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    hi, i'll be going to Ho Chi Minh City late nov for work. anybody's been there? any advice or tips will be greatly appreciated. i'll be travelling alone. tks!
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    HoChiMinh City is quite nice actually. The people there are so slim. Most people move about in a bike. You can see a family of 4 going out in 1 bike. Yes. Dad, mum and two kids. It really makes me wonder how they manage to squeeze

    If you like handicraft, you can get nice lacquer box and embrodiery from the market. Cashew nuts and jackfruit chips are good too. Get a friend to bring you to the famous coffee shop selling Pho(beef noodle). That's the one Bill Clinton went to when he was in Vietnam.


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      ooh i think they sell those embroidered bags....i've seen suspiciously similar ones from Xcessories.. my cousin bought me one... she said its only 4 dollars and u even get to choose the colour and design (something like custom make). but im not sure where exactly can u find these shops....


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        Yes, the bags from Xcessories look exactly like the ones you can buy in Vietnam. That's the one with the wooden handle right? You'll be able to find these bags at the roadside shops and also market.

        **The markets there are somewhat like upper level of People's Park Complex (The non airconditioned building beside OG).


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          wow but those bags from Xcessories costs nothing close to 4 bucks! are these bags easily available or i have to get to specific shops/markets?

          hmm...i thought it might be quite a boring trip for me as i'll be wandering ard alone and not at all familiar with the place but guess i could do with some shopping then

          just afraid i'll waste time at boring places and come back only to find out i've missed out all the great places or good buys :sotong:


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            ask me ask me!! hee.... i backpacked there for a month!!!

            actually i don't really like ho chi minh, find it really noisy cos the people there sound their horns constantly

            the handbags from xcessories are definitely from vietnam. u can go to the tha binh market, it's a wholesale market selling all kinds of stuff. be prepared to bargain hard for stuff, cos they can tell u are a tourist and try to rip you off

            in general, the vietnamese are a nice lot, friendly and courteous. as for pho (beef noddles), if u don't mind roadside stalls u can get a good one for around 500 dong (less than 1 SGD). also the baguettes are good for breakfast!!

            oh one last thing, be daring when crossing the roads. walk slowly and don't be tempted to run, the motorcyclists and cars will give way to you

            u cam pm me if u need more info


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              Vietnam Hanoi

              hi thr, i'm travelling to Hanoi in dec.. pretty soon.. anyone here been there b4? care to give me some tips/advices?
              i'll be interested to hear more on shopping!!! heehee.
              thanks in advance


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                Hi! I'm also going to Hanoi in Dec! Was hoping to get some tips here...shucks. really looking forward to the shopping, heard that we can find heartrendingly sweet embroidered things there...


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                  i've been to hanoi before but i backpacked and stayed in those cheap hotels... not sure where u will be staying, can give more info so i be of more help?

                  for shopping wise, the things worth buying are embroidery, handbags, backpacks, lacquer ware, coffee.... u can also tailor clothes but i'm not sure who is good, cos i actually did my tailoring in hoi an (another state in vietnam)

                  hope this helps

                  oh yeah u MUST go to halong bay, it is quite beautiful, sign up with kangaroo cafe, they are GOOD!!!

                  also check out the lonely planet website, it has lots of useful info


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                    I''m planning to stay in cheap hotels and motels too, but not booked anything! Thanks for the info!


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                      ok i see... since u're backpacking, u can try the hotels around hoam kiem lake. they were quite cheap the last time i went, about USD$8 per night per room. prices may have gone up because of the SEA games

                      u can also try the tours to go visit the hill tribes, i didn't go becos of lack of money but my friend who went, recommended them


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                        US$8 a night is very attractive

                        What other parts of Vietnam did you go? Which is your fav?


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                          i backpacked all over vietnam!!!

                          i LOVE hoi an and nah trang the most, didn't really like saigon (ho chi minh). hanoi was also fun cos i had a vietnamese friend and she brought me and my bf around, so we also went to places where tourists would not go. she and her friend rode bikes and took us around...

                          how long will you be going there? it is cheaper to go down to the embassy yourself to make the visa, some tour agencies i went to quoted me $100+, but when i went down myself to do it, it only costs $70 IIRC


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                            We don't need a visa now! Must be the SEA games... I'll be there for 8 days, quite long for just Hanoi right? Going with 3 other frens. One of them has been to Saigon already. Do we need to bargain when shopping? Have not had the time to read any guide books yet, so I know zilch about Vietnam...except for what u've told me so far! Jus been to the library to get one, couldnt find lonely planet though.


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                              try this website, super good for information on where to go, stay and move around. it's a forum just like this but chockfull of useful information and tips for travellers

                              hmm... 8 days is a bit too long lah, but can go sapa to visit hill tribes

                              bargaining?? OF COURSE u must must must bargain!!!

                              have fun shopping