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    Heyyy peeps! I'll be going to Canada on a student exchange program starting from Jan'04 till May'04 and its the winter term!!! I have no idea what to pack there and things that i should take note of! Please please do advise, and also the various fun stuff i should really try out there! Thanks soooo much in advance!
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    Lucky you! I've been to kingston many times when i was studying in buffalo, new york. I had a nus gal friend who had an exchange programme up there at queens college too. It's really an execellent school.

    Now as for the weather, the winter is freaking scary cold. A good day is around 0-5 degrees and it can go down to -15/-20degrees during a storm. Pile on many layers. Start off with long johns or fitted long sleeve tees, followed by wollen or fleece sweaters and a very good wool/down/performance ski coat. Get good scarfs, gloves (leather and wool lined) and good boots. It's gonna be very snowy in Jan and Feb so the shoes better have very good traction.

    Now for the fun part ! You're only 2 hours away from Toronto downtown, and this place has good asian food, good shopping and good clubbing (Government club is voted top 10 in the world) and very friendly people.

    In kingston itself, most students hang out at princess street IIRC. These restaurants, boutiques and clubs. Stages club is a fave among students. In fact, kingston is such a college town that you hardly get to see non-students. Try to make more friends and you'll find yourself invited to house parties every weekend. Alcohol is cheap. Food isnt cheap, you can't expect hawker prices in Canada. Try to cook more often on your own.

    I do have a canadian chinese girlfriend there, i can hook you up with her if you wish so.

    You won't need a car in kingston, it's a tiny place and you can literally walk everywhere. There are shuttle buses provided by the school to take you from the hostel to your campus.

    You will be 4 hours from Buffalo, New York and the Canadian border, where the Niagara falls is. 6 hours from buffalo is New York City. Will you be travelling this far? It will be worth a trip down, if you know anyone who drives. Nearby your area, there are countless ski lodges so you can just ask around and i'm sure many classmates will bring you to one of them.

    Make a trip to montreal if you have time too. It should be 4-6 hrs drive too.


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      oohh wow, lucky you too! you studied in buffalo, new york? one of my besties is going on exchange too and she's gonna be studying in the state college too! So I'll probably be popping by considering the relatively small distance between us.
      Ahhh yes, I'm really terrified of the cold as well, I've heard it can get really bad and I'm so not a cold-person. *shudders* And I was wondering, what time do the shops and stuff close around there? I've heard that they close shop really early, would that be true?
      You've made kingston sound really fun and i can't wait to go clubbing and stuff like that! Hrm, I was wondering though, do they dress like normal club-gear during winter too? Just under their big fluffy sweaters or do they just dance around in really thick clothes Teehee. And all that ski-ing!!
      And I would love to meet your friend! Provided that she doesn't mind that is
      And would it be cheaper to get most of my winter gear there too? :huh:

      Sorry for the trouble and you're such a sweetie for helping me out here!


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        I was in the State Uni, not college. The college is downtown, wheras my place is more to the suburbs.

        IIRC, the shops in usa/canada closes at about 9pm-11pm(supermarkets close later, some are 24hr) on mon-sat and 5 or 6pm on Sundays.

        I will not be too sure about Kingston, since i was up there for about 4 or 5 times but most of the time i'm intoxicated ! But i do remember buying booze from a liquor store at 12am and it was still open and crowded. You can stock up on fresh food if u visit toronto or buffalo (go to tops international!!) because you hardly can find asian stuff in kingston. Oh, please try the cheese fries thingy on princess street, oppo the pizza place.

        People there are either immued to the cold or extremely VAIN so we usually wear our clubbing tops and throw over a good coat and scarf. There will be coat check counters in all clubs and restaurants. Nobody dances around in jumpers!! Or at least i havent seen one. House parties are very casual, do not be OTT. It's a custom to buy a some beer or some pizza over if ure invited.

        Winter gear in canada will not be any cheaper than Singapore, but there are more varieties and the quality is much better than what you can see at mango, zara type of shops.

        Check out Toronto downtown for winter clothes. Eaton mall is good, so is the surrounding streets. The Bay shopping mall has M.A.C and it's super cheap!!

        I will try to get my kingston friend's contact. I need to call another gf (the one who went kingston for exchange) first.


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          reviving this old thread - but anyone who has recently been to kingston?