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20 things we didnt know abt you

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  • 20 things we didnt know abt you

    As above...

    1)Im 18 going on 19 soooooon
    2)My birthday is 4 days after Xmas
    3)I was born in Amsterdam
    4)I love to do oil painting!
    5)Im going to pluck up the courage to pierce my ears next week!
    6)I wanted to be an apparel designer
    7)I even joined a course at Lasalle Raffles Int'l
    I loved to do fashion sketches Im too busy studying!!
    9)I love to sing and was a soprano in the choir
    10)I am a real bum(and my mum will totally agree)
    11)I love babies and kids and dogs!!!
    12)I am a night owl... always sleeping late
    13)I am a Christian
    14)I love reading everything!
    15)I am addicted to Coldplay and Jazz
    16)I have moderate hearing loss...
    17)I love to peek at my presents
    1I am really messy
    19)i worry too much
    20)I have been weaned off chocolates already

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    YUp, to stop the cool looking fellas from showing up .. you'd have to check the "disable smilies in post" at the bottom of your reply.

    You were born in Amsterdam .. that's pretty cool. Did you grow up there as well?

    And my, I didn't realise you were so young!


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      Hmmm .. I think my age & my habits is already known in this board but what the hey .. I'll participate!

      1. I am a night owl
      2. I love cats to death
      3. I love my husband to death
      4. I wanted to be a scientist
      5. I can be cold hearted
      7. I speak too loud
      7. I am slightly deaf
      8. My greatest fear is public speaking
      9. I'd rather die young
      10. I am terribly impatient
      11. I hate rude & inconsiderate people
      12. I don't love easily
      13. I am street smart
      14. I have lived on my own since I was 16
      15. I can be too independent
      16. I like to fart
      17. I can go through a day without drinking a drop of water
      18. I eat one meal a day most days
      19. I like good food & strong black coffee
      20. I smoke alot
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        well well.. here goes!

        1. i am 18 going on 18
        2. i have a twin
        3. she's in science, i'm in arts (weird huh?) but we're in the same school
        4. i get headaches easily
        5. i hate plane rides -- period.
        6. i am full of contradictions -- i hate superficiality but love looking pretty
        7. i used to bite my toenails
        8. now i just bite my fingernails
        9. i don't really like roses
        10. i prefer special flowers eg. the iris (which is part of my chinese name), magnolias...
        11. i like sweet food!
        12. i may look thin but my waist is 27 rejoice, all you slim-hipped girls!
        13. i am one cm taller than my sister, and one kg heavier. it's been this way all my life!
        14. we were born one minute apart -- C section explains it.
        15. i wanted to be a fashion designer in secondary school. now i wanna be a marketing genius
        16. i hate rude, impatient, selfish people
        17. i am affectionate and also easily hurt
        18. my favourite pastime is to shop and be with my closest pals
        19. i can't take sour foods
        20. i've got long hair up to my chest

        i made it to the bottom of my list!


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          This thread is getting so interesting!

          Here's mine:
          1. I love and adore my bf
          2. I have a split personality
          3. I can be downright nasty to people who offend me
          4. I think too much
          5. I enjoy spending money
          6. I want to be a designer but I studied IT
          7. I pig out on junkfood more often than desired
          8. My younger brother looks out for me and takes care of me *guilty*
          9. I have the incorrigible habit of shopping every week
          10. Tea makes me have diarhhrea
          11. I cant stand being alone; I need constant company
          12. Personal "me" time is all too important to me. I dislike people intruding my private life
          13. I wish I had bigger breasts
          14. I have serious problems keeping tab on my finances
          15. Having a car is my ultimate short-term goal
          16. I was a real frickin' geek when I was young up til 14!
          17. I'm habitually late and I cant control it
          18. I'm sheltered and am struggling to be independent
          19. I have a naked self-potrait hidden in my room drawer
          20. I dont open up to people easily and can be easily misunderatood as aloof


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            atypical- oh yes i grew up there but only for my younger years..
            and wow, u lived be yourself since ya were 16?? thats really great. I wish i could learn to be more independent...only thing is my parents still think im their 'baby'...oh well.
            and u like to fart????hahaha. thats so honest!!!!


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              Hehe! Like Islande, i used to bite my toenails too. Very difficult but I had the job done. I want bigger breasts too!


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                1. I am 22, hoping to look 18.
                2. I love vegetables, hate meat
                3. I am forever on a quest to gain more weight, i find myself too skinny.
                4. I want big boobs too.
                5. I'm trying to quit smoking.
                6. I used to be constantly intoxicated during college.
                7. I have a fetish for boyish looking boys.
                8. I have a boyfriend who is boyish, and 1 yr younger than me.
                9. He is studying in Melbourne and i'm saving up for tickets every year.
                10. I wish I hadn't gone into advertising.
                11. I always wanted to be a painter.
                12. I hated my childhood. (dont ask)
                13. I love studying. I'm a nerd.
                14. I broke my hips and injuried my nerves and got myself awarded a hefty sum of conpensation. woohoo!
                15. I am extremely bad-tempered.
                16. I've lived alone for 4 yrs.
                17. I don't trust people easily.
                18. Especially men.
                19. I love and hate my mum.
                20. I will put my younger sister through art school.
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                  This is fun... Okay, here's my 20s

