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    Hi gals,

    Anybody knows where I can buy organic vegetables and meat? I have found some online shops, but I think I would rather go down to the shops to take a look. TIA

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    Jasons supermarket at Delfi Orchard and Raffles City basement sells a good variety of organic food including veggies and meat.


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      .. and Jasons at basement of Paragon too.


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        Thanks gals, I will definitely go and take a look!! Juz being a kaypoh but does anyone here eat organic stuff??


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          I buy organic veggies once in a while. Also, I like organic blue-chips. Trying to eat unhealthy in a healthy way.


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            Just curious, what significant benefits are there in eating organic food?


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              I remembered seeing this documentary where a group of people were cured of their chronic joint swelling and aches after going organic.

              Think there's a special way of cooking the organic food too. Rats.. can't recall what's it called now. :sotong:


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                Is there a special way of cooking organic veg?? Read on the internet about the amount of insecticide and chemicals on the vegetables consumed today and have decided to make an choice to eat more organic vegs. Have eaten some lately and find that though they look less "perfect", they actually taste better!! Am wondering if it was my imagination???
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                  Originally posted by cupcake
                  Have eaten some lately and find that though they look less "perfect", they actually taste better!! Am wondering ***** my subconciousness???
                  Hmmm.... I thought they all taste the same? :roll:


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           work is related to selling organic vegetables, wholesale though. So don't come running to me to buy vegetables *LOL*

                    There are definitely many organic shops (online too) selling organic vegetables in Sg. I can give you a list (when I'm less tied with work) but be warned that organic vegetables can be quite expensive. E.g. organic oranges are going about $1/each.

                    The best reason for buying organic food is simply that it tastes extremely good. I vouch for this. Organic vegetables taste really good w/o or little seasoning! *yum yum* Just stir fry with very little oil and even with no salt, they taste sweet (that's my personal opinion). I find conventional vegetables taste different nowadays, a tad bitter.

                    The only thing about organic vegetables is that you can't keep them for more than 3 days. Any longer than that, they look awful though they still can be eaten. The reason being the conventional ones will have preservatives.

                    Undoubtably, there are sound health reasons for going organic. It has been shown in some studies to have more vitamins and trace elements than conventionally-grown food and, of course, it will not have been treated with any noxious chemicals. It is safe, nutritious, unadulterated food. It does not use artificial chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers and is produced without the routine use of antibiotics and growth-promoting drugs.

                    One more can also say animal welfare. Think ploughing of lands using buffaloes.

                    cupcake->If you like, I always bring back fresh organic vegetables on Tuesday for personal consumption. I can show you how they looklike. Not much difference though.


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                      Hi raebelasian,

                      Thanks for offering to show me but I don't think there is much difference But can you give me the list of shops when you are more free? I know that there is one at Novena opp the church but that is abit out of the way. I live in Choa Chu Kang and going there is quite far. TIA
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                        Here's some online organic shops that deal with organic produce


                        Organic Life Shop Tel: 9388 4242

                        Mombest Tel: 6883 0323

                        Green Gorilla


                        Eat Organic - Bukit Timah Tel 6736 4368

                        The Organic Paradise - Orchard Point #02-05 Tel 6737 1824

                        Planet Organic - Wheelock Place #02-03 Tel 6736 2003

                        Organic Online - Tel 6876 1181

                        Brown Rice Paradise Pte Ltd - #03-15 Tanglin Mall Tel 67381121

                        Eden Garden Vegetarian & Organic Foods - #01-90 The Bencoolen Tel 6835 9881
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                          Thanks for the list Rach sweetie, you're really an


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                            No worries I love to help if I can.

                            You gals can ask me what's the best price but I think there's not much difference everywhere. Price might be more or less the same but look at the weight they provide carefully Also, if they do home delivery, check how much they charge


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                              but i heard organic food are quite tasteless....