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  • raywenz: my supply also goes up and down, like stock market. i guess this will be the case for EBM - bound to have good days and bad days.

    yesterday @ work i managed to pump twice and my yield was 620ML (all time high). I usually yield between 460ML to 550ML. this excludes the 2 pump sessions i have at home. I am in the midst of dragging my 4AM pump session - to regain some proper sleep or i'll go bonkers one day. hah!

    like you after i return to work, i half latch half pump. latch once in the morning before i leave her and for her night feeds. on weekends i do 100% latch on & some pumping if i can squeeze out time.

    before i returned to work, i fed on demand but i quickly realized that didn't work very well with my helper and parents feeding her EBM (need to warm up the milk before feeding her) and she is a impatient baby and would scream for milk if they let her wait too long. so i modified her feeding method slightly. i would feed her at regular intervals but start of with a minimum of 60ML and with a maximum of 120ML. I have mentioned previously that my girl's not that big a eater but i was wrong. When my dad feeds her, she would always finish 120ML whilst with my helper/hubby/me, the max she can go is 80ML.

    My dad seems more patient with her and cajoles her into finishing her milk (he thinks babies her age should be drinking more than 60ML every 3 hourly). He will burp her mid feed and then try to give her the bottle again. could it be the same reason with your MIL?

    Juan: i think you are right about the tiredness and the amounts i can pump. i tried dragging my 4AM feed and was expecting my supply to drop, surprisingly it didn't in fact it went up. i think rest is a key factor in milk supply

    you really have good supply. on a good pump, the max i can get is 330ML both sides but that is rare~ i usually get between 180ML to 280ML. But my pump intervals are shorter (say 3 hours plus).


    • Hi Mummies sorry for the disappearing act. I was pre-occupied with housework, my demanding 7 month old and occasional daytime outings.

      RE: Additional pump
      I only tried 1-2 times. No difference in total volume but single session volume is lesser. Therefore it was a waste of time for me. I calculated I get about 30ml/hr. Average of 700+ per day thereabouts. Long gone are the days I could yield over 800ml. And with my growing baby girl, it is getting tougher to pump.
      1st pump - I do it as soon as I open my eyes. Which usually ranges from 7am to about 9am.
      2nd pump - About 1pm. 12noon if we are going somewhere. I always have to pump before going out and also after my gal's 1st nap. I get really pathetic volume for my 2nd and 3rd pump.
      3rd pump - About 6-7pm. If we're at friend's home I'll pump at her place at about 4pm in case by the time we reach home no time to pump. If we are out, I'll try my best to rush back by 6pm to pump. Just ytd I reached home 515pm. Prepare the stuff to cook dinner, feed my gal and rush to pump while juggling with the yelling gal. After done with it, I return to cook dinner.
      Last pump - 1220am onwards.

      You girls are getting really good supply. I guess everyone is different. I believe we all try our best to give whatever we can to our child
      Have I mentioned before that my gal HATES fm? Now that we have started her on solids for over 1.5months, we also have to deal with her rejection of solids. This morning I decided to open the can of fm stage 2 to mix with ebm. Big struggle and yelling but I keep shoving the teat to her till finally she drink it. No choice I have just enough for her feeds and what if I suddenly drop? What will she drink? To add on, she struggles so much during solid feeds that she's not taking enough solids at all and that makes her call for milk every 1-1.5hours. Only drinking 100-120ml per feed (I stir in some instant cereal with the ebm). Give her more, she can't finish it. Give her exactly, she is hungry 1 hour later. Really stressed up with this girl. Nowadays I feed her whatever we are having. She loves adult food. Bad habit I know but it's better than her not eating at all. That's one of the reasons I try to cook dinner more often on weekdays. Another thing is that she hates to be fed by spoon (even for adult food) so I always feed by fingers. Sometimes I have to stuff food inside her mouth to make her eat. She will put up a big struggle (and yell) but most of the times she actually eats the food though sometimes she spits them out. Very strange right? Stuff inside she actually can chew and swallow but she won't open her mouth voluntarily unless we eating out.

      relynn: Sorry I'm slow but I had wanted to tell you about breast shells as well. Seems like you girls really produce a lot of milk and hence the leaking part can be so bad. I used to leak about 5ml only and I sometimes do use another bottle to collect it. During that time my supply was even lower than now.

