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    What do you do, where do you stay? Please do some recommendations

    From yahoo travel:
    Sights -- The view from the observation decks at Sears Tower and the John Hancock Center; the skyline at sunrise from Grant Park; the Old Water Tower (the only downtown building left standing after the Great Fire); a Chicago Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, White Sox or Cubs game; a concert or Ferris-wheel ride at the renovated Navy Pier; a Chicago Architecture Foundation river tour.

    Museums -- The Art Institute of Chicago; Museum of Contemporary Art; Museum of Science and Industry; Field Museum of Natural History.

    Memorable Meals -- A true Chicago-style hot dog at Superdawg or Gold Coast Dogs; a slice of Chicago-style pizza at Gino's East or Pizzeria Uno (or Due); prize-winning international fare at Tru or Charlie Trotter's; beautiful-people watching at a bistro along W. Randolph Street.

    Late Night -- Improvisational sets at Second City Theatre; dancing to house music spun by one of Chicago's internationally renowned DJs; blues at one of the city's live-music clubs.

    Walks -- A leisurely stroll along Michigan Avenue from the river to the Drake Hotel; a walk through Grant Park to Buckingham Fountain; the extensive trails along the lakefront ending with stunning views from the beach at North Avenue.

    Entertainment -- Chicago's entertainment varies from loud and loose to sophisticated and sedate. You'll find the classic Chicago corner bar in most neighborhoods, along with trendier alternatives -- wine bars are hip these days. The strains of blues and jazz provide much of the backbeat to the city's groove.

    Restaurant -- You judge a city's dining scene -- by ethnic diversity, breadth and depth of high-quality establishments, or nationally prominent chefs -- Chicago ranks as one of the nation's finest restaurant towns.

    Shopping -- A potent concentration of famous retailers around Michigan Avenue and neighborhoods bursting with unique shops combine to make Chicago a shopper's nirvana. The unique experience on Michigan Avenue lures thousands of avid shoppers every week during the Christmas season.

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    Lived there for about a year, at Navy Pier, near Michigan Avenue.

    I think you have most of the big stuff covered.

    1) John Hancock Center
    they have a buffet lunch at the top of JH during weekdays and weekend. if you eat there, they waive the charge of taking the elevators, so it's a better good deal and you don't have to rush through the sights.

    2)Pizzeria Uno is a must! although expect a LONG LONG wait

    3) at John Hancock Center itself, there is a shop called the Chicago Architecture Society. They are numerous walking tours there that you can book and join. The tour guides I had was first class, since they are not paid and are doing it merely for interest. They know tonnes of tidbits about the city. If you have a chance, try out the downtown ( financical district ) tours. The buildings are pretty old and each building had alot of thought being put into it.

    4) if you have time, pop by the lakefront for a morning work. it's beautiful

    5)Frank Lloyd Wright
    there are a couple if building build by FL, however, this requires a half day / full day trip. more info can be found on the above link

    have fun and dont forget to bring your winter coat!!! it's the windy city after all.


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      There's a tourist information centre near John Hancock centre, pop in for the most current information on available/interesting events. They had free architecture tours on some weekends, but might have ended by now.

      There are free trolleys that run through the city during the weekends, which takes you to major tourist sights such as Aquarium, some museums, shopping district and others.

      The aquarium is next to the lake, place is beautiful, but I've never been inside.

      Drive along Lakeshore drive ( as the name says, next to the Lake ), stretches from the Aquarium to Drake hotel & beyond.

      Go to Art Institute of Chicago on Tuesday, free entry Its huge and could well spend one full day there.

      Wrigley field at Lincon park, newly refurbished and home of Chicago cubs. Happening suburb.

      Beware of the weather, it could get quite foggy and you woudn't see a nut up John Hancock. Check weather before going.

      Night entertainment: Chicago is well known for blues, plenty of blues bars around, which in my opinion is kinda loud, not quite my cuppa tea.

      Restuarants: A ton of them around, depends if you are looking for anything in particular.

      There are tons of hotels downtown in the loop as well as along North Michigan Ave, the prime shopping district. Becareful which hotel, heard some are pretty haunted.

      Yes its near zero in the day now and will drop to sub-zero at night. Bring all ur long leather boots, gloves, scarfs, headgear.

      If you on free & easy, buy the CTA one/three/five day unlimited rides if you plan to move around a lot. Or their 10-dollar store value card ( gives 11-dollar value) will be sufficient.

      Thats all I can remember for now, need further assistance, email me :D


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        hi... just wondering does anyone know what is the cheapest way to get to chicago? thanks in advance.. :D