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    actually individual style can be fashionable too ! I love simple and plain clothes


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      Originally posted by tiffanee View Post
      I used to prepare what I want to wear the next day before I sleep. Now I don't do that anymore. My first instinct will decide what is my style for thay day when I woke up in the morning.
      i used to do the same as you. Prepare 1 day beforehand... but now.. i don't do it anymore.. just too lazy to prepare already.. haha.. but what I do is when I pack my wardrobe, i will definately put those clothes that I like and prefer on the top. So that when i'm too lazy to browse through, those at the top will definately not go wrong !


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        casual for most of the days. just short n Tee. for important function, i love to put on feminine style dress like lace or frills or ruffles.


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          it varies for me from time to time. right now, i'm into "girly" clothes with frills, mini skirts with a flare, more to korean/jap style.


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            it depends more on my mood
            sometimes I dress vintage, sometimes I dress casual or girl. but mostly, smart casual gossip girl style!


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              I will try to integrate current fashion into my style
              Will not be too loud.. I like smart chic comfortable


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                no style is the best style


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                  i like all styles. but usually girly , feminine, n casual chic .


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                    I'm the same as you!

                    What I wear for the day depends on my mood. But I usually keep to a few colours such as white, grey, black. I also like polka dots and occasionally go for floral dress prints.


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                      hi ladies! =)

                      if you are looking for some nice and sweet designs clothing...

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                          Can visit Ribbon | Avec Amour - Ribbon they are selling all their new in items at $28 due to GSS


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                              The most important thing is to be confident, regardless of what we wear