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    I've just applied for an Internet Banking a/c.

    Need a question answered:

    You know how you can trf money to a 3rd party? How do I add more than one 3rd party to the drop down list ? I can't seem to figure it out.

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    You will have to apply for 3rd party funds transfer. If the 3rd party you are transfering to is POSB/DBS bank, just select that option. You can do more than one 3rd party, but you have to apply one at a time.....


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      1. Go to Funds Transfer -> Funds Transfer/OTP Authorisation (NEW)

      2. Click on 3rd Party Funds Transfer Application (to DBS/POSB account)

      3. Type in your name(to be reflected in the other payee a/c)

      4. Select the type of a/c.

      5. Key in the account number.

      6. Key in the Payee name.

      7. Transfer the amount and select the Payee's name/account number.



      • #4 convenient is online banking!

        Apply for funds transfer to xxx account:
        Funds transfer--> Funds transfer application/OTP authorisation
        --> 3rd Party Funds Transfer Application

        You have to apply for third party Funds Transfer Application each time you want to transfer $ to a different person. HTHs


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          Timely thread!

          I'm totally clueless with transferring money. Must learn!

          Any idea if UOB and May Bank charges $$ if I transfer money to POSB bank? If yes, how much? TIA!

          I just applied for UOB online banking as clueless and I must figure out how soon.


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            oh, I didn't realise I had to add each a/c one by one. Thanks girls.


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              Help needed on bank transfer!

              Anyone knows how long it takes to transfer funds from UOB to UOB?


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                ****** 2 working days max? :huh: it's v fast if you do it online.


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                  hmm i always thought fund transfers are immediate, when you do it via the atm or internet. but with a cheque, it's 2 working days. not really sure too.


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                    erm i chose the "immediate transfer" option and this is what they said "Funds will generally be available to the payee 2 working days later if you submit the instruction before 8pm on a working day. " :huh:


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                      i think within the bank it's a day, but interbank takes longer


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                        yup i think so too..


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                          I think UOB transfer online takes longer than POSB/DBS one, POSB one is immediate


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                            Interbank fund transfer may take up to about 3-4 business days.


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                              Opening of POSB a/c

                              Can I ask if it's possible to open a POSB/DBS a/c with a cheque? What's the minimum amount to open an a/c with them? :huh: TIA