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    Originally posted by AndromedaAiken View Post
    My teacher charges $35 per lesson. I never actually took notice of the duration but I think it's 45mins or an hour. He's pretty good too. Has a degree in performance from U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with an engineering deg. I don't know if he's taking in anymore students though because he's a teacher with a secondary school too.

    Anyway, it's not necessary to get European instruments (if you want better instruments). The Chinese violins from Synwin (their higher end instruments) are comparable if not better than some European instruments. While I didn't like any of the Czech violins I tried at Gramercy, I found a violin I really liked in Synwin. Chinese violins are good for smaller hands too. *grin* The stretches on the G string are horrendous on huge violins. *grin* All the best to all would-be violin lovers! It's a lovely lovely instrument to play.
    possible for you to give me his contact???
    im looking for a violin teacher!


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      Previously my cousin took up a violin lesson with a SSO teacher, costs her around $240 per month. The violin is one challenging instrument to play with, she loves the sound of the violin and has been learning for the past 1 year.


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        hi hi,

        i would like to enquire more about picking up violin lessons for adults. My bf is keen but he is a busy individual who has put off this thought for the longest. I would like him to pursue this long long interest of him and going to help find him a teacher as a kick start. Appreciate any referral contacts.