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  • jennifer:
    I went for the whale watching at Morton island [not hervey bay] and it was really great. also did wild dolphin feeding at part of the cruise package. it cost abt AUD100+. my friends booked the tour at [we were studying in aust]

    since you're a tourist, you can enquire at the tourist info counter located at the main shopping street at gold coast near to copenhagen ice cream store... hope this helps.


    • I didn't join any whale-watching tour, but managed to bino-watch whales at Bryon Bay. It was FOC, bino given by the guide at the lighthouse and we only paid $7 for parking within the lighthouse premises. There were a number of people there too, some had their own bino.

      If u are keen to see whales, would suggest to join the day tour. Some do guarantee to see whales, otherwise money back.


      • Thanks japonais and Cabbages!!

        Have booked my whale watching day tour with

        its AUD$130 (student rate) and they do pickups at my Gold Coast hotel.. hehe

        Am leaving for sydney tomorrow! Thanks for all the help!

        Am still struggling with the planning of my itinerary

        Will update when i'm back!


        • Is June a good time to visit Brisbane/GoldCoast? What attractions are there in June n hows the weather? Should be start of winter right? Cold days n colder nights


          • it's sunny in the day, but cool....won't sweat much....can walk around in tanks and shorts.......
            at night is pretty chilly......especially if you are at near the beach
            air very dry in general....remember to bring moisturiser for body and lips

            you can visit dream world, movie world, sea world
            shop at harbourtown


            • hmm, i'm not sure if it's still winter during June, but it's best to bring a jacket that can keep you warm. it's cold in the early mornings and at night, relatively alright in the afternoon

              places of attraction: movie world, sea world, dream world, wildlife cirrumbin sanctuary, cirrumbin chocolate factory, honey world, etc. beachfront night market at surfers paradise takes place on wednesdays and fridays evenings starting at 5plus if I recall correctly. if you're going to those places of attraction, it's best to purchase the tickets from the discount ticket booths because if you purchase tickets at the gates, it's more expensive

              shopping wise, you can check out harbour town, pacific fair and shops around surfers paradise area


              • thanks gals for all the info!
                seems like flights nowadays r really ex..... cheapest i found is Qantas $1k+

                SQ, Qantas, Emirates, Etid, British Airways.. which one has own tv screen? only SQ isit? If SQ cost $1,247 & Qantas cost $1,095, which one will you take?


                • chelsin

                  they all have individual screen,

                  i prefer QF.


                  • does anyone know if i need a visa to visit brisbane? and where sells the cheapest visas?


                    • I am going GC in early August. Winter, temp ranges 11-21 degree. I am afraid of cold weather and even find office air con chilling.

                      It is my first venture to a 'cold' place. What kind of clothing should I bring? It is mentioned that casual clothing is ok for afternoons. Is it really the case? Is a jacket still necessary for day?

                      Thank you


                      • I am goin to Brisbane for 3 weeks in June... any must buy?


                        • anyone know if there are agencies offering reasonable price packages to brisbane & goldcoast? Thanks!


                          • ooh..just booked airticket to brisbane in mid excited


                            • shinystar, care to share how much u booked and how many days?


                              • i think i visited aust countless times already.

                                been to the whole aust, and various cities on a 26day road trip before.

                                did visit brisbane in DEC2006, was good. SUMMERTIME!~ but i feel their roxy stuff and whatevers are not really that cheap there. stayed at a hotel at surfer's paradise.