. had a classmate back in uni who sky dives as a hobby, cool!