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HAVANA NIGHT - let's party to samba!

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  • HAVANA NIGHT - let's party to samba!

    Havana Night ? The Latin Fire is a song and dance spectacular that will transport you directly into another world, a world of Cuban music and dance!
    The show is Cuba?s hottest entertainment export, having toured over 12 countries from Australia to Tokyo to Zurich, and played to more than one million people live!

    From sizzling Cuban Salsa to Rumba to Cha Cha Cha, two hours of glorious colour rhythm and movement will bring you into the shimmering heat of a Caribbean night!

    The Havana Night ensemble consists of 32 dancers, 8 singers, and a 13-piece band, the internationally famous Cubaximo. Be dazzled by their vibrant costumes, high-energy dance numbers and electrifying music!

    In 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered Cuba and said the famous words, ?This (Cuba) is the most beautiful earth a human eye has ever seen?. Now you can experience one magical night in Havana ? Havana Night!

    Vamos A La Fiesta! Let?s Go Party!

    I'm seeing on Sat's afternoon show with .................................. my parents !

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    where is this held? and when?


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      Originally posted by strawberry_lush
      where is this held? and when?
      Ha ha ha...Got so excited until I forgot the details! Thax for reminding me


      Where: Esplanade Theatre Hall

      When: From 18 Nov 2003 (Tue), 8.00 PM to 23 Nov 2003 (Sun), 8.00 PM

      Damage: Standard - $60, $80, $100, $126, $150 Box Seats - $150

      Duration: 2 hours

      Link to Havana Nights


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        hihi stressed thanks for the info, I am watching on Sunday noon.


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          My My My...did I have fun at the concert today. Everyone was on their feet at the end of the show. We clap and clap and clap until our hands were pretty red.

          The dancing was fabulous, so was the costumes. So glitzy. So cha cha....

          The singers had marvelous voices. If you close your eyes you might think you have entered into a Latino pop singers concert. They possess extremely powerful vocals.

          Very seldom we think the entire performing cast are gorgeous but every single one of the cast of this show dancers and singers were gorgeous in a good looking sense. They have fabulous taut bodies. All the ladies have flawless complexion. I was going all slurpy with one particular male singer who really resemble one of my favourite Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan. Nice butt...hoot hoot..

          Thank goodness I bought front row seats! All my $120 was so so well spent!!!


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            stressy, shah rukh khan coming SG i think go drool some more there!


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              Originally posted by islande
              stressy, shah rukh khan coming SG i think go drool some more there!
              The tix for that show is soooo expensive. The mid range ones are still too far for me to see and the very near ones were like $500. For that $$ they better let me sit beside him!!!


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                Oooohhh! Lucky Stressed. Guess you're not that stressed anymore after the show?