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Animal Abuse & Breeder, Pet Shops Rant

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  • Animal Abuse & Breeder, Pet Shops Rant

    I dont know if this brand is being sold in Singapore, but Menufoods which makes pet food(Iams) tests on animals under humiliating and horrible circumstances.

    These are all the brands under Menu Foods that test on animals-
    A&P?s Master Choice
    Authority (PetSmart brand)
    Award (PetSmart brand)
    Safeway Select
    SophistaCat (PetSmart brand)
    Stop & Shop
    Wal-Mart?s Special Kitty Pouches

    They also make the pet food for a lot of other well know well as PETCO's own brand.

    And PETCO claims to be so animal friendly!

    Below is the article that I found on PETA's website if you'd like to read it, along with picture's that brought me to tears:

    I am definitely going to alert my family and friends to this horror also. Here is a link to the "what you can do" section:

    Here's a list of pet food brands that dont test on animals-

    Pls dont buy pet food from these brands cos they not only make the pets breathe in ammonia-filled air, they also cut off chunks of thigh of many dogs and they prefer killing animals rather than treating them if they're unwell or have broken bones.They even throw live kittens down the drain! If you have a pet of your own, pls print the petition paper and sign your name and your pet's name on it and take a pic of you and your pet holding the peition and send it to PETA! (details included in the site)


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    The website also talks about how the director was tired of the dogs barking and sent an order to debark them! (cut their vocal cords!!) and several animals which had diseases were usually never treated and left to die, so they literally spend months and weeks suffering in pain!

    Many have gum and teeth diseases cos they only eat canned food and no solid hard food. So much that they cannot eat anymore cos of the extreme pain, and many of them also have swollen and inflamed paws from walkin on the steel-bars of their cages...

    Many are also seen going mad, by exhibiting behaviour such as spinning around madly, and howling in pain, etc. and all these animals that are sick and in pain are not given any pain killers nor treatment, and after they die, they're body parts are given away to other companies!!

    Its clear that animal testing is horrible, and they ARE other alternatives available. Many companies have stopped animal testing...BUT P&G(Proctor and Gamble) the famous company that makes our Vidal sassoon shampoo and several other household products is also notorious for its animal testing cruelties! they use rabbits in their experiments, and apply liquid products etc on the eyes and they use a tube to thrust it down these poor rabbits' throats!!!

    Now im wondering if cosmetic companies are to blame for this too.
    Sob, this is making me depressed...


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      I saw a picture of a beagle.. my favourite dog...

      It is so cruel the way some humans treat animals.
      I'm a member of ASD and it really saddens me to know that such cruelty is still practiced all around the world.

      I really hope more is done to reach out to the world that we should love animals and treat them with respect.



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        Animal testing on cosmetics too

        Hey gals, do you know that many of the lovely brands we covet so much are NOT cruelty free??

        Please go to the PETA website and download a list of companies that DO test as well as the list of companies that DON'T.

        For example, Loreal which owns Biotherm and lots of other dept brands is still in the DO test list.

        Sigh, admittedly sometimes I give in and buy brands that aren't cruelty free. But I really must keep disciplined from now on.
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          Abandoned pets

          (I thought this post would be more appropriate here than at CozyHome&Pets because it's about animal welfare.)

          That said, don't read on if you cannot bear gruesome details!

          Horrific find in dog farm in Pasir Ris; 3 maggot-infested Shih Tzus feed on carcass of canine
          The Straits Times (Section: SINGAPORE)
          December 17, 2004 Friday

          EIGHTY per cent of their fur gone, their skin and private parts crawling with maggots, they whimpered and scavenged on the carcass of their companion.

          This was the horrific condition in which three Shih Tzus were found, barely alive, at a canine breeder's farm in Pasir Ris Farmway 2. The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) is investigating.

          The breeder, however, said the four dogs, already in bad shape, had been found in a drain by a customer, who had given them to him to be looked after.

          The dogs were discovered by volunteers for Metta Cats, a non-profit group that helps to house and feed abandoned cats. Its cattery is next to the breeder's farm.

          Said one of the volunteers, a student, who asked not to be named: 'We were there on Dec 5. We heard the dogs whimpering, and saw them scavenging on the dead dog.'

          The story is described on Metta Cats' website: 'The place was filled with faeces and urine... there was only one pathetic bowl of greenish water, covered with algae.'

          The dog breeder, Mr Desmond Ee, 26, who runs a pet shop in Upper Bukit Timah Road, told The Straits Times in Mandarin: 'A customer found the four dogs abandoned in a drain. They were inside a cage, and were already wet and had very little hair. The customer told me to look after them for him... I didn't abuse them.'

          Mr Ee added that he had entrusted the care of the dogs to a foreign worker as he was too busy.

          Mr Bobby Tan Kok Peng, 25, a chef, said he found the dogs in a drain at Lorong Halus. 'I asked Desmond to take care of them for me... because I live in a Housing Board flat and have no space.'

          Volunteers contacted Mr Ee and rescued the dogs on Dec 5. They took the dogs to veterinarian Frederic Chua, who reported the matter to the AVA.

          One of the dogs died after three days despite attempts to save it. The surviving two are recovering at the Metta Cats' cattery.

          Mr K. Madhavan, head of AVA's Centre for Animal Welfare and Control, said: 'We will not hesitate to take action against the owner... if there was an act of cruelty.'

