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crying to get your way in office???

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  • crying to get your way in office???

    just to find out if cotters have encountered colleagues who cry to bosses to get their way in work? Did they succeed?

    I always run into such cases and everything will be just as they want it to be. Don't want too much work, . stress . not happy with work allocation, .... and the bosses will ask the rest to be understanding to them.....

    goodness.... the power of tears! I don't cry so ya.....

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    Yeah, it works but it will be hard for that person to gain any respect after that.


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      Oh my.

      I absolutely hate people like this!

      Can i just share about this? No offence to mothers please. Because i believe not everyone is like this.

      There is this colleague, she has a son. About 3 years old. It's not that i am not understanding. But the thing is, she keeps taking MC, childcare leave or what's not. And i am a single lady. Supposed to have no family committment or whatsoever. So she goes to my boss crying saying she's stress blah blah blah... And guess who has to take over her work?

      I think it's so unfair. And me, bring such a stubborn head strong person, certainly wont resort to tears. But gosh, it is so unfair to those who have to pick up the pieces for them.

      If it's too stressful for you, then quit and find another job where you can better manage la.

      Granted, i am in the teaching line so it can be pretty stressful. But really, i hate people crying to get my sympathy.


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        kim-- i guess ur boss also is mother or father that kind. they have that "tong qin xin".
        but in banking industry or bosses that is fierce especially career minded woman. i don think it work.
        have to choose what kind of boss u have then can use this kind of tactic.

        i was in a/cing industry so rarely see this kind of ppl. work cannot finish, say bye bye
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          I guess it works for females colleagues crying to male bosses... Useless men.


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            I know some cry due to bullying by others, so this is understanding. But if my colleague always cries, it can be quite demoralize for the rest. I also heard of a mother who always take MC/leave without submiting her leave, that is really bad and mean to her colleagues.


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              ya, my staff actually cry to the GM coz i gave her too much work. Oh my, she is not overloaded, just do nt like that particular task. My GM spoke to me and ask me to remove that task. I told him if i did that, words spread ard, everyone will start crying in GM office. Luckily, GM listen to me. I dislike staff who behaves as such too.


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                crying and crying to get your way in office is 2 differ things.

                when i get stress and felt wrongly accused i cry discreetly la-h can cry but dun cry to get your way.


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                  Originally posted by bikegal81 View Post
                  crying and crying to get your way in office is 2 differ things.
                  Yeah, that distinction is very important.

                  Crying by itself is NOT a sign of weakness. I had experienced a female colleague who was so bottled up with her environment and after talking to me, I tell her she can cry if that will makes her feel better. And so she did. (Of course, you must choose a trusted friend to confide or else...back to the topic) Holding back tears is not good for the body, you know. Crying can help calm one's emotions and tears can help lubricate the eyes.

                  But when tears come with a motive, deliberate and planned, that is a big NO NO.


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                    maybe some peps are not deliberately crying to get their way. Who knows if they are really really stressed up? But of coz, if you can see that the cryign incident is planned then it's a big no no!

                    I do not have collegues who cry but I have male collegues who always got the upper hand coz they have other commitments outside. Which is about the same. I guess life is unfair.


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                      i am one who cries easily, there was once when i got confronted by my boss over some comments i made during work and i cried due to the embarassment. whenever i think back about that incident, i think i am very unprofessional. i hope that someday, i would be able to train myself to not be such a crybaby cos i think it affects the impression others have about me. haha. i wanna portray myself as a career woman too.


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                        i do not just have a senior colleague (though we are same age, but cos she came in a year earlier than me) who cries to the boss because she feel our male boss is favoring me more.. But also threaten the boss that she will quit if our boss continue to treat her so...

                        Because i'm junior, so the boss show me more guidance, cos he feel my senior colleague can fly on her own.. luckily, my boss is quite heartless and tell her, if she wants to quit go ahead.. he won't stop her.. hahahahaha...


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                          opps! maybe the right way of putting it is crying and end up having things done your way. seriously no one will ever cry to get their way or admit that they are doing it deliberately in office. It's part of expressing your views and feelings.

                          Sometimes crying gives people the impression that you are handling more workload or treated unfairly or having some other work stress. Well.. so are the rest who are not crying... in the end, their work is passed over to those who can't cry. that's life.

                          crying is fine as long as you do not cry to your superior or boss. It reflects badly on yourself IMO. whatever adjustment to work allocation, wrkload, prmotion, increment, bonus etc made after this incident will only be brushed off by colleagues as "oh, because she cried"... =/


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                            Got a colleague like that. She has been in the firm for so long, even older than some of the new bosses. She took advantage of that. Cry at all the right times!

                            When these young men see an older woman crying, they really give up! Dont know what to do. So she practically gets everything she wants! Poor us... she bullied us!


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                              lol weird though my bf usually doesn't soften when i started crying. i thought many people dun really give in to tears. i'm quite surprised many people especially men didn't know what to do when women cries and eventually just give in. -.-