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  • Wheatgrass

    anybody drinks wheatgrass?

    just started to drink it religiously before breakfast...

    wonder if any cotters here has any experience to share? :note:

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    Ibonne, where to get wheatgrass???? What's the effect???


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      u can get it at one shop from chinatown.

      brand which i gotcha is 'melrose' from australia & nz
      i got the powder form..

      the place where i buy

      but first, u may want to read about the benefits from this webbie

      also would like to know more actual benefits from people who drank it.. any one?


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        just more to add on:

        recently i'm getting more white <color=blue>heads</color>... a mini breakout i hope, nothing too serious.

        i wonder if it's the wheatgrass, because it's suppose to detox & cleanse your system...

        i'm trying to trace back my products (as start to use new cleanser), diet (this wheatgrass), to see who's the culprit.
        or is it pure stress?

        updates 19/12/2003
        no it's stress.
        loving my new cleanser now & still drinking.
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          i've read the benefits of wheatgrass. drank the freshly squeezed ones when i was in oz. didn't see much benefits. i suppose it's a long time thing. i only drank this once ever few days for a month.


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            My mum buys the fresh wheatgrass from NTUC and blends it into fruit juices. They're organic, can be found in the vege fridge section. Cost about $2.70 per packet.

            Have to cut the grass into really tiny pieces before you blend them or they will not blend properly. Because they've got a lot of 'gen'. Chinese for veins.


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              i tried to grow mine organically last time. but realised a whole bunch only yields that little amount of juice. plus it tastes horrible. Giant sells those in bottled forms with lime. taste better.


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                I grow my own wheatgrass at home, and it is really simple, normally I eat wheatgrass raw as it is, just by chewing the grass and then spitting out the indigestible "pulp" left.

                Growing wheatgrass here in Singapore, requires really good air circulation, or else mold will grow, though it wouldn't be a problem (depending on the type of mold), but it wouldn't look nice.
                Secondly, along with air circulation, the need to make sure that the sprouts are hydrated at all times is needed!

                Anyway, there are lots of videos on youtube showing you ways on how to grow wheatgrass at home, so just search for those videos if you are keen on growing them yourself.


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                  Good for health , any benefit