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    "A wedding favour is a gift given by the Bride to a female friend or relative that signifies health, wealth, happiness, long life and fertility. Originally from Italy and traditionally known as "Bomboniere"." ~ quote from 3D's Wedding Favours

    <li>Did any of you give out a wedding favour to your guests?
    <li> What is it? And why did you choose this as your wedding favour?
    Wine bottle stopper
    Jar of honey
    Jar of jam
    Tiny jewellery box
    Salt and pepper shakers
    Note clip/holder
    money clip

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    I've seen/received fruit cakes, chocos & pair of chopsticks.
    It was actually my parents who got those chopsticks. It was my 1st time seeing chopsticks as wedding favour and so was quite surprised. Well, must be my ignorance.....


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      I just used the pineapple cookies provided by the hotel. They packed it like "feng li su" which I thought was more unique compared to the alternative which was chocolate. Some hotels give the choice of a pair of chopsticks, a pair of bears etc. Some couples go all out to purchase their own favours too.

      IMHO, just choose from what the hotel provide. You can come up with more unique ones but limit it to your helpers for the day. A lot of people who attend the dinner do not appreciate these little gifts and end up just leaving them behind on the table. HTHs!


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        I'm just taking whatever the hotel provides. Have no idea what tho. I really don't care either. Wanted to give additional favors initially, but decided that $$ spent on favours could be better used in increasing my MU collection!

        I'm a bride from hell!


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          I just gave the chocs provided. Some guests didn't bother to bring it back so my SIL was one happy gal who collected a bag of chocs home to feast on!

          My best friend gave tea-light holders at his church wedding. It's like a little glass cup with a pic of a cute bride and groom printed on it. It's thoughtful of him to give unique favours like this but frankly this thing has been sitting on my desk and i don't know what to do with it. Like what vonnie said, just save the money spend them on other stuff instead.


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            ive seen ppl giving chocolates, chopsticks, potpourri etc. for mine, i gave chocolates. personally, i don't feel a need to spend too much time and money on it because like what the others have said, most guests probably won't appreciate that. :roll:


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              Hi, can I know how much you girls are willing to spend on the favours? and how special do you girls want it?


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                Got this from sucre de gla?age for my wedding favors.
                price per piece is only SGD2. Unique and also represent"sweet sweet" for our marriage. My FH and i decided to order honey jar already. So far, never see anyone giving this as a gift...can choose between honey or mini cookies, the design for cookies are defferent. we prefer honey


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                  I am thinking of something quite silly.

                  Can we like give out the favours when the guests come strolling in for the wedding dinner? Like when they sign the guest book, they get the favour?
                  But i mean for eg, like the first 100 out of 200 total gets the special favours i buy.
                  And of cos there'll still be the favours provided by the restuarant for everyone.

                  Comments pls.


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                    I think is ok to do that dear, but to me, I wanna buy something more ex and nice to those helper... then normal like honey jar to my all the guests..


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                      Wedding Favours ...

                      I was thinking of starting this thread because i'm sure everyone would llike to have something pretty and memorable to keep as well as giving it to your friends on your special day...

                      having nice and pretty wedding favours makes a great difference and sometimes you do not need to spend a bomb to get what you want.... handmade gifts are the best and its someting from the heart....

                      how bout making some felt hearts stuff with beaded jewels ....

                      a pretty votive candle wrapped around with a ribbon and a tag on....

                      or even heart shaped lollies tied with a special message...

                      creation is all up to your imagination....


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                        Totally agree with you but sadly, wedding favors is not very appreciated here. People prefer to save the money for other things and just use whatever provided by the hotels. I did that on my wedding

                        But for my sister's wedding, I plan to order customized M&M candies and put them in tiny jars/bottles adorned with ribbons


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                          thats true pretty panda... people here prefer to save on these and use whatever that the hotel provides...

                          m&m candies sounds nice. i intend to held my wedding near the seaside and light up large candles and votives and i want to handmake my wedding favours....

                          people here dont really pay attention to all these little things which makes it special .... its sad but i feel that things can be more interesting than what it is before.... and besides most people are being practical about it.... so they dont want to spend too much... i intend to hand make all the wedding invitation cards and mail them out myself.... i hand stamp my cards and do whatever i can with my hands..

                          pretty ribbons makes it much more nicer and it feels special too....


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                            Sounds really nice! Are you getting married soon?

                            We made invitation cards and church booklets ourselves, but I guess that's because I only have less than 100 invitations so it was still manageable. If you have 200-300 then it can take a substantial amount of time.


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                              You can find many great wedding favour ideas over at this site. They have the prettiest bridal items!