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    which part of NZ are you going to? i went there for a week in Jan and it there! weather was lovely! cool but not cold but it took some time for my body to get used to it, the last few days were spent walking around in shorts

    i think it would be warmer in dec? i packed along 2 pairs of jeans, shorts and a couple of tops. sandals and sneakers too. bring along a pull over or sweater in case it gets cold and sunscreen is important too!

    have fun!

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    Have fun in NZ! Especially Queenstown, so full of action. So swimwear is a must! You will also need it if you are going for the natural mineral pools at (can't remember the name of the town).

    It should still be summer in Dec, so you wouldn't need too many thick clothings. The coldest place would be Fox Glacier if you are staying overnite there. But its still bearable.


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      I'm in love with NZ
      Went over in late Nov/early Dec last year for a month of backpacking. Bring sunscreen! 4 hours just basking around by the wakatipu river (Queenstown if I rem correctly) left me red! And this is coming from someone who's pretty tanned.
      Bring moisturiser, the humidity level is much lower and my skin started flaking.

      Also, last dec/nov was a strange freaky late spring-summer in the South Island though! Experienced rain, mild snow and hail! And I froze my tush off at Christchurch with the wind blowing. Really weird so do be prepared, temps can take a strange turn.

      Otherwise, the weather was lovely, warm with cool breeze, but do pack a hoodie or something, or you'll be like me, lugging my backpack across a bridge in hail.

      Wish I was back there Hopefully your long trip will let you travel at a relaxed pace and to all the stunning places


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        NZ is my paradise wanna retire in Queenstown when i get old .....

        in Dec, NZ should still be cool i think despite it being summer... i went in Dec and it was pretty cold , needed a thick jacket ... yah Loli, agree that NZ weather is terribly unpredictable. one moment you'd need your jacket, one minute you don't.

        jeans are essential, coz they wear well and keep you warm.. track shoes too, coz you're probably visiting all the natural sites as well right? no high heels on the waterfall !

        NZ shopping is quite blah at least for me... malls are typical westerners' malls ... small and stuff. Esp in the South... save your money for trying their food and maybe souvenirs

        Auckland (if you're going) should be more promising... bought quite a bit of Sportsgirl-ish clothes from a boutique there... JWest? oh well.. not too sure !


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          Thinking of going to New Zealand this June.

          Would it be too cold? Anyone been there during this period?


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            I'm planning to go at the end June too. Still wondering if its worth going in such a cold weather.

            Any suggestions from cotters who have been there for holiday. I'm definitely going to the waterfall that LOTR was filmed.


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              i wanna go NZ !!!

              approximately how much for one to go on a holiday to NZ? doing sightseeing mostly (the natural breathtaking views...whoa...*dreams*..)

              i need to SAVE + PLAN! any tips will be much appreciated


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                Hi daintree,
                You may be interested in this website.

                They have many vacation packages.They have a 7 days package which includes
                Package includes:

                Return Pacific Class (economy) airfare Singapore to
                Auckland or Christchurch
                5 days car rental with National (1.6L Toyota Corolla or similar)
                5 nights motel accommodation at Golden Chain

                Cost : $1428 ( Twin) CHeck it out!


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                  Hi Daintree, I travelled South NZ for almost 3 weeks for about 3K, which included comfortable hotels with breakfasts, good meals, and adventure sports! Plane tic cost 800 and it was in november (late)

                  I think the best way to go is by bus, you can book free and easy thru alot of agents, and bus to each city/place, stay there for a few days and wander ard on your own. NZ is beautiful, breathtaking and magnificent if you have time to wander around and sightsee without tour guides.

                  Lots of tour agents here will do say a 7 day FNEasy itinery, you can choose to plus minus the number of days at each spot, or add additional spots of interest. Hotels will all be prebooked, so it's safe to say you've got your route and accomodation settled, what you do in the area is up to you!

