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    hi girls!

    what is the latest movie, quote, article, book, photograph, anything! that you've read/saw that has got you feeling inspired? anything at all.... start posting !

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    gonna start the ball rolling .....

    for me it's the movie "Hillary and Jackie" about the life of virtuoso cellist Jacki Du Pre. a lovely movie celebrating sisterhood and love and music! it is quite a sad yet touching story.... it moved me quite a bit.


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      Missed Hilary and Jackie. I think it was shown on Arts Central sometime back - and I missed that again! :Doh: I like Emily Watson. Daniel-Day Lewis and her were good in The Boxer I've never really watched Rachel Griffiths but from the H&J trailers I'm sure she's a darn good actress.
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        i liked the movie too, but the part where Jackie demands to sleep with Hilary's husband and Hilary encourages her husband.... was way too sisterly for my liking

        the latest movie that moved me was Before Sunset.... before that it used to be Before Sunrise. Reality Bites used to be a fave during those good old JC days

        I love Anne Tyler books, they never fail to move me. She makes observations about life that are so true but have never been put down in writing...