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How to stop snacking?

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  • How to stop snacking?

    I have been putting on at least 3kg while snacking away in my bf's hse... how to stop snacking? I need to lose off all those extra kilos!!!!!

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    i drink a lot of water thus have no desire to snack most of the time. & it's healthy too!

    not that i don't snack but water keeps my snack cravings away! i do however have my short bouts of snacking in between!


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      Probably some old advice you've heard or read a thousand times:
      You san't really stop the urge to snack, so just listen to your cravings and snack away!

      Now, seriously. Try to eat small meals throughout the day. Don't stuff till you're full. Take more protein and veg for meals; restrict starchy foods down to one serving a day (just so to leave room for your snacks!).

      Basically, dieting is like how you spend money. Well I look at it this way :roll: When you have extra cash to spend, spend it. When you realise your pocket is depleting, then hold back the next spending spree.


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        drink lotsa water!

        when you're thirsty, your body often mistakes that for hunger. so try drinking a whole bottle of water first.


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          drinking lots of water is a great idea, however if you find that you have to pop something into your mouth, why not something healthy? say...salad (minus the dressing! ), carrot sticks...etc..?


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            yup! keep that mouth busy with healthy food...

            or what i did to cut down on snacking was to gradually snack less and less, tell myself i can eat this, but only take a few pieces of it... then gradually stop altogether unless it was truly neccessary...


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              me having the same problem... i have a bunch of colleagues who cant stop eating and they will push snacks to be and insist that i should grow fat together with them....


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                i second fara's and xue's idea... drink lot of water!!! keep a water drinking glass, and always keep it fill with water!!!

                or you snack something healthier.... like fruits, nuts or vege. i used to snack on apples.... once i ate 7 apples in a day!!!

                and try not to eat too spicy food, especially during lunch... coz it'll open your appetite and makes you feel hungry again.



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                  I can't stop snacking either especially at work! Currently have biscuits, packets of seaweed, pocky sticks, uncle toby bars and some sweets in my drawer. For some strange reason I hardly ever snack at home. :huh: Haha, I think it's a sign of boredom!

                  Drinking water sounds like a good idea... but then you'll be making lots of trips to the loo (not a good idea at work). Maybe try to switch to healthier snacks like dried fruit and nuts? I bought the yummiest dried blueberries and apricots at this kiosk at caltex house. No sugar added so it's extra healthy!!


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                    i'm the ultimate snacker. to the point where i've many a time ruined my appetite for my meals. my mum has banned chocs in the house. i'm eating them faster than you can stock up on them.

                    the one way to stop snacking is to stop buying them in the first place. as long as you have them lying around the house, chances are that you'll be tempted to start eating.

                    females tend to have the "itchy mouth" syndrome. when that happens, reach out for healthier snacks instead. i know an apple may not seem as nice as a choc bar, strawberry pocky sticks, chips or choc-mint ice cream, but at least it's healthy and it helps to keep the snack pangs away. i read that munching on something crunchy does help. so reach out for apples, pears, carrot sticks.

                    "itchy mouth" - otherwise defined as having the urge to snack
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                      yoghurt! stock yoghurt!

                      it fills in all the right ways!!


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                        Great choice, yoghurt!

                        Seaweed's fine too except there's probably too much salt.. serves to whet your appetite even more!

                        Certain nuts are good too. Also raisins.


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                          I realise that i tend to snack alot when im feeling upset about things. Not too sure about you girls, i guess its the comfort food factor.

                          Drinking water or eating healthier food is one way to stop the binge. How about finding something to do? the next time you felt the urge to snack, get out and do something. Keep your hands and mind occupied or if you can afford the time, go for some exercise! killing two birds with one stone, stop the urge and moving on to a fitter you!


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                            when i was younger i used to paint my nails

                            time it takes to file nails, paint nails, wait for polish to dry, don't feel like eating already


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                              I realise that i tend to snack alot when im feeling upset about things. Not too sure about you girls, i guess its the comfort food factor.
                              heya caer, i think so too! when i feel upset i feel like just eating up the whole fridge! so i think if that's the case, we should try to get to the root of the problem instead of drowning it in coke and chips.... or chocolate!