                  We travelled on newman coaches i believe, started from christchurch and looped back. beautiful! Still dream of NZ and cheap ice cream


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                    i am going to Christchurch next week. does anyone know if honey, manuka or just regular, is cheaper there?


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                      Hi all,

                      I just came back from NZ 2 days ago. If you are buying the Manuka honey in bulk (at least 6 bottles) at the Regency DFS, its considered pretty cheap, but have in mind what you want coz there is like active 15+, 10+, etc to chose from.

                      A tip to note: If you are travelling on Air New Zealand, look for their inflight magazine, as it has a coupon that give certain discount at certain places.

                      Also, if you have time to spare, while you are at the airport, look out for the whole wall of maps and discount vouchers, some have like,NZ10 off if you purchase more than NZ80 at DFS Galleria, or some give gifts/ free drinks at certain places.

                      : D Hope this helps!

                      If you are an ice cream fan, look out for a brand called TIP-TOP, try their deep dark chocolate ice-cream!! Its about NZ 1.80 - 3.00 (depending on the area) for one BIG scope!!! YUMYUM .. I miss it already..

                      PS: If you plan to go Hammer Springs, please bring your swimwear unless you are booking the private pools. And if you self drive, note that 5pm there is like 9pm here in Singapore ... meaning its very very dark! Please drive carefully!

                      Errr .. BTW, I have a calling card that still have NZ5.37 (Sin 6.67) (I check it before leaving NZ), if anyone interested can let me know? I am letting it go at S$6.00. Calling rate is NZ0.21 per min ( actually its NZ0.07 but the surcharge makes it 0.21, its the cheapest there .. ) and you can call from anywhere, either public phones or hotel phones (Note: Some hotel charge a connection fee for 0800 numbers, but its about NZ0.50)

                      I also have a NZ50 discount for Nzone Skydiving for Queenstown, anyone interested just PM me. (I jump .... hehehehe at 12000 ft and wish I was at 15000 ft ...)

                      ENJOY!! Bring tons of batteries and SD cards (digital cam) / films (super expensive there!)

                      Sorry for my long post ..


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                        Hi,how's the weather in NZ in end Aug?Does any one join any local tour group to NZ?This will be my 1zt trip to NZ so Cotters do you think i should join a local tour group or by my own(F&E)?How shall go about if i opt for F&E?To me is not easy though reading from books eg;Lonely Planet get my way around(i got no sense of direction) .Infact i was seriously planning a F&E trip to NYC in end Aug but in the end i decide to change my route to NZ because i think NZ has more beautiful scenic view.



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                          Hi Irene,

                          U going there alone or with some one else?


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                            Originally posted by blurzcyn_see
                            Hi Irene,

                            U going there alone or with some one else?

                            Hi blurzcyn,i'll be going with my husband.Would appreciate if you can share with me more like booking of accomadation,planning of itenary & getting around.Looking forward to backpack this trip to NZ but bascially i need advice from people like you who had been there before.



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                              Hmm .. basically the roads there are quite easy to drive .. but u have to take note as the season is changing .. the sun set very early especially now ... 6 pm is like our 9pm ... some roads have little or no street lights and fog can happen anytime...

                              I am not sure if this is helpful, but its what usually SO and I do ..

                              1. Join a tour here like maybe 5 - 6 days .. get used to the environment first, afterall you are in foreign land ..
                              2. Extend the trip (tell your tour package provider when you book your package) for another 3 - 4 (or as long as you like) days (depends on you) ...
                              3. Go there and enjoy yourselves first and discuss whether you want to do a free and easy ( drive around yourselves )
                              4. If not, you can join land tours there!

                              Fear not, at every one of their airport, they have a huge wall full of free maps, activities, hotels, etc .. so you can actually plan while you are there...

                              HTHs... No worries, there is alot of things to do .... thermal pools, skydiving, jetboat, blahblah....

                              ENJOY!! (breath in more .. the air there is super fresh! )