          It appears that Metta Cattery needs funds and item donations (pet items, pet food, and stuff for household use like tissue, trash bags, blankets, pillows, etc), so if anyone's keen to donate stuff, drop by their website at Metta Cattery!

          I emailed one of the volunteers, and she was really friendly.

          If you've any unwanted stuff hanging about the house or kitchen, do consider donating them! Just thought I'll spread the word since there are so many animal-lovers here at CC.

          (Disclaimer: I'm not from Metta Cattery or affliated to them, though I love their cause!)


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            I got so upset when I read that article earlier today that I just sat in front of my computer and cried. Even called my parents just to check on how our dogs are doing. I felt so pissed off after that though, don't understand how some people can be so cruel to innocent animals.


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              SICK!!!!!! I pray the culprit to lose all his 5 senses overnight!! Madness!!! Poor shihtzus, hope the reminding ones are coping well, tik they must be tramatised mentally too.

              The little furby who didn't make will be relieved of pain and crossed the rainbow bridge, now running carefreely w/ his new fur frens.

              The conditions of the other 2 looks bad. I hope they can recover & have loving owners to care & love them. This is one of my fav link & it gives me positive hopes that they will make it.

              I have just packed my old bedding stuff, multi-layered plastic drawer & my hubby agrees to donate to MettaCats. Will also pump in cash to help the badly abused duo.

              Girls, pls help if u can.


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                vernis, you're so nice!

                My sis and I are volunteers at metta for some time already and she told me about the dogs even before it was reported in the news. At first, metta didnt want to report them to the authorities cos we're afraid that the workers at that pet farm might throw poison meat into the cattery and all our dogs and cats will die!! but I guess, they've decided that saving the majority's more important There might be even more abused dogs/pups in the farm

                Recently, fuchsia (fellow cotter) also found 4-5 pretty persian cats abandoned outside her house. Some really skinny and one with flu. The latter's eyes are getting all infected already! They're all so adorable! Gosh, I really hope people will STOP abandoning pets! or breeding for the sick of making money for that matter.


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                  Hi Princess_lea

                  So scary to know there so many sick folks around.
                  Hope the government fund abit to help.

                  I have purchased a stack of SPCA Xmas cards earlier, so i thinking of giving them to my few closer colleagues (who are animal lovers & pet owners too) w/o any prezzie but explain that the money for prezzies are being funded to the Metta. Hope that small amt helps abit. As it is CNY soon, guess many of them will discard their old beddings, i will email them. I hope they respond well. I saw the bedsheet on of the shihtzus was sitting on..... reminded me of my bedsheet my mum used to get for me which i was a child, how fortunate, we must share w/ the poor animals.

                  Can we send directly to Metta? Or solely collect & arranged for volunteers to pop by & collect? Are the 2 dogs better now? Hope to hear more adoption cases for the cats too.

                  me blur.


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                    Oh one more question, must wash the sheets b4 handling over?


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                      PMed you, Vernis!


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                        I havent seen the dogs.. but heard from sis that their conditons are quite bad. They don't look like shihtzus anymore - really beyond recognition. Just hope that they're recuperating well now.

                        Think you can contact the owner through the website, so she can arrange. In case there's no one there and you make a wasted trip. However, I know there're usually volunteers on sundays. But if you're donating $$, its better to pass to the owner, SiewYing. hth!

                        btw, I think the metta kitties would love to have new bedsheets! heh..


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                          Poochi PMed me on the rite contact for me to liaise w/. I hope my appeal will be fruitful. I will arrange for collection some time next week.



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                            Does anyone know how these dogs are doing now?


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                              A dog's cry for help

                              Got this from an email.

                              Dear all,

                              We have been caring for a stray female dog at our void deck for the last 10 months. Recently last week, we discovered that she is pregnant. My heart really goes out to her because she is a very sweet natured dog. Whenwe knew her in the beginning, she had the problem of trusting people.However, as time passed, she build her trust and she now has a good bond
                              with humans.

                              Immediately when we found out she's pregnant, we tried all ways to get help. Unfortunately, help for such strays are limited. We realised that the only way is to home her temporarily until she delivers and re-home her 3-4 puppies. Many told us that the chances of re-homing is very slim but we are praying and trusting God for good families who will be willing to be committed to love them and provide for them.

                              When I found her today at the void deck she was shivering, wet and cold. I could not walk away from her and together with my husband we coax her all the way back to our house. Though she knows us, she was reluctant because she is not used to being cared for. We gave her a warm bath, dried her and gave her food and water. She now is resting comfortably in our kitchen. She has withdrawn because of the new environment and we are praying that very soon she'll know that being sheltered is better for her. She just needs to learn to receive love and care.

                              My struggle is we already have a male beagle and space and time will be a real challenge for us. The least we could do is help give her and her puppies a second lease of live. Why are we doing this? I don't really know too except that I really cannot bring her to the vet to abort her babies and because we've build such a bond with her, it's just cruel to abandonher at such a time.

                              I believe many would have received such a pleading email at one point or another. Likewise for myself. But I'm urging all to do your little part to send this email to as many friends as possible or you personally may want to consider adopting one of the puppies. We've included the picture of this mummy in this email.

                              Please call us @ 97458122 or 97494965 or send us an email if you would like to help or know of anyone who can help her and her puppies. Please help us spread the word around and meanwhile we'll all just pray and wait for good news.I know there are many such strays out there, but if one can make a
                              difference, one dog's live will be remarkably change.

                              Seeking help,

                              JX and Glynis
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