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What's your latest indulgence and what's the next?

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  • What's your latest indulgence and what's the next?

    For me, I recently bought a pair of black South Sea Peals... very guilty for this is something that I don't really need but just want to (LOL, how often are we guilty of this).... as for my next indulgence, i am lemming over the mesh handbags at Anterprima... What's yours?

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    latest indulgence is something I bought in march - my furla watch.

    I love classic and simplistic watches.

    My next indulgence would be a GUCCI watch with the small diamond/crystals at both sides. it lots


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      bought my gucci wallet in June.

      Hoping to get the LV bag which i've long wanted next!


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        Latest indulgence was a bottle of MPG Sanguine Muskissime. Swapping that away (just can't take the musk) so my next would be on of the new CSPs.


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          Latest indulgence were a Dhanura, AH bag, a LE FM watch and 2 packages from DRX.

          Next indulgence would probably be another FM Long Island watch or Hermes bag. Dream on Queenie...


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            have been looking to indulge in a really nice dress watch. i definitely can't afford a franck muller. haven't found anything else i like though.


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              latest indulgence is a package form DRx which cost me a bomb! i've never spent so much money at go in my entire life!

              my next indulgence.. not decided yet!


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                My next indulgence would be a big pressie for my SO's bdae and a birthday cake for him from Goodwood park!! eeek.


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                  Latest indulgence (because it's my birthday) - a pair of diamond earrings, a white gold chain and a white gold pendant with sapphire and diamonds.

                  Next - possibly a new handphone. Eyeing Siemens SL55


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                    Latest indulgence: 10 sessions of Herbal Peeling ..... feeling the pinch in my pocket still...

                    Coming up: looking for a hair dresser to do my hair for a make over, like highlighting..... by any chance, any recommendations?


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                      My major indulgence for this year - Jaeger LeCoutre reverso watch and DRX package.

                      Coming major indulgence - None for the moment. Though another watch would be nice


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                        After months and months of waiting and looking around, I finally brought a pair of boots from nine west. I love it and its so comfortable and as a result I have been wearing it pretty often lately

                        As for whats next, I'm not quite sure. Haven't felt the great desire to own anything yet. But, I am definitely looking around for a great hair stylist as I would like to get a new hair cut for Christmas!


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                          current indulgence : NoNe!

                          next indulgence : my CS order! and a whole slew of stuff -- pent up shopping-demand during exams!


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                            I'm so indulgence's only perfumes and knick knacks for my room.

                            Just bought Penhaligon's Malabar for the month of October.

                            Upcoming indulgence:

                            1.Gobin Daude's perfumes. Waiting for the order form to come in. This will be my purchase for November

                            2. Want to indulge in myself for my birthday soon but not sure what yet


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                              Lastest indulgence: None!

                              Next indulgence: Creed Spring Flower perfume and a watch.