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    whoa wow! sky diving as a hobby?

    will give skiing a shot. i know i'll have to try it at least once before writing it off. and who knows i might end up loving it.

    going to go off topic for a while. spoke with some friends today and they have recommended Boracay (sp?) at the Philippines. it's a beautiful island with powder fine sand. it was voted in an asian travel magazine as one of the best beaches in the world. now, i got queensland, cairns and the philippines on my travel list.


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      mich, if you ever make it to GBR, you absolutely have to to Whitehaven Beach

      it's 6km of pristine white silica sand, powder fine and part of an uninhabited island. get on a cruise that includes it in the itinerary.

      do you remember the Qantas ad a few years ago, with the song 'I still call Australia home'?

      the scenes on the beach were shot there.

      a lil pic to whet your appetite....


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        thanks for the pic vix!!! can i include myself in that pic? the beach looks so gorgeous. and powdery white sand. look at the clear blue water.

        i gather that this is an offshore island?

        i can't remember the ad but i defnitely remember the song.


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          You should really try to do snowboarding when u get the chance. In my opinion it's slightly simpler to learn than wakeboarding, since water is less controllable than snow. But when you smack your face or butt hard onto the snow it's really like OUCH OUCH , but i still recommend snowboarding.

          PLUS, you get to rub shoulders with cool boarding dudes. Went to korea and nearly fainted with all the cute kimchis boarding around me HAHA!


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            Oh ya! How can i forget the thrills of diving! But it's really expensive though, esp when you are totally addicted to it.


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              scuba diving is a must. too bad it's the monsoon now if not i'll be able to learn.

              oooo.. cute korean fellas? never mind the pain then.


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                the one extreme sport I really want to try

                - car racing at real race tracks, with like a 700hp sports car

                talk about adrenaline rush.


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                  i wanna try :

                  - sky diving! i think it'd make me feel this super exhilaration


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                    is anyone going to try the latest "sport" in singapore? reverse bungee.


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                      Originally posted by michannat
                      is anyone going to try the latest "sport" in singapore? reverse bungee.
                      it's fun! (when i did it in australia) and not the least bit scary at all!


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                        Can I go and puke all over you guys while we are up there?

                        Vix->Not in the least scary?

                        Who has gone for a shot of adrenalin rush lately?


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                          bungee jumping

                          Any Recommendations for bungee jmping? (safe ones of course)


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                            Originally posted by islande
                            i wanna try :

                            - sky diving! i think it'd make me feel this super exhilaration
                            Go for it! I did it at 12000ft when I was in NZ .. the view was great!!

                            Regret that I didnt go for the 15000ft ... (But this was my first time ar)

                            Edited : Opps.. I did not notice the last post was sometime back.. sorry for my blurness
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                              Dug out a 2-year outdated thread.

                              Any cotters who are skydivers? Or planning to be?

                              I've always love heights and go crazy over all sorts of rides when im at genting or dreamworld. Have done tandem sky dive at downunder years ago. Told myself i gotta do it before i hit 30 which i fulfilled. And i've sort of got past the age i told myself i wanted to master solo dive. Any cotters who may share?