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  • Noodles for thought

    Apart from Italian pasta(we already have a thread on that), what are your fave types of noodles? Where do you go when you feel like downing a bowl of delicious noodles in steaming flavouful soup?

    I love Chinese-style Zha Jiang La Mien (translates into handmade noodles in saucy bean paste? lol) and Cha Soba (Japanese cold seaweed-based noodles), any places to recommend?

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    Re: Noodles for thought

    I like La Mian(Handmade noodles) too! I tried the one from S11 @ Jalan Besar Football Stadium (near Lavender MRT). Not bad. Can give it a try!


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      I really like the noodles at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao (5th or 6th floor Taka). Especially the Pork Ribs La Mian and La Mian with chicken soup! I think they should also have Zha Jiang Mian. But the place is always crowded on evenings and weekends.

      Recently have been eating a lot of Ba Chor Mee (minced meat noodles). That famous bedok place seems to have franchised some outlets at food courts (parkway parade has one). Yummy! Qiu Lian Ban Mian at parkway food court is also pretty good for hand made noodles!

      Yum yum yum.... !!


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        Oh yes! Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao is a must-try for chinese la mein lovers... Love their Zha jiang mien especially, and their xiao long bao is the absolute best!
        Anymore good la mein places to recommend?


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          Since we're talking about noodles, what are your fave noodle dishes from Nooch the Noodle bar?


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            i only like Crystal Jade's La Mein been in love with them for years... favourite family hangout! especially with the cold drunken chicken the xiao long bao and dumplings. yummy!!


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              My fave place for 'La Mian' is at Silk Road restaurant @Arama Hotel. You can always catch the 'shifu' making the noodles. I also like their '8-treasures tea' and never fail to have it when im there

              And if its Jap ramen, I will always frequent the one @ FEP, level 1, beside Gelare Caf?.

              For 'wanton noodles', it's the old old Hawker centre at Bedok Camp.
              Sidetrack a bit: This place has got good food! the very famous ?chng-teng?, fried Hokkien noddles and grilled stingray & Malay food.

              Anyone knows where exactly is the famous 'wanton noodles' @ Joo Chiat?

              I?ve not been to Nooch. What?s good there?


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                <b>Wontan noodles @ Joo Chiat</b>

                its along Joo Chiat Place, at the junction of Joo Chiat Place & Everitt Road. Now there are 2 coffeeshops selling that, both from the same family, opposite each other.


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                  Oh, I guess it's down to personal preference but i find that Joo Chiat wanton noodles just ok. Plus no soup for the wantons! IIRC, you have to ask for soup from the uncle with the same bowl after you finish eating.

                  Another very famous wanton noodle stall is at Dunman Road Hawker center. It's quite near to Tanjong Katong Girls School, just down the road on Dunman Rd. Bus 16 and 33 will get you there. There are actually 2 stalls there, Eng's and Heng's The Eng's one is more famous. The wait time is long (abt 30mins) but wait till you try his fiery hot chili! My mom is always going on about his "springy" noodles as well.

                  Since we're on noodles, another of my faves is prawn noodles! The soupy yellow noodle kind. I love the one along East Coast Rd called Beach Road Prawn Noodles. The soup stock is sooo rich and yummy!

                  Any other good noodle places to recommend?
                  Haven't been to Nooch either... what's good?


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                    I have heard the wantan mee @ Old Airport Rd is very famous and have to wait for hours sometimes.
                    My friend who have been to Nooch Noodle Bar told me their noodles are over-priced and nothing great about it. Has anyone tried the Ajimasen Noodles in Bugis Junction that is near Sketches Restaurant?
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                      oh yes i think nooch's overrated too! :piss:


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                        I love 'Ban Mien' at the Marina Square foodcourt! yummy! a huge bowl for only $3.50.
                        I also love Simply Thai's beef noodles!


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                          Originally posted by yvonne
                          I love 'Ban Mien' at the Marina Square foodcourt! yummy! a huge bowl for only $3.50.
                          I also love Simply Thai's beef noodles!
                          That is 'Qiu Lian Ban Mian' right? They are famous for their Ban Mian.


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                            Originally posted by feine
                            oh yes i think nooch's overrated too! :piss:
                            hear hear! their noodles are like any ole hawker centre's (maybe worse) but they charge twice the price!


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                              Hmmm..I thought it was just me, so you ladies aren't crazy about nooch too huh Yeah, the few noodle dishes I tried from Nooch weren't great, my homemade version of instant noodles with fresh ingredients taste better.

                              Any good Soba places to recommend? I love cha soba from Don at Tanglin shopping mall, simply delicious at a real good price! Anymore good cha soba places?