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    What would make a good gift for ROM (registry of marriage)?

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    I was thinking of getting stuff from Loccitane or Crabtree & Evelyn for my friend getting ROM. Wonder if i should get voucher or mix and match and place them together as a hamper. Eyeing the candles especially. :huh:


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      What about a Precious Moment figureine/doll?


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        Originally posted by esabelle
        I was thinking of getting stuff from Loccitane or Crabtree & Evelyn for my friend getting ROM. Wonder if i should get voucher or mix and match and place them together as a hamper. Eyeing the candles especially. :huh:
        L'Occitane's lovely!
        Great products and beautifully wrapped too


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          I highly rec candles & shower stuff from L'occitane too! That's what I got for a friend & she loved it. They wrapped it up so beautifully ..

          Must have: Clementine Candle


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            Situation: Getting desperate. On the borders of getting panicky. Don't want to look miserly tho cannot afford too much. Just started working. :roll:

            Situation: My friend whom I've known from pri 1 (we're 25 this year) is going to the ROM this coming Friday and I haven't bought a gift! I was looking through the previous replies and L'occitane definitely looks like a good gift idea.

            Was just wondering if it's too 'bride-oriented'? I don't want the groom (whom I know thru her and has been very nice) to feel 'neglected' by the gift tho traditionally it's the bride that's 'honored' in weddings. Hee!

            So with the clock ticking away, what gift could I possible get them and would a budget of $70 be good for a friend this close? I really can't afford more at this point in time. :roll:

            She'll be holding her traditional wedding ceremony/ dinner nez year and by then I should hopefully be able to give her a fat ang pow and gift too.

            Any ideas? Thanks very much!


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              I'm being very practical. Nothing very personalised but I think cash vouchers work wonders. The newly weds can just choose anything they want and grab it.

              If you are thinking of really getting something for them, perhaps a bath set?


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                Hey! Tks for replying!

                I've gotten the gifts already. A candle from L'occatine and a Precious Moments musical box.

                I think it's enough. Hee!

                Thank you again!

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                  my good friend is also getting ROM soon. she gave me an angbao during my ROM recently. i'm not sure if i shld give her an angbao (same amt ya) or i shld get her a gift. if i get her a gift, i'm not sure if i shld be getting one which is suitable for both husband n wife to use or just for my friend only. dilema. someone help......... btw, sorry but i dont believe in precious moments etc. i'm more practical. same as my friend. :yaya:


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                    i have a liking for crystal wine glass..

                    maybe it's just me but i feel some sort of romantic mood to get one set for the couple as ROM gift.
                    sipping wine at the most quiet moment of your life...
                    perhaps this can add as ideas too?

                    image from Riedel
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                      I have friends who don't like candles and personally I hate Precious Moments stuff. Gift vouchers are best I feel.


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                        Me too. I dont think precious moment figurines are worth the money, plus I'd rather have a cash voucher or a red packet to help me with the finances. And photo frames are out of the question because the person may choose some design that I dont like... and what if I end up with 10 photo frames?!


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                          Normally whats the amt you people buy for cash vouchers? is $50 too little for ROM gift?


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                            $50 is fine for cash voucher for 1 pax.. how about combining with another 1 or 2 friends. then it will be like $100+ vouchers... looks nicer too.

                            however, these days I would give ang baos and maybe a small little gift. At least the couple can offset their ROM cost. I know some people give only like $10- 20.. which is barely enough to cover even for their lunch/dinner reception.


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                              actually for my own ROM, i only receive 2 angbaos. then the rest of my husband's friends and my friends didnt give. One of my friend even want to ask her bf along! Not much people will know. Some people thought that they will give a bigger one during Wedding Dinner..... so I spend like $400+ on the buffet .... :roll: