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    besides nus/ntu/smu..... where else can i take up an university course in business-marketing?

    being the usual :sotong: that i am... i only know of SIM...

    anyway, was wondering if the job prospects of a graduate from private institutions the same as a local Uni grad??

    well... after the suicide inducing further maths paper.... dont think i have hope in getting into business courses of local Unis~~~ :note:
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    There are a number of private/external universities. One of my ex-classmate is in Stansfield doing a business degree now.

    I think graduating from NUS, NTU or SMU may seem more prestigous as compared to a private university. That's how most people feel nowadays imo.

    Hmm.. it may not be so bad after all. They will still base the cut-off on your whole cohort's results


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      Re: university degree

      Originally posted by cowdung
      well... after the suicide inducing further maths paper.... dont think i have hope in getting into business courses of local Unis~~~ :note:
      If you are taking 4 subjects entry into the business course should be based on the grade of your best 3 subjects only right?


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        i did three subjects.
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          dont worry too much dearie.
          ive heard of o level holders who earn 4K a month and that sorta thing.... it doesnt really matter. U may start below a local biz grad, but u can still climb your way up and that depends not on your degree but your capability, initiative and basically your attitude... Dont let grades bog you down.. we all worry about bad a level grades and bad o level grades...but at the end of the day, the job interviewer isnt going to not employ you because u got a C for F Maths.. (not unless u are applyin to teach math) so u get what i mean? some things arent so impt as we think they are.. so dont let them dampen your confidence.


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            Although the different learning environment is likely to influence your knowledge and capabilities, it is your self motivation and attitude that ultimately determines where you stand. Fret not where you get your degree from, most importantly,learn something from wherever you get it from!

            A good degree gets you started, but it is what comes later that moves you on. If your performance is generally good with a company, it doesn't matter any longer where you graduate from. :wheee:

            But if you are really concerned about the recognition, I think SIM is a safe choice.


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              Re: university degree

              Originally posted by cowdung
              besides nus/ntu/smu..... where else can i take up an university course in business-marketing?
              MDIS, SIC, and Thames (maybe...not too sure).

              Originally posted by cowdung
              well... after the suicide inducing further maths paper.... dont think i have hope in getting into business courses of local Unis~~~ :note:
              so this year's maths papers were bad? my year was fine, but those S papers would make one cough up blood!


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                PLS DO NOT Consider **** as your choice!!

                PLEASE DO NOT GO TO **** Their management and administration totally SUCKS big time!! I decided to withdraw and they want to make me pay for the rest of the school fees that I have not yet attend!! I have reported to CASE and is awaiting for mediation to come around.

                But CASE is also no use I finally understood why they say that they are a toothless dog!! They stand more on the side of the big organizations rather than on the single individual!

                **** is totally terrible!! Can you imagine time-tables being changed 8 times in just 3 months, classrooms for classes being planned around the whole of Singapore, practicals not going right so cant get any right answers to do your reports and assignments being lost in the black hole??

                Now, in the mediation, the director of the big organisation will be going for it along with me and another two mediators. He will cajole and yet threaten me at the same time. I hope that I will be able to stand on my own against them!!


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                  all the best, teiko, i wish you luck!


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                    Thanks!! I wish for it too Considering the fact that it is just you against a whole organization with money and power in the mediation room. I will need all my wits and strength.....

                    BTW, I SIM is thoroughly 100x better than **** If they only have the course I am interested in......


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                      All the best, Chev! Stick to your guns, know the issues you are after very well, and stand up for yourself. I'm sure you'll be fine. Good luck.

                      cowdung: Exploring and being aware of other alternatives is always good to prepare yourself but don't feel totally dejected about the As as yet. You may not have done as badly as you think you did. All the best and really, enjoy the 8mths you have off! Never will you have such a loooong free time off school/career again. *wistful*


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                        Thanks gal Wish I could the pple for doing this to me.


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                          Sky, u intending to take up a US degree?

                          I did a part time US degree (awarded by SUNY Buffalo) at American Academic Alliance in Singapore before wanting to transfer my credits over to study on campus in US ... I gave it up within half a year (cost my parents loads of money) as I really hate to study those mathematics, physics subjects... it's ok to do it in secondary school or junior college, but in university?!!!

                          Anyway, if you're interested in a FULL TIME US degree (first full time US degree in Singapore), you may be happy to know that SIM has recently come into partnership with SUNY Buffalo; the whole course costs around $57K+++.


                          You can check out the the Center for American Education in Singapore (appointed to run US education information center) for information on US degrees.


                          Check USNEWS for ranking of universities (or rather, college).

                          One thing: you need to take at least the TOEFL test (very long winded exam) to gain admission.

                          Good luck in your search, babe!


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                            Hi Sky! You know the MPH @ Stamford Road? There used to be some organisation/institute at Level 2 (or Level 3) catering to the needs/queries of students intending to take an internal degree in the States, much akin to The British Council for UK degrees. There're prospectus for most of the reputable unis, and actual Americans dishing out advice.

                            My SO did his pre-u education, first and post-graduate degrees in the States and there was once when he brought me to this MPH @ Stamford Road to attend to some matters. However, that was some years back (almost a decade ago i'm OLD!) so the organisation may have relocated to some other place.



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                              Originally posted by Sky
                              Tks venom, I think the ones you recommended are distance learning. I'm looking for on campus in US edu. I haven't been in touch with overseas education search for a long time so taking short cut here to ask for direction. anyone?
                              Hiyee Sky babe,

                              American Academic Alliance helped me in the application, housing and required documentation for on-campus education in US in Wisconsin (I got the confirmation and everything, but I didn't go in the end).

                              Take alook at the Center for American Education (something like IDP), which is the appointed center to assist people who are interested in studying in USA. They can help you in the application and administration part.