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    Will be going there over Christmas. Is there anything which I HAVE to do/eat/buy in Shanghai? Is it an expensive city?

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    Shanghai is definitely one of the most expensive cities in China. It's also about the only city in China where you'll have plenty of choices when it comes to brand. Be warned that imported items are very expensive in China so do not buy anything imported. I was told by a local that price of Haagen Dazs there is the most expensive compared to anywhere else in the world. :sotong:

    Places to visit : The Bund/Huangpu River, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Nanjing Road (for some shopping).

    Things to eat : Try authentic shanghai cuisine. Be warned that they could be a litttle oily. However, there's many "cold-dishes" to choose from at each meal. One of my favorite is the "salt-water" fish.


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      Bargain Hunting Shopping / Fake Branded Stuff : Xiang Yang Market, be prepared for touters and haggle a lot for only abt 1/3 of the asking price for anything.

      Makan Places :
      1)Chun Huang Miao (for Xiao Long Bao, also has touristy shopping stuff),
      2)Xiao Nan Guo (has various branches, must try "Shi Yu - literal translation "time fish", ti pa (pork knuckles),
      3)Jade Garden (Shu Zhe Hui)
      4) Yu Yuan

      Most cabbies are very rude but know the way around Shanghai well. Be prepared for chilly weather, with drastic temperature drops during sunset (abt 4 pm). Dress warmly. People still spit and be tolerant.

      If you can, do a day trip to Zhou Zhuang (1 hr drive away), Suzhou (2 hrs drive away) or Hang Zhou (2 hrs drive away).

      Let me know if you have any more questions. Cheers


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        Thanks girls!!

        Chox: do you know what the temperature will be like in late December? Do we need to wear thermal underwear? (I reallly really dislike the feeling of long johns)

        I will definitely be checking out your recommended places! Xiang Yang market sounds like my kind of place!


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          Re: Shanghai

          Originally posted by lluvia
          Thanks girls!!

          Chox: do you know what the temperature will be like in late December? Do we need to wear thermal underwear? (I reallly really dislike the feeling of long johns)

          I will definitely be checking out your recommended places! Xiang Yang market sounds like my kind of place!
          End Dec is expected to be in early teens and singles digits for the day, so I would expect to be wearing thick stockings and/or thermals....

          Try to get silk thermals which are so much more comfy on the skin (and no itch factor). Let me pass you the contact of a shop I go to here in Shanghai.

          Bai Yu Lan Special Silk-fabrics Store.
          195-197 Shan Xi Bei Lu
          Near Portman Hotel
          Tel: (86)21-6247-6818
          Expect to pay about RMB 38 for sleeveless vest, RMB 58 each for tops and bottom long sleeve/long pants thermies for ladies, guys go for RMB 78 each

          Bought quite a lot there for frens and family who go skiing etc...


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            I will be going Shanghai early June. Staying near Nanjing West, Marriott Hotel. Any one knows whether the taxis there goes by meter like ours here? Or do we agree on a price before we hop on?

            I also eyeing on the fake bags to buy.


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              There are quite a number of different taxi companies around but most of them run on meters. It should be fine if you choose those. I was told the most reliable company is Da Zhong. But the taxi drivers there are really hell- riders and are very very reckless

              I enjoyed my trip there Lots of shopping can be done and I even got a cheong sum tailored there

              Yes, you can get your fakes there and there's a range of quality/"grades" for you to choose from

              Enjoy yourself!


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                  Re: for the hopefully greener pasture....

                  Originally posted by Ribbons
                  Signed the contract for an overseas posting there... will be stationing in shanghai for the next 2 yrs.

                  will miss my newly minted husband...

                  surprisingly working hard in my company now though i have yet tender my resignation.. gosh.. seems like i'm starting to miss everything that I took for granted for the past 3.5yrs.

                  no choice. for a greener pasture. :choice:

                  anyway has any advise for Shanghai : Pudong and Waigaoqiao?
                  How's the apartments like in Pudong? The neighbourhood?
                  Hi Ribbons,
                  So you're gonna be in Shanghai for the next 2 years ? I'm currently living here as if u wanna make frens

                  Pudong has nice apartments, depending on your budget and your willingness to travel. I gather that your workplace will be Waigaoqiao ? That's an industrial area....housing tends to be cheaper there as its further away from the city. When are you coming over ?


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                    living in pudong

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                      Re: living in pudong

                      Originally posted by Ribbons
                      Hi Chox!

