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  • Long distance relationship

    Hi to all lovely Cotters out there

    Just wondering if any of you out there is facing the situation of not having your SO with you.... Mine had gone overseas studying, will be away for 2yrs, and this only his 2nd month there.

    To make "matters worst", I don't have many friends (guys/girls) to start with. And you know, when you reached a certain age, it's really hard to make new friends again... which is sad, isn't it?

    Well, of course, been occupying myself with activities like aerobics, gym, driving lessons etc... Well, I know we all need to be independent rite? SO gone, so what?? Life just had to go on....

    Well, if happened, any of you are in the same boat, or you just wanna widen your circle of like-minded ppl, pls PM me, perhaps we can strike a new friendship fr there.


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    wow caramelgirl
    u sounded like me when i had a LDR with my bf 2 years
    initally it was hard but well, do remember u will get used to it

    with technology so advanced now, u can basically talk to him via icq, email and video-conferencing!

    PM me if you need to talk


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      Oh yeah, it certainly is harder to make friends nowadays. That's where CC is great! I've met with so many lovely ladies from this board & I totally enjoyed the time I spent with them. Feel free to join us for any CozyGatherings next time.


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        my bf's away too.. been away for 1 month already!

        we spend alot of time together when he was in SG. every weekend we'll be going out and probably meet a couple times in the week.

        what i'm doing to occupy my time? exercise, spend more time with my family, study! and lots of other stuff too.

        we try to talk every night. either on the telephone or through msn/icq.


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          Hi dear, hi everyone!
          I'm back from Thailand finally! Phew.. miss home!

          The longest period I've been seperated from my BF is 1 week, because of travelling and his reservist.
          During my stay in Thailand, I only called him once via long distance call.

          I have never been involved in LDR, but you n your BF can beat the odds together

          Good friends dont just happen overnight.
          Perhaps during your courtship, you both have been too comfy in coupledom and neglected friendships so friends drift away.

          I think you can cultivate new hobbies, make new friends, join Cozycot outings. If you're shy, invite your friends to join CC as well so you all have a common topic.


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            hie CaramelGirl...

            it's hard to adjust initially but be strong! you'll get thru this this is what makes relationships stronger!

            can't wait for another CC gathering!


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              What's SO?? :huh:

              Special One?


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                significant other


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                  Originally posted by islande
                  significant other
                  Oh okie! Thanks!


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                    caramelgirl, CC is a great place to meet lots of like-minded people. do join us when we have gatherings. the talk and laughter's endless.


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                      Hi CaramelGirl

                      Me too don't have many friends. Maybe because I am too shy. Many times people just think that I am not interested. Maybe it's the way I behave (introvert?)

                      I hope to join in the next Cotters gathering too and get to know more people. Hope to see you.

                      As for you and your SO, always send a card, picture, email, and call regularly to stay in touch. I believe after the 2 years, your relationship will grow stronger and just imagine the amount of trust build upon each other.

                      All the best


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                        My SO has been with me for 4 years and we've never left each other for more than a week so I don't know what will happen if I've got to live without him..

                        However, my world doesn't just revolve around him. I've other commitments too. I guess if he's not around, I'll spend more time with my family and friends? Or try and lose weight!


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                          i have been living with my bf and my mum for 2-3 years and the longest time he wasnt around was 1 month.

                          initially, will feel bored and quiet without him, after after a few days will be alright....

                          during that one month, we converse daily though icq and msn, sometimes using voice chat if connection doesnt play up on us.

                          even though we live together, sometimes we dont see each other much too. he will return home very late after his trainings and projects, etc and then later pop to bed. We do try to make full use of time, by watching tv together (he loves holland v...keke), go for a drive together, find a new restaurant and check it out together... so through msn, etc, you can tell him with what you have done, ask about his life, etc. He will feel loved and appreciated. communication is really essential in this case.

                          learn new things, shop with friends, (shop alone also can) or pick up a book and indulge in it. now is the best time to let yourself grow IMO. it gives you time to yourself. *pat pat*
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                            My SO's going away for 3-4 yrs!! initially I made plans to leave too but changed my decision so i guess I'll have to start being independent... we've been together for 3.5 yrs and the longest time we were separated was only 1mth...dunno what on earth I'm gonna do for the next 3 yrs! not that I need to see him fact, in singapore, we hardly go out ( once a week max) cos I'm so busy but then it's always nice to know that he can be there for u the minute u need someone yah? in the future, even if I wanna talk on the phone it's gonna be tough cos the time lag is pretty off--15hrs... *misery*


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                              my SO was away for 2 months last year for his army fieldcamp at australia. i coped with it ok, i guess, considering that i am quite dependant on him. we also used to meet very often, on saturdays, sundays and even some weekdays. his camp was like in the forest of some sleepy town in aussie, so we couldn't even get to chat on the net. he called me about three times a week, and it got lesser towards the end of his camp cos he had no money left. when he came back, i felt a bit awkward with him cos we didn't see each other for long, but soon, things got back to normal and we're still seeing each other now.
                              i guess trust is very important when talking about LDR.