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    hey girls,

    i need to ship a few things over to London to avoid having too much luggage. i'm probably be shipping awkwardly-sized or bulky items like shoes, bags, pillows, bolsters, duvets, rice cooker, etc.

    would you girls have recommendations on which service to use? i heard that rates can be as low as $50 for 25kg, but DHL is quoting $461++!!!

    any advice would be much appreciated, wrt to which company to use and how to pack.

    thanks in advance!

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    Wow that's very expensive. I remember i spent about S$100 when sending my stuff to Australia. But then again, you are shipping to London.
    The price includes the box and 10kg (i think). Hm.. Maybe you can try asking Singapore Post about the prices. I would think that will be cheaper.

    I think this will be a useful link.


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      when i first came over to australia, i brought stuff over bit by bit. usually ask family/friends heading over to help me bring some stuff over. stuff that i didn't really need urgently, i left it in singapore first. i did go on the plane with a total luggage weight of 80+kg though.


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        singpost wants to charge me the same price too!

        i'd prefer not to lug all my stuff with me on board because it's such a pain to carry. but seems like the charges for shipping leave me with no choice.

        so far, i have:
        - my mom's luggage - around 5kg?
        - my luggage - around 40kg?
        - my bf's luggage - around 10kg?

        praying that's enough.


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          btw xue, you might wanna request for extra luggage weight prior to departing. coz usually they will only allow you up to 30kg for students. don't get stuck with having to pay excess baggage fee.


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            they're giving me 40kg! cos my relatives are travel agents and some work in SIA finally, relatives can be useful.


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              good for you babe! my dad went with me the first time and coz he took business class as well as being a PPS member, we went up with about 100kg of luggage. 80+ for me and the rest his.


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                my mom's leaving a day earlier so i'll put some stuff with her.

                then i have 40kg for myself.

                and if i'm really desperate, the bf's coming over a few weeks later so i can pass some stuff to him.

                sigh. i hate packing!!!


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                  u should be able to take about 50-60kg on board. i know it's pushing it but if u explain that u're a student going over for the 1st time, they're usually pretty understanding. i've gone thru several times with 50+ kgs... actually regularly


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                    naughty naughty lauren!!

                    don't they charge you excess baggage?

                    is there a trick to getting them to agree? other than flashing my pearly whites and acting pathetic?


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                      hehe ....

                      1) go to check-in counter and glance at faces of counter staff
                      2) look 4 guys - pick one that looks either really 'bo-chap' or really friendly
                      3) queue up in that row and get to that guy
                      4) either look really innocent (as though u didn't know u had that much baggage... hehehe... i'm soooo bad ) or tell him straight up front that u're a new student going overseas and u really need to get everything there.
                      5) if he just lets everything go through, and thank him.
                      if he says "u have too much luggage", more and keep emphasizing that u are a 1st-time student and u really REALLY need to bring all that over.

                      u really shouldn't have much problems getting it thru'
                      (esp since yr mum is going with u)

                      *check in early too!


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                        my mom would be going a day before so she wont be there to help me.

                        will try to work my charms.


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                          u'll do fine my dear.


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                            i hope so!

                            having a devil of a time trying to figure out my packing list. :sotong:


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                              Why not bring all the bulky items (pillows etc ) with you, tightly packed them. Pack your clothes and stuff into your mum's & bf's luggage *grin*

                              Each passenger is allowed 20kg for check-in luggage, plus 7 for carry-on. Max out your mum & bfs' luggage allowance.

                              I bring along a rollaway ( which max out the 7kg or more )
                              and a backpack which is really roomy, and allows you to pack in quite a number of items.

                              If all the above still fails, put the smaller heavier items into Singpost 10kg ( their standard size ) box (cost about 130 SGD i believe ) or 25kg DHL standard size box (prob around 250SGD) to London