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Green Fingers! Who's a gardener?

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  • Green Fingers! Who's a gardener?

    I am starting seriously into my hobby and I feel that it's the right time to learn gardening. I want to grow basil, rosemary, thyme related to my hobby. There are also plants that releases scent that I'm keen in such as honeysuckle, evening primrose or even orchids. (can't be gown in our weather except for orchids, ya?)

    Any of you gals love gardening?

    What do you grow?

    Do you have any plants/flowers placed at your working area? e.g. Tulips can remove nasties such as xylene found in computer. Living plants around you help to purify the air, add moisture to the atmosphere and disperse pollutants such as computer emissions.

    Where's the best place to look at seeds/soil/pots and seek IRL professional advice on gardening?

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    i'm definitely not a gardener. the one and only plant i bought is money plant, for my office desk, i still have it. money plant is the easiest plant to maintain

    Rac, mayb you wanna check out Far East Flora. their address can be found here:


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      Just want to check who has gone to see the gardening fair at Esplanade? Is it worth paying that 5 bucks? I remembered last year was a flop.


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        gardening - it seems like this is a trait best left to the men in my family. the women except for my late grandma seems to be killing them faster than they live/bloom!

        rach, maybe you can try places that has little courses for them. i am sure there are enough enthusiast to have some kind of green fingers club/association.


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          Farah-> My bf dabbles in gardening as well but he's been killing them faster than anything as well! *lol*

          Hope I'm blessed with green fingers


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            Originally posted by raebelasian
            Just want to check who has gone to see the gardening fair at Esplanade? Is it worth paying that 5 bucks? I remembered last year was a flop.
            Not me (I'm one who gets itchy around green plants!) but my parents went on Sunday and I think they got quite inspired cos' they bought back some soil packs and pottered around the garden the whole weekend.

            We don't grow many flowers, only bougainvillea which is easy to care for & blooms pretty often. They actually don't only come in the violet variety. A whole row of different coloured bougainvillea (orange, white, violet) is very pretty.
            My parents prefer growing fruits...used to have a mango tree & rambutan tree but then it got too "jungle", very hard to trim and maintain. Now coconut tree & trying to grow a few lime plants (these grow very easily & quickly, I notice!), starfruit plant (very slow..) & banana.
            I think homegrown fruits are the best even though sometimes may be sour. The rambutans were , the skin of the seed never came off with the flesh of the fruit, as do the rambutans bought.

            My parents are quite green-fingers type...shall ask them for some tips for you, Rach!


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              i used to plant flowers (i think ) its those seeds in a green packet you get from cold storage outside my house

              they grew quite well.. i think


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                geekchic-> Thanks for asking your parents. Your post brings me memories of my childhood.

                We used to have a plot of land behind our house. We grew duku tree, mango tree, bittergourd, pomegranate. It was too fun! A pity all these had to go when my grandma decided to use the land for better use.

                I will love to grow some flowers and herbs!

                Duckiee-> I went Cold Storage and saw the flower seeds as well. I think I saw some supermarket selling potted herbs like basil a while back but I can't recall which? Any idea?

                I bought a lot of seeds (chilli, cherry tomatoes, some green bamboo) on my last trip to Taiwan. Bought them knowing I will grow them one day! It's time to dig out those seeds BTW, Taiwan sells the cutest ceramic pots and I saw the prettiest and fragrant smelling Tea Flower (Cha2 Hua1, also Camellia ). A pity since we can't grow this in our weather.

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                  i know those potted plants you're talking about! i've seen them around alot last time.. but i'm not sure if they're still around.

                  will keep a look out

                  i think most cold storage and ntuc should have?


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                    After much reading, consideration and shopping, I bought my first potted plant!

                    Gardenia it is! Lovely scent...even my bf couldn't help commenting about the scent throw.

                    Blooming with one fbeautiful gardenia and there are 2 buds. With proper misting and sunlight, I really hope the buds blossom!

                    Up next, will be trying to germinate sage seeds.

                    ~My gardenia~


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                      Hey Rach! Long time no see... been absent from CC for a good long time... i THINK i have the green thumb... the herbs i germinated seem to thrive, but i don't have enough time or energy to take care of all them. I'm now left with 3 pots of basil cos i gave about 8 pots away to my aunt (she cooked them all... BARBARIAN!), 2 pots to colleagues (1 dead, 1 MIA), traded 1 pot for a pandan plant, and 2-3 more pots died on me due to leaf infection. the mint is somehow surviving though i left it alone for so long...

                      Haven't had time to start on the rest of the herbs i have yet though... still have some mint seeds left, and i have parsley, sage, coriander, marjoram, dill and lemon balm... trade seeds?


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                        Just give me your mint plant and all your seeds since you are too busy. I will germinate the seeds for you and I promise I won't eat them


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                          Just have to share my thoughts for the day...

                          Never did realise that the path leading to my bf's house has a whole roll of gardenia shrubs. I was strolling home with my bf after work when I made this discovery. I was pleasantly surprised. I was first attracted to the wildly lookalike leaves. There were a few withering gardenias and to confirm my suspicion, I just had to put my nose to 'snort' one. That familiar scent further affirms that my guess was right. Gardenias... and who would have thought.

                          I must have gone past that path a million times...hurriedly of course. Never once have I slow down my pace, take note and appreciate my surroundings. It's just stones and concretes you might say...

                          Slow down, take time to smell the roses and you will be pleasantly surprised! Simple discoveries like this in life make my day.

                          My bf said age is catching up on me.

                          "Damn this haste!" says the snail.


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                            That's lovely! And i love the scent of gardenia as well. you just reminded me to start slowing down and appreciating the small things that i hastily overlook for bigger things

                            Meanwhile, I've just started paying more attention to the orchids in the garden


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                              I always wonder what gardenias smell like? The gardenias from most perfume smell kinda plastic. :sotong:

                              Riding on this thread, does anyone know the secret to planting african violets? Mine doesn't seem to flower.