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Dry-cleaning wedding gown?

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  • Dry-cleaning wedding gown?

    Can anyone recommend a good place to get my wedding gown cleaned? I was going to get it done here and the shop I was recommended quoted me ?65 (about S$180) so I want to get it done in Singapore instead when we return for the wedding (need to dry-clean it as it got slightly dirty during our photoshoot).

    I'm assuming Sing prices will be more reasonable??

    Thank you in advance for any help dearies!


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    Singapore is definitely cheaper. I remembered paying about $50 for my dry cleaning. I got my bridal shop to do it for me so may be it cost less.

    There are many laundry shops in Singapore. Which area are you putting up at?


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      Hi meow thanks for your reply.

      I'll be in the Serangoon Gardens area but anywhere in the East/Northeast/town area is fine really - Singapore's so small anyway!

      I know there are plenty of dry-cleaning places in my area but was hoping for a personal rec or a place that specialises in wedding gowns (can't be too careful y'know )


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        I have done my dry cleaning for my wedding dress from
        How to Choose Professional Wedding Gown Cleaning Services in Singapore?

        They manage to help me get rid of the stain and smell on my wedding dress.