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  • Switzerland

    hi everyone =)

    i'll be holidaying in switzerland with the family in early november and i was hoping that i could get some tips about food, shopping, touring etc. what kind of clothing should i pack for 1.5 weeks' stay? should i invest in a pair of boots (not the chunky type)? can't exactly wear my sandals cos don't want to freeze my toes off yah?

    the bf has been there before and told me that stuff is quite pricey. so far, switzerland conjures up these images in my mind: chocolates, chocolates and more chocolates, yodelling heidis, rolling fields of green green grass.
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    Hey Starscope, which part of switzerland are you visiting? I went to Bern, Luzerne and Zurich last month and it's pretty cold. So I suggest bringing some pullovers or sweatshirts to keep you warmth especially if you are planning to go to the alps. I bet you will. It's freaking cold up there when I went, about 3 degrees. I wore a runner (sort of). Just prepare yourself a comfy shoes if you gonna hike.

    Oh yes, the hot chocolat is a must try. I have it for breakfast everyday. Actually, IMO, it's pricey everywhere in Europe...


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      thanks for the advice Queenie

      not sure which parts of switzerland i'll be visiting cos i'm not the one doing the planning! *hehhehheh* but i'll be sure to pack lots of warm clothing and wear 3 pairs of socks cos my feet get cold easily.

      the idea of hot chocolate with lots of mini marshmallows sounds so tempting. btw, how is the food there? anything funky-tasting that i should watch out for?
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        I love Switzerland Went there years back for skiing and it is such a quaint beautiful place.

        I love the cheese fondue in Switzerland, especially during winter up at the mountains. Food in switzerland is pretty normal so I don't think you would have problems with that. Marche is from Switzerland


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          Invest in a pair of boots, Starscope. Your feet will thank you for that.

          Lucerne is beautiful. Not so much on food but if you like watches, Switzerland is the place


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            Yeah there's nothing to shout about for food. But we love the Moven Pick ice cream. IMO even better than those we had in Italy.

            As for watches, you gonna watch out for the exchange rates. Don't forget a Swiss army knife.


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              the food there's alright...overall, it's really chocolate chocolate and chocolate and of course alcohol...everything seemed to contain alcohol probably bcos of the weather.. i only went to luzern and overall, it's a pretty enjoyable experience. really enjoyed the peace and quiet, the scenery and the people were nice too! if you travel to cold places very often, getting a pair of boots would be a sure bet..but if it's just for the trip, then i think a comfy pair of shoes would be sufficient. the MUST-bring stuff are of course, moisturiser,gloves,thermal underwear etc... oh and u might wanna check out the swatch watches too!


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                I was in Interlaken over the summer and it is soooo beautiful!! We stayed in a hostel and comparatively, accommodation prices in smaller towns are much more cheaper than in cities such as Zurich, Bern, etc. I went with my fiance and did most of the planning for our trip. PM for details of where we stayed etc. Switzerland is very expensive for everything except for swiss army knives! I wouldn't buy m/up, clothing, shoes there. It is not worth it! But very beautiful scenery though!


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                  Hi Starscope, I will be going to Switzerland this week! Generally, I've been to Geneva, Lucern, Luzanne, Bern, Nuchatel etc.. In Nov, the weather is pretty cold but not too freezing yet. Probably ard 10 degrees. For me, i'll bringing my levis jeans, sneakers, socks, tees (preferably long sleeves), sweaters and a thick coat. that is pretty sufficient for outdoor. For indoor, most of the places are heated so no worries.

                  Shopping wise, they have a supermarket chain called Migros which is like our NTUC. It's really huge and it's everywhere. They sell delicious chocos at ~Sfr1.60. Cheap deal if u r getting gifts for friends. Also, H&M there is fashionable and rather cheap. Definitely cheaper than Mango and Zara. They have really nice lingerie that cost Sfr19.90 for bras and Sfr9.90 for panties. All in sexy french lace. Must buy!!

                  For food, it's pretty expensive everywhere. Be prepared to fork out Sfr15 for lunch and more for dinner. i suggest u go to the Migros restaurant (near to the supermarkets) and the have self service food where u pay what u eat. They'll weigh the amt of food u took and charge accordingly. i miss the ravioli with veal sauce. Yum. For macdonalds, forget it, a meal which cost S$5.90 here will easily cost Sfr15 there. :sotong:


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                    Hi amelia :wave:

                    We like to know you better. Care to do a little intro here:



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                      hi amelia!

                      i'm leaving for switzerland this week too! who knows, we could be in the same tour group! i'm so super psyched to go for a holiday! and even more psyched about visiting the dfs at the airport can't wait! can't wait!

                      thanks girls for all the wonderful suggestions! i couldn't have decided what to pack without you guys!
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                        Hi Starscope,

                        Any idea where will you be visiting? I'll be spending most of my time in Geneva cos my boyfriend is there. I'll be leaving tomorrow night.

                        Yeh.. am looking forward to the df too!!!

                        oh ya, by the way, there's this french brand- Longchamp which is also available in Singapore. They sells lots of nice leather bags. The prics are much cheaper there.. ard 20%. So if you like leather and quality stuff, do check it out!


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                          woo~ what a coincidence, i'll be leaving tomorrow night at well! hehheh. and i'll be stopping over geneva on day 8.

                          the itenerary looks pretty tight and we'll be zipping from place to place. i just hope that i'll have enough time to take in and digest the sights and sounds. (by the way, i have not started packing)

                          hope you enjoy your trip!


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                            advices needed..

                            heya starscope & amelia

                            back from your trip in switzerland? hehe...updates plssss..

                            i'm thinking of going to switzerland this year. when would be the best time to go? and which agency do you all book from? should i take on a guided tour package or free & easy? which would be more advisable? is public transport there easily available?

                            sorry for bombarding you with questions...

                            thank you sooooo much! sweeties!


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                              hi there, sorry, didn't read this thread after i came back from my hols. Hope my reply is not too late.

                              As my boyfriend is staying in Geneva, i just need to book the air tickets.

                              If you like swimming, sun-taning, may-july will be a good time to go. Everyone on the streets will be very summer-ish. ladies in linen dresses and carrying straw bags.. if i can remember well, there is a 'fete de la musique' near end june. It is the music festival and many parks, streets, museums, old schools will be closed for performances. And all are FREE! It is like our art festival but 100x larger. There will be all sorts of performances like Jazz, classical, dances, electronic music, pop.

                              However, if you like to experience winter hols, you can go end dec-jan. that's when it'll begin to snow. no point going in nov cos it's very cold but didn't snow.