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wld u share a property w ur ex-SO?

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  • wld u share a property w ur ex-SO?

    i'm just confused..

    We are still frenz.. and we feel that the investment will most prob get good gain..But all in all he's still the ex.... And yes, both of us currently are still single. But I'm still not sure if I can handle if all of the sudden he's attached.

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    My mind exploded while reading your post.

    Why do you even need to ask this question?


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      duckie: I thought about the question and then I thought about my ex. NO way in hell would I share a property with him!

      Who's idea was it anyway? Wait. Doesn't matter. It's a bad idea. BAD IDEA.


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        now both of you are single. if either one of you gets attached, things turn sour i can tell you when it comes to money, it is a very knotty issue.

        Dont even bother getting into this if you can. I am sure you have friends or relatives out there. Why him?


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          its not a good idea to share the property with your ex. Like what you/ we typed here, its 'ex'. Maybe you can ask your family members to joint investment with you?

          When it comes to money, its really a very sensitive and knotty case.


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            Hahaha. Please don't. For obvious reasons. Do I still need to say more?


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              well my parents are divorced for almost more than 15 years and both have their own family, however they still owned flats together in various countries and they split the rent profits.