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    i wanna do a diving course! does anyone dive? any recommandations and what i should look out for as a complete newbie?

    of coz, i already can swim

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    My sis's working in a diving school, Scuba Corner. Heard that its not bad.

    Maybe u can call to ask for info.

    Scuba Corner
    Tel: 63386563


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      I just did my openwater with Mako sub-aquatics. They're pretty good as well. The ppl are friendly.

      The number is 6774-1440

      I guess something to look out for is the certification, whether you're getting a PADI, NAUI or SSI cert (ok, i'm not exactly clear about the implications, but I generally hear that a NAUI or a PADI is preferable to a SSI cert, and they're more recognized)


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        i diving! unfortunately i have not had much chances to dive since getting my open water and advance license. my dad disapproves of it so i have to do it secretly. anyway i did both my licenses at the great barrier reef so not too sure about the scuba schools in singapore. i think most schools should arrange for you to do your dives in nearby malaysia? not sure but considering that the water around singapore is probably too murky for diving. anyway i think PADI is the more recognized cert so look around for a school that offers that.


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          I got my open water license at Deep Blue Sea. Sorry i toss out my old namecards, so you have to look it up in the yellowpages.

          Basically, you have to attend a 2-3 day theory lesson at night. Plus 2 day of real diving lessons at a local swimming pool appointed by the diving school. And lastly, you have to complete 2 day dives in the open sea to get your license. There is also a simple MCQ test at the end of everything, which is so easy that it's almost impossible to fail!

          You can choose to do your open sea in Singapore (Pulau Hantu) or some malaysians islands (Tioman, Aur etc)

          Local sea dive course is about $250++
          Malaysia sea dive course is about $400-$500

          The licence you get is the same, a PADI open water. The only diff is the experience you get. Sg water are gross and murky whearas malaysia water are clearer and prettier!!

          But sg water graduates are better divers, since they have to learn how to navigate in murky waters, and it trains your confidence in water as well.



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            just wondering, those wearing glasses and contacts.. how do you see? with specially made masks? (i don't know what's that called ) how much do these masks costs?


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              I wear contact lens to dive. The mask(provided) is big enough to covers your eyes and mouth and suppose to be "water-free" when you dive. If there is water in your mask, you are suppose to clear it (you will learn how to do it). So its really ok to wear contact lens to dive. Glasses wise, i am not too sure.
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                Hi! Just a question...what's the criteria to take up a PADI diving course? Thank you!


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                  thanks must be able to swim very well?


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                    jo, i just wear my contacts too. i swim/snorkel/dive with my contacts and have no problem. you can probably order special mask with prescription lenses but it will be rather expensive i reckon.

                    z, you don't have to be a fantastic swimmer. most of the movement you make underwater is just to kick your legs to propel forward and you'll have flippers to help you. as long as you can swim and you do not have a fear of being underwater you'll be fine.


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                      Originally posted by pinkblush
                      thanks must be able to swim very well?
                      Hi, me new here! Love to read all the posts! Been reading it for 2 days now.

                      pinkblush, u don't need to swim very well, in fact...... I got my open water without "remembering" how to swim....

                      The most important thingy is don't be afraid of being underwater. But may be rather diff at the very beginning, I was scared out of my wigs the first dive, but I manage to survive thr....

                      But I'm telling ya, the feeling of being THERE is worth all the effort! Sadly I don't have the time & opp to do it again....


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                        yes i've heard of big bubble! (that's my big brohter ) my friend booked a dive trip to mindanao from them and she says it's beautiful! but i have been advised by a few people to book at a less perfect dive location for my maiden trip coz i'll be too busy adjusting my gear and learning to appreciate the view!


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                          the pool's killing my hair too

                          tempted to just stop swimming because my hair is so dry (even after DIY hair masking/treatments) doesn't help that the colour is becoming lighter. i figured it would be green in no time

                          riv's suggestion was to use a after swim shampoo and conditioner. hair was not that dry after awhile but still dry.

                          many suggested using conditioner before swimming but i'm afraid it would be very messy so i've never tried that.


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                            i have more tips for drying out hair.

                            shampoo & conditioner made to remove chlorine not only does that. they happily strip everything off your hair. long term[assuming you swim 3X/week], your hair would become very dry & brittle. i only ever used this when i had a hair a few cm away from the scalp!

                            olive oil - this is very good if you bother to lug to the pool & apply on your hair before a swim. a lot of stylist reccomend this. you can also use this & slap on hair before bed[i do this now]. wake up & shampoo off thoroughly. doing this everyday for say 7 days shows remarkable improvement to hair turning into hay. but this thing is smelly IMO. i bear with it for stronger, shiny hair.

                            leave in conditioner - use this is the smell of olive oil puts you off. slap on lots!

                            colour of hair - i have not done a colour job the past 2 years. after years of bleach, highlight & all things damaging, i wanted jet black hair. i had that for a while then weekly swim conveniently made my hair brown-ish. imagine reddish brown toned hair, the more you swim the faster they would turn orange-ish! i had days when i had red strips & a dip in the pool[1week after colour job] turn it rusty brown.

                            if all else fails, do what i normally do! i snap off all my hair close to the scalp & let it grow all over again!


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                              hi farah!

                              do u wrap hair in a shower cap or something after applying olive oil before sleeping? i have a bottle of olive oil at home. would like to give your hair advice a try!


                              think i'm gonna give scuba diving a try once i brush up on my swimming.