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  • Locations for Wedding Photoshots

    'am helping my best bud plan her wedding and was wondering if any of u beautifuls have any suggestions for a location - think gardens... 'have sourced botanic gardens & ft canning already. does anyone have any 'secret' locations that u know of? :p

    also... does anyone know of companies that construct marquees? suggestions and rough price estimates would greatly help.

    thx heaps!
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    Can think of Telok Blangah Hill Park and Raffles Marina off-hand. But sorry... no idea of contacts for marquees.....


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      Lauren, you are only interested in garden theme? Any idea how big the venue you are looking at?

      Try Alkaff Mansion? They are good at organising garden party. I like Four Seasons Rooftop Party too (this is cozy and better for a smaller party), Sentosa's Beaufort (have changed name to The Sentosa), Shangrila or some lush green countryclub like Raffles Marina (Joce might be able to advise ). Most of these venues would have their own contracts for marquee construction which could be cheaper.


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        Hyatt Hotel has a small garden to offer, and how about Raffles hotel?


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          Country clubs have luch greenery adn surroundings... beautiful landscaping for the background of your pics.

          I highly rec... Laguna, Seletar Country Club, Orchid Country Club...

          Telok Blangah hill is good too... but you must get people to fix up a marquee....Botanical Gardens.. there's a french restaurant deep inside, under the Les Amis group, perfect setting.

          One more: The Jurong Bird park... they have this terrace like place called the flamingo something... they do cater for events like roms and weddings.

          For hotels: Beaufort and Raffles


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            thank u so much 4 the info so far my dears. will check them out if anyone has any more ideas, pls continue to roll them in. thx heaps!!!!!


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              Hi Lauren >>> I am not sure if it's relevant but u might wanna consider decorating a restaurant/ball room into garden theme?? I am not sure if it can be done.


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                Locations for Wedding Photoshots

                Hi girls,

                Wondering where will be a nice and yet unique place to do phototaking for outdoor shoots...

                Come pour in your ideas.. I need lots.. hee

                If overseas, where do you think is a nice place yet within budget?


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                  Fort canning park
                  Fullerton underpass
                  Siloso beach


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                    if you manage to get permission to sneak into one of the high-rise offices near supreme court/esplanade/padang area, it would be great!

                    i worked at Treasury for my internship and the rooftop was a mini garden that overlooked the supreme court and shenton way, can also see the Singapore River/Clarke was beautiful...


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                      yes..that will be great.. because i cant take heat.. i have to choose places indoor..

                      I thought of the suite in fullerton.. lounges.. and bar..any nice bar with good deco with a tint of classic?


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                        Alkaff Mansion.

                        If you have the money, go overseas during spring/autumn if you're afraid of the heat.

                        but most of the time, indoor shoots can look fake and boring. Let the natural sunlight bring you some radiance!


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                          Changi Beach
                          Near Changi Airport runway
                          Labrador Park
                          Marina Promenade


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                            marina south
                            marina bay

                            you can go in the evening, it won't be that hot.