                  1. I am 25 now wishing I am younger.
                  2. I wish I am working overseas in a cafe but currently doing IT
                  3. I started loved experimenting makeup about 1-2 years ago.
                  4. I am a sentimental fool as I took more than 2 years to forget my 1st love.
                  5. I can be a perfectionist at times.
                  6. I am rather patient in waiting for friends. Even if they can be 1-2 hrs late.
                  7. I admire girls with nice curls hair but I lacked guts to try it out.
                  8. I care too much what people think of me.
                  9. I worry too much of work, studies, family, friends.
                  10. I love to eat a lot. Ha ha... Thats why gym is a must
                  11. I love to travel but due to tight financial status, I cannot travel out of asia country. Must save.
                  12. I like bumming around at the beach doing nothing but stare at the sea.
                  13. I hope to retire from working by 45 so that I can do backpacking.
                  14. I hope to have a pair of twins babies in future cos I kids
                  15. I also hope to have bigger breasts like the rest. Hee Hee
                  16. I am 1 person which can get tan just by a few hours in the beach in the afternoon and it can take me 6mths and above to get back my skin color.
                  17. I wish I am fairer now
                  18. I just got attached LAST NITE officially that is
                  19. I can be rather outspoken at times.
                  20. I wearing heels. My highest heels is 4 inches.


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                    congrats verda!


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                      interesting thread! for getting to know others as well as yourself

                      here goes:

                      1. i wish everybody don't have to work (for money)
                      2. my greatest passion is dance
                      3. i can do charcoal portrait-drawing
                      4. i am on the quest to find myself
                      5. i don't love easily, when i do, it's totally with my all
                      6. i like lean & mean & foxy guys
                      7. i can hold my liquor better than most guys
                      8. i like rock music
                      9. i wish i'm born in the hippies era ~ peace~
                      10. i'm not easily fazed
                      11. when i embark to do something, i can be very focus, to the point of being tunnel-vision
                      12. my stomach is a bottomless pit yet i'm still too skinny
                      13. i will only consider abt marriage 10 years later
                      14. my SO thinks i'm too independent, i think the same abt him
                      15. i cannot get by a day without eating sweets, i'll get withdrawal symptoms
                      16. my dream car is a purple Vintage Mini
                      17. i dislike kids
                      18. no offence but i find huge boobs nauseating, it looks like having ur bum for chest!
                      19. most of the time i prefer to listen than talk
                      20. i like extreme sports that's mentally challenging


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                        And I loved to bite my toenails too! Now, for the purpose of being more lady-like , I just claw at them. But I still bite the nails on my hands. It's one very difficult habit to get rid of.


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                          Interesting thread!!!

                          1) I don't drink because I can't drink alcoholic drinks.( gives me rashes and the smell of it turns me off)
                          2) I seldom party because my body cannot stand too much smoke and i fall sick easily the next day.
                          3) I am grateful to god for what I am today and the family that i'm born into.
                          4) I can't stop eating chocolates, ice-cream whenever i see them
                          5) I'm scare of cats but love dogs.
                          6) My best friends are from my Primary school
                          7) I can't wear high heels because i'll probably tripped if i did.
                          8 ) I dumped my first boyfriend after 3 months of dating.
                          9) I love children and hope that i can do something related to them when i work. ( Unlikely becuse i'm not studying anything related)
                          10 ) I'm a procrastinator
                          11) I'm not very picky with food. My friend recently asked what are the food that i don't eat and i couldn't think of anything.
                          12) I got the bad habit of biting my nails too which is why they never seem to grow long. LOL
                          13) I get nervous very easily but try not to show it others.
                          14) I have very short term memory
                          15) I love music by the japanese pianist Yukie Nishimura
                          16) I'm not much of a make-up person but needs lots of skincare to maintain my skin
                          17) I was very proud of my primary school volleyball team when we emerged 4th in National Standard many many years ago.
                          18 ) I hate to paint my toenails because itsan extremely difficult task to me
                          19) I need alot of sleep because i get tired very easily.
                          20) I'm very scare of balding because i have little and limp hair
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                            Hmmm... Let me try:

                            (1) I have a deep passion for reptiles.. snakes and lizards
                            (2) I would like to sleep for the next 20 yrs if I could stay young like Sleeping beauty
                            (3) I hate my hair
                            (4) I sometimes wish I could go to a resort island on my own for a week with 5 good books
                            (5) I want to get married by 30
                            (6) I want to have 2 adorable little kids by the time I'm 35
                            (7) I used to work in Sizzler for 3 years
                            (8 ) I used to have a black pony called Black Star when I was 14
                            (9) I tried to murder my dad's red fish twice by feeding it 8 times a day
                            (10) I think my legs are too fat
                            (11) I used to hate my younger sister
                            (12) I think I love my bf more than he loves me but I think he felt the opposite
                            (13) I like to see bloodied, gory horror show
                            (14) my childhood ambition was to be a witch
                            (15) I do 50 sit ups every morning to maintain my flat tummy
                            (16) Once in a while, I derive joy out of plucking my SO's moustate
                            (17) Every now and then I will imagine the joy of moving out of my parent's place to my own to makes life looks brighter
                            (18 ) I am in no hurry to get married becos I don't wan to start ironing and washing for anyone but myself only
                            (19) I hate my hanging wet clothes out to dry
                            (20) I enjoy bubble baths a lot.
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                              Yup, love their cold scaly bodies... hehe