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Madame Butterfly - by SDT

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  • Madame Butterfly - by SDT

    Madame Butterfly
    by Singapore Dance Theatre
    -A full length ballet adapted from Puccini's opera

    15 Oct - Gala Event
    From 16 Oct 2003 (Thu), 8.00 PM to 18 Oct 2003 (Sat), 8.00 PM

    Standard - $79, $69, $59, $49, $39, $21
    VIP Box Seats - $98.50
    Stalls Box Seats - $86
    ( Includes GST & $1 SISTIC fee per ticket )

    Based on Puccini?s immortal opera, this poignant ballet tells the moving and tragic tale of Cio-Cio-San.
    A refined geisha girl, Cio-Cio-San marries and falls in love with Lt Pinkerton, an American office stationed in Japan. Pinkerton abandons her after the war and her deepening obsession with his return is brought to a crushing and dramatic end.

    Welch?s beautiful choreographic expression has all the fluidity and grace to convey the soaring romanticism and tragic desperation which is at the core of this great love story. John Lanchbery?s special arrangement has brought fresh beauty to the music by his imaginative use of different instruments, notably the cello, in place of the human voice.

    Chan Hon Goh and Geon van der Wyst as Cio-Cio San (Butterfly) and Pinkerton in MADAME BUTTERFLY.

    Check out Sistic website

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    Was actually thinking of catching this but my wallet's bleeding from Forbidden City, and Mdm Butterfly is too near...

    Am saving up my $ for SDT's year end mixed bill though....sounds promising! (Details are on SDT's website).


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      Re: Madame Butterfly - by SDT

      Originally posted by Joce7878
      Chan Hon Goh and Geon van der Wyst as Cio-Cio San (Butterfly) and Pinkerton in MADAME BUTTERFLY.
      Wow! Isn't Goh CHan Hon the principal ballerina of the Candian Ballet??


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        i'm watching this on 18 Oct, yay! free tickets too


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          Fantastic performance!

          Stage setting (beautiful, scenic and illusional)+ cast (all performers)+ costumes (love the designs and fabric)+ conductor (Lim Yau)+ orchestra (Philharmonic Orch.)+ last but not the least... the lead dancers were well-coordinated on the whole!!!!!
          (well, there're are some minute slips.. but hey, it's IMPOSSIBLE to have a PERFECTLY FLAWLESS performance! )

          Purchased my last-minute tickets today... wanted to watch the one on Friday (17th Oct'03). But the sistic lady told me Friday and Saturday shows all sold out!!!!
          Hence went for tonight's (16th Oct '03) performance... but at least i've the chance to watch it!


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            My reviews:

            Beautiful props with great imagery. Was puzzled by the 1st half. Light bulb moment only on the second half! Again the auntie in me would say that the little boy is so adorable that I want to kidnap home. Saw him with mummy and sis somewhere near back stage. What a good boy he is! Sitting there quietly.....

            Ok back to the dance . The dancer playing the maid is excellent. Very fluid...I had this terrible urge of anticipation that the dancers were breaking into a song any moment. Guess it's from the several musicals I've been seeing...

            At the end of the performance, me and colleagues were trying our darnest to bend like the dancers. I swore I heard a bone crack. Oh well....