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    wow.. thats a lot of info given eh... haha. so, they deliver to the east? anywhere in the east?

    i don't even know mos burger do delivery until today .
    because i ate mos burger today for dinner, and when ordering, i saw this stack of flyers(with the words 'we deliver') so i took one, then i was so happy at first, but when i reach home and read the flyer clearly, they only deliver to 10 mins walking distance from parkway.

    i am not sure whether other outlets do delivery.


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      haha yea.. if you didn't know, you'd think i work for Pizza De France huh. i can't help it. i'm still suffering from the aftereffects of the pizza i had last week.. hee

      yup i shld think anywhere in the east shld be alright. but just to let you know, the outlet in the east is behind Kembangan Plaza so if you stay anywhere nearby it shldn't be much of a problem.

      sigh.. MOS burger is delish! but one thing is that its more expensive than other FF, tho it's pretty worth it with all the yummay patties.. *drool*
      i shall make it a pt to check out the MOS nearby the next time.. hope they deliver!


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        yes! i nearly thought you work for them(pizza de france) hahaha. seems like its a MUST TRY. i will try the sunshine fantasy first. by the way, its a chicken pizza, or seafood?


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          erm, the toppings for the Sunshine Fantasy are:
          turkey bacon, chicken sausage, sliced boiled egg and mayonnaise.

          i do hope after all my raving you don't end up disappointed! so its best you order with an open mind.. haha afterall taste is pretty subjective right?..

          oh its One-for-One. so i guess u've gotta decide on another.. heh


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            I personally don't like the pizzas from Pizza de France. I like my pizzas paper thin and the pizzas from PdF aren't. For quick delivery pizzas, I like those from Rocky's.

            However, if you like your pizzas from Pizza Hut, you will like the pizzas from Pizza de France. They have a good variety of toppings.


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              yup i do indeed prefer the pan-pizza sorta crusts. has to do with my love for bread. "p


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                Originally posted by miracle
                one more question to that .. do they deliver to all areas or certain areas only ?
                the pricing for US pizzas are really reasonable.Every tuesday they have a one-for-one promo which makes it super worth it!The pizzas are really nice and their sets include garlic twist,creamy mushroom soup.yummy!Prices are abt $15.95 for a single pizza to abt $28 for a set for I think 4 6 ppl?I'm not sure...will recheck the brochure I have downstairs in the morning and update with numberI love their $17.95 set! enough to feed 3

       for delivery,they deliver to most parts of the island to my knowledge


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                  US Pizza/Rite Pizza

                  For those who're still interested in US Pizza, it was actually known as Domino Pizza. Sounds familiar?

                  Anyway, they're now known as <a href="">Rite Pizza</a>.

                  Telephone number remains the same.


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                    Komalas 63922224

                    Komalas is the indian fast food restaurant. But i've not tried the food or delivery. Ripped the number off the motorbike delivery when i saw it on the road sometime ago. haha..

                    n ...

                    Delifrance 63244333

                    never tried the delivery service myself either.


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                      golden pillow - those buns with curry in them

                      5 star chicken rice.



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                        5 star chicken rice delivers? really?

                        do you have the number?


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                          Mos burger also have delivery i think!!!

                          I saw one flyer at the counter while eating. Never get to read the details.


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                            Yeah Mos Burger have delievery service too. But if I remembered correctly, they only do it for orders more than $50 or $100. Cannot remember exactly how much, but I remembered it was a BIG amount.


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                              Just called New Century Catering Services. The $120 / month is only for first month trial only, thereafter it's $140. They do not offer refund but will add another day if you cancel a particular delivery.


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                                I have tried Neo Garden for one week, it is not nice, so would not recommend to you. I have not tried the others. I think you should find those which allow you to try for a few days, before you decide on the entire month.