                      I am actually allocated an apartment in Pudong - Xiang Xie Li Hua Yuan, if i'm not wrong. Know anything about that place? The decor, facilities etc?

                      Great to know one more contact there!! :wave: Yup, I'll be working in waigaoqiao, it's supposedly cluttered with singaporean engineering companies, is that so? Actually, i'll be paid a living allowance while still receiving a singapore pay but my living allowance is truly peanuts. As a matter of fact, a shanghainese contact quoted my allowance there as "about the same as the roadsweeper's".. luckily, the rent/utilities/one-meal-a-day/daily transport to work are paid for, otherwise... :puke:

                      are you there for work or studies? how's the lifestyle there like? poshy? live-wired? according to the HR who's arranging my livelihood there now, she said, besides the city itself, everywhere else is almost like the standard rural areas in china. is that so..?

                      My friend who's in Puxi for a job assignment now, said the spa services are really cheap and wonderful though.
                      Hi Ribbons,

                      The apartment that you've been allocated to is called Champs Elysee, according to my husband who has been here for 5 years. He tells me its pretty nice, so I gues that's 1 worry off your back

                      Yes, waigaoqiao is really littered with Singaporean firms, so you will probably feel quite at home haha...I guess you should be thankful for that allowance however miserable, I'm drawing local pay, which is tonnes worse hahaha! That aside, not many people gets "hardship" allowance for coming over to China now, since China, especially Shanghai, is no longer as undeveloped as it used to be, my opinions aside! I guess with your firm picking up so many of the daily expenses, you will probably save a lot in the long run!

                      I am currently working here, made the move to Shanghai after marriage. My husband was working here for many years before and he refused to move to US to be with moi! argh. If you've not lived alone before, you may find it a little intimidating, else its just like any big city is...magnified many times over with an immense population (and all the associated traffic, pushing etc) but it can be fun too...(shopping, massages, yummy food!)...yes, the outskirts of shanghai is rather rural with farmland and stuff...but shanghai city has been expanding and places once considered unpopular are now considered part of the city centre! amazing growth!

                      Read that you are planning for your wedding too, that ought to be fun Do drop me an email or something so that we can maybe meet up when you do come around. When are you making your move anyway?

                      Cheers! s


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                        i will be in Pudong, Shanghai next week for training. however my generous new boss decides to let us stay longer which means we have 2 days to shop to our hearts content.

                        since i have never been to SHanghai, and it seems pretty warm there. anything that i have to look out for when i'm there?

                        hope i dun miss out anything there.


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                          my little opinions :

                          1. don't bother to spend on the bund discovery tour. it's super lame. there have this package whereby after taking the tunnel ride (this is still ok), you go to some aquarium (just a small hall with a few miserable-looking fish tanks), an audio-experience (when you're locked in the small dark room and they asked you to put on headphones. all i heard was some stupid war sounds and water trinkling. that's all). :puke:

                          2. the traffic there is massive and messy. the drivers love to press horn especially. it's a true 'horny' city. my ears couldn't get used to all the hornings initially. too noisy and loud. and yes, out of all cab companies, da-zhong is the best.


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                            I did not shop alot when I was in Shanghai but shanghai cuisine is though oily (bring some charcoal pills incase I went in & out toilet the 1st few days because not used to the oily food)

                            The weather can be very chilly! I make a mistake wearing those slip in heels there and it cause such a big whoo ha! My china colleague has to lend me her covered shoes.

                            to me the cab there is considered cheap but of course if you want cheaper transportation they also have "MRT" over there. and if during peak hours the traffic jam is very very bad so better take "MRT" if you want to reach the place faster.


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                              am here for the 5th week *****... terribly miserable. Should not have made such a rash decision in the beginning. urghhh....

                              anyway, since i'm here now, i'm just wondering how to spice up my weekends besides the well-known heng shan lu and xintiandi(for pubbing) and huai hai lu and xiangyang mkt for shopping..?? Anyone else got good recommendations?? Something unique and not too expensive... I've already gone to Cheng Huang Miao and Yu Yuan, and Shang Hai Lao Jie. Anywhere else interesting??

                              And the non-locally made cosmetics are really expensive huh..i had to lug back all my stuff from singapore when i went back last wkend. (i want to go back for good.. )

                              Guess i'll plan for suzhou/hangzhou with my housemates soon.

                              by the way my fellow china-dwelling singaporean cotters, the MU airtix to singapore now is rather cheap. Only 2000RMB.