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  • Your Proudest Moment!

    hey ladies...

    what's the proudest moment in your life?

    from getting the keys to your new car bought with your hard earned money, or getting your first paycheck, or to helping someone and making a huge difference in their lives...

    do share it with us!
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    my proudest moment so far happened this year .. it was my drama club's performance, and i was the lead... and the best thing was everyone raved about the performance, and it felt so good coz we really put in a lot of effort, risking our studies, staying back everyday after school till evening time ...

    and when friends and even strangers commended me on my performance, i felt so honoured and flattered. when the theatre studies students gave me a that took the cake. that was truly the best night of my life! better still, SO brought me a huugge bouquet of flowers and he told me he was so proud of me !

    i still feel so warm and smiley when i think of it. truly cheers me up.
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      Actually there are many proud moments in my life but my life took a major turning point when I stepped out of an abusive relationship and moved on.

      That was almost 1-2yrs back and now I'm more confident, stronger, and life has only become better.
      I've pulled through a hectic final year at poly, juggling studies, the ugly breakup, the death of my closest aunt, all in less than a year.

      Now, I've moved on and survived, still survivng.
      Hence, I'm grateful and PROUD!


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        Hunny, that's wonderful. i'm proud of you too! me had an abusive relationship before too... horrible.. still haunts me now... and it's been three years already.. glad to know you've moved on.


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          sometimes I think we girls are addicted to bastards.
          Emotional torment is worse than any pain imaginable.

          Yah the memories haunt me too.
          I guess a more accurate way would be to put the past behind us instead of "forget" since I doubt I'll ever forget anyway.

          Focus on being happy and darn proud of your achievements and what you can achieve
          Count your blessings knowing that there are many other people far more unlucky than us


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            you know, you may be right!

            i totally agree with you. it's pretty hard to forget huh.

            let's just keep being happy and keep improving and show those idiots!
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              proudest moment?
              ahahahaha, being very "unstudious" in my younger days,
              have greatly disappointed my parents when i come back with bad grades...

              i probably feel very "proud" and did my parents some honour when i finished my masters, after working and studying at the same time..wasnt easy but well, i did it!
              at that time, has to endure a LDR as well...(how worse can it get then?)


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                *applause for natnatniv*

                wow... completing your masters, juggling emotional matters, and working all at once is no mean feat.


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                  thank you!
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                    Bump up as I think it's an interesting thread.

                    For me, I've a humble few . One of them gotta be that I cleared my debt. Study, car loan, personal loan, etc. How I spend now is no longer at mercy of others.

                    What about yours?


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                      when i was in primary/secondary school, i was always looked down by those parents whose kids scored better than me. the parents would always try to boast to my mum on how good their results were etc.

                      finally after my O-level, i entered poly and scored very well, managed to get a place in NTU, while their kids flung in JC and no news from them anymore. i was super proud about myself, especially during my time, from poly to a local Uni was not a easy thing i would say.


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                        Sunkiss, I understand what you been through.

                        For me, it's got to be my first house fully paid for... It's so shallow hahaha but it's debt free-dom that made my day when I paid up in full.


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                          blackeff: haha, i am damn proud!
                          debt-free?! wow! not easy to achieve !


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                            to be walked down by my dad who passed my hand to my hb.


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                              My Proudest Moment this year has got to be 2 days ago, on Wednesday. Successfully completed 3 years of hardwork, stress and sweat in my school and presented to the public my first ever fashion show on Wednesday night.

                              What a surreal feeling.