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    i *need* to get a new laptop, was thinking of either the fujitsu 6130 or toshiba portege A100, i'm leaning more towards the toshiba one because it's oh-so-pretty.

    the toshiba a100

    suggestions, anyone?

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    using an acer lap top. its not bad but hangs occationally :sotong: other than that, its pretty user friendly.

    her toshibas costs alot!


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      My very frank opinion: Toshiba comes out with some cutting edge laptops. But Toshiba is good only if you do not require any support from them there after. Support meaning the purchase of additional battery, servicing of any parts of the laptop.

      My hubby as a Toshiba laptop and trying to call the company to place an order for an additional battery and purchasing it was such a feat! They took forever to get back on such a simple matter. After which they said they do not have stocks in Singapore and had to place an order for the battery The placing of order took about 2 months

      My colleague didn't manage to receive support from the company also when his laptop had hardware problems.

      So, it is up to you


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        I'm using Toshiba M100 and i must say that it's

        I agree with Vonnie about the after-sale service though. I had some bad experiences with them too :roll:


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          i'm using a big bulky compaq evo N800v. don't bring it to school so its quite ok with me..

          customer service was quite good! i fried my hardware inside (cause it overheated i think) and they replaced it FOC!

          i how sleek and light fujitsu and toshiba are though..


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            thanks for all the advices dearies! i'm still contemplating - some of the salesmen i met said the toshiba a100 was a limited edition one (i don't know how true this is) , but thing is, limited edition might mean they wouldnt have most of their parts and everything doesn't it? but good thing they have 3 years international warranty, as compared to fujitsu's 1 year international and 3 years local..

            edited: i'll be going over to sydney next year, so the international warranty's pretty important
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              I think you Fujitsu's afterservice is quite good.I remember Snowangel's charger failed her few weeks back.We sent to our schools tecnical helpdesk whereby they send it to Fujitsu service centre to fix before sending back to my school.Considering that it has to pass through so many stages,the charger got back to her within just a few days!

              (Crossing my fingers) My Fujitsu has yet to fail me. I still like it very much in terms of speed and everything else. If you are worried that 1 year international warranty is too short,what about considering buying an insurance for it? I think it costs $100 per year.


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                my SO is using a dell and it works well
                probably u can check out the dell websites and get good promos from that (free delivery and free laptop bag)

                i use an old hitachi but well, it doesnt do much, just surfing the net and playing online games!


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                  I swear by my IBM THinkpad T-series, but its on the bulky side. Use it mostly as a desktop replacement.

                  Comes with 3 year global warranty. Singapore service centre is pretty decent. Delt with their US service agent too, definitely not as friendly as the Sg ones...
                  GOod thing is, they actually call to ask, how do you find their service agent, so you can complain about their lousy service if they didn't do a good job.


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                    My man bought me a Fujitsu S series Lifebook recently...cost about $3000+. It's real sleek, small and reliable too!

                    Fujitsu is well-known for its reliability, performance and design.


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                      I'm using my bro's Toshiba M10.. must say that it's quite good!


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                        I am currently using a Toshiba Protege R100 and its really sleek and light. the CD is an external drive but I dont always use it nowadays so I usually leave this at home when I bring my laptop to school.
                        It weighs only 1.1kg and there is an additional battery pack if you require long hours of usage and with the additional battery pack, you can use it up to 6-8hrs.

                        I have been using this laptop for already nearing 2 yrs and it has not failed me ever since. No crashings or anything of that sort.


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                          i'm using fijitsu's S6120.. it's quite good IMO.. but even though its supposed to be slim and light, it's a little heavy when i carry it out. so only bring it out when SO is around..

                          most of my friends are using fujitsu as well.. so far so good..

                          Glossie: sony's ones are soooo in terms of sleekness! but peformance wise i'm not too sure.. used to work in sony.. and the higher level people always use the laptops.. it's very nice!


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                            Originally posted by Glossie
                            Looking at the webbie now and going Goodness. Which one to get? Any recs?

                            actually it will depends on your budget and the type of function u need

                            as for myself, i prefer to change my comp every 18 - 24 months if possible so i dont need a high end comp!

                            this looks good


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                              Originally posted by chiri
                              .. but didn't dare get it cause it was available at best denki and the like shops.. was not very sure of the specifications.. so to be on the safe side, i bought mine in school and it comes with quite a lot of freebies! hee!
                              Actually, I find that Harvey Normans and the like shops do state specs very clearly whereas the individual shops don't unless you ask. Freebies!! I'm envious

                              Bought a Compaq Presario V2000. Quite cute! Less than 15" long and weighs about 2.3 or 2.6kg. At about $2500, it's really a good deal. It has additional features like DVD burner and card reader, besides the 512MB SDRAM and 60GB HDD I want. No freebies like wireless optical mouse and router that Acer offers. Did get a free carry bag