      RE: Comfort nursing
      I read somewhere the baby sucks for comfort so it's highly possible she misses you during the day so she nurses more when you are back home. I really salute the mummies who latch on after work. For me, it was super tiring as I had no helper. Just hubby and me. Not that my gal willing to latch either . Ok, just recalled my gal used to have habit of comfort nursing during her early days (around 2nd month) as every night when she keep searching for my right breast to suck then she can fall asleep. Some ppl think it's a bad habit while some say it's perfectly fine. Is all up to individual I guess but I do think it's fine though.

      Good luck mummies and do continue to share your experiences here


      • can ask is it better to go private like the [email protected] compass point than KKH?

        KKH waiting time is really super long but will the price be much cheaper by 30%?


        • Hi hows everyone? my baby is now 3 wks+ old and will be holding the1st month celebration this weekend. Times flies... feel like just relized i'm pregnant yesterday... and now my boy is about 1mths old

          If anyone want my confinement lady contact, pls do let me know as i'm not sure if we are allowed to post their contact here... I feel she is a good CL and would like to recommend anyone who needs a CL.

          She is recommended by fren. Feels she is very reliable, able to take care of my baby very well, hardworking, cleans my house daily , handwash my clothing as well as baby clothing. She also wash my hubby clothing and things like bedsheets with washing machine. Would say very satisfied with her service. She also cook food for my hubby.


          • Hi mummies, I just gave birth to my baby girl 12 days ago via natural birth.. Can I ask for those who delivered naturally, how long did it take for your wound to heal? For me, it's still hurting now. Also, how long will the bleeding stop?


            • congrats Bigbadwolf. I had natural. The wound theoretically takes few weeks to heal, but if everything is fine, you should not feel the pain within 4 to 5 days. My Dr only gave me pain killer for 5 days


              • Thanks Papaya.. Seems like I may have an infection..


                • hi i am 7 weeks pregnant now, is it safe for me to do gel nails?those that need UV lighting.thanks


                  • Originally posted by SuMMeRY View Post
                    hi i am 7 weeks pregnant now, is it safe for me to do gel nails?those that need UV lighting.thanks
                    I would not recommend it nor do it if I were you. Regardless of the UV lighting, the smell is bad enough imho. What for take the risk? Especially when the baby is still not fully developed nor stable at 7 weeks.


                    • Hi Mummies

                      Sorry for the 'disappearing act' been trying to juggle work & baby and her 4th month jab. Baby's weight & height are in the 25 percentile - hmms not that good news to hear but PD isn't very concerned saying some babies grow faster some others grow slower - to monitor @ 6mth check up

                      bigbadwolf: it takes about 6 weeks for the wound to heal completely but you should no longer feel the pain after the first week. keep it clean with antiseptic wash after each visit to the toilet helps~ my lochia ended 2 weeks after i delivered but some may go up to a month


                      • I'm not a mom myself and I never thought I would think to be one, until yesterday.

                        My fiance and I are planning to ROM this year, and also looking for a house. Throughout our 7years together, we do not really discuss about starting a family and we do not see the need to commit/discuss. However, last nite out of the blue he said "let's start a family right after we rom". I was in a shock! I'm happy he said that (sounds like he's ready to move one step further) but at the same time i'm fearful.

                        There are so many questions in my head. I'm sure he can be a loving father, however I'm not sure if i'm ready and all the new unknowns that i have never experienced.

                        I'm more scared than excited. Did you new mummies feel the same way too?

                        Sorry if this is not the right thread to post this. Just want to hear if it's ok to be feeling how I feel now....


                        • Anyone can offer advice? I have this pimple looking thing on my areola area. Should not be a blocked milk duct as I read, block milk duct appear more white-ish, while mine is reddish.

                          I am expressing with a pump, so nothing to do with latching. have been pumping for 3 months, this is the first time having it. Slightly painful.


                          • hi papaya,
                            if its painful, its likely to be a blocked duct...try to increase the pumping frequency. use a hot water bottle/towel to melt the blocked ducts...also check for any fever..if fever, it could be mastitis...take care ya...


                            • Hi all mummies.. Sorry for disappearing.. Lolx..

                              Hope everyone is fine and doing great their little one..


                              • Hi mummies, very quiet nowadays? We seem to have turned this thread into a bf thread

                                Well, me currently bf for 8months 1 week now. Supply dropping again but not so worried cuz my gal is on solids. I realised why I could bf for so long cuz my gal drinks very small volume. Now I still pump 4 times a day but the volume keeps dropping especially when nearing menses day.

                                Papaya: I don't have experience with blocked ducts but there was once (abt 2 wks ago) I felt a lump at the left breast and I had to keep "pushing" and massaging it till more milk comes out then the lump soften. I was so scared of blocked ducts man. Hope your case is fine now.

                                Jia you mummies