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  • Wedding dinner procedure


    I was thinking of asking my dad to escort me during the wedding march into the ballroom and make my hubby wait at the end of the red carpet what do y'all think?

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    Originally posted by Dubp

    I was thinking of asking my dad to escort me during the wedding march into the ballroom and make my hubby wait at the end of the red carpet what do y'all think?
    i assume that you are thinking of this at the start of the function when the guests are seated and before dinner is served?

    it will be weird in my opinion. you mean yr husband enter the front door by himself? or that he was there by going thru the back door? (normally there will be 2 entrance-staffs/guests) it doesnt sound like a good idea. it will be better if the two of you go in together during the wedding march.

    normally there will be 2 times, 2nd time to slice wedding cake. if this is supposed to be the initial walk-in, once your husband finally wait for you at the end of the red carpet, both of u shld be seated already. unless, you are going to give a speech but i doubt anyone will do so at the start of the wedding dinner. yr idea might be more appropriate for the 2nd time walk in though because once yr dad passes u to yr husband, both of u will be going up the stage. my idea is that, at least, there's 'something to do' after you are 'hand over' to yr husband.


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      Originally posted by Dubp

      I was thinking of asking my dad to escort me during the wedding march into the ballroom and make my hubby wait at the end of the red carpet what do y'all think?
      I did that for my wedding - at the 1st march in. At the end of the "road", I shocked my dad by planting a kiss on his cheeks. Me and hubbie walked up the stage and cut the cake. Everyone eats after the cake cutting.

      2nd march in saw me and hubbie walking in together. Popped the champange and toast, speech, eat, mingle and lastly shoo everyone and say adios muchachos, the bride wants her shut eye
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        sounds ok to me :bestwish


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          Not sure whether sis i post on the right thread. But hope someone can tell me more on the following:

          For the wedding banquet, does the bride need to stay outside to welcome her guests together with groom and parents etc. Or it would be better for the bride to "hide" in the room first, then come out for the march in?

          Who do and who don't do this?


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            Hi dear friend, maybe i can start first. I think most of the time, what happen is both the bride and groom will appear in the receiving area (sometimes, cocktail will be served here) to welcome the guests. This is also the time for the newly wed to mingle with the guests.

            Am no sure about "hiding" in the changing or bridal room till the march in.

            There was also once whereby I attended a wedding and the bride appeared in the Ballroom even before the march in. At some moments, she was busy with arranging the seating arrangement and at others, she was chatting inside. To me, that was NO NO. It seems too casual and she should not be the one who usher. Should have got the helpers while she welcomes the guests at the entrance. Guess it is also a sign of respect.

            What do the others think?


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              Ya, this is what i thought too. I want to welcome the guest myself, partly also i can take photos with them.

              But i know, there are minority who might like to surprise the guest with a beautiful bride from the 1st march in.


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                For me, I mingle with my guests during the cocktail reception. Think about it. You would want the guests to have good look of your bridal gown instead of that short time during march in and cake cutting. Moreover, it is a good time to mingle with your guests. Don't think you would have the time to do it during the dinner or after that.


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                  6.30 pm onwards - Cocktail, i will be with my FH and mingle with the guests,going to take photos with them as well.
                  7.00 pm - Guests to sit down
                  7.30 pm - Solemnisation - 1st march in , my dad will walk me down the aisle
                  8.00 pm - Dinner starts - i will start with FH till end of 1st course
                  8.45 pm - 2nd March in - in Evening gown for cake cutting, champagne etc


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                    Whow Alya, you had it all planned out.

                    Perhaps yours is slightly different from the other wedding banquets as you are having your solemnization on the same day. It's a fantastic arrangement though. Firstly, save on the ROM costs and secondly, guests can't be that late afterall. At most, they miss part of the solemnization, but by 7.30, most should have arrived and dinner can commence on time,

                    By the way, is the solemnization in the same Ballroom or at a different venue?
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                      If bride wants to be around during reception yet want guests to see her in wedding gown only during the march in, can wear your tea-reception gown during the evening reception. Then proceed to change to wedding gown just befor march in.


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                        Peace, i so gan cheong (so anxious) !!
                        solemnization would be at the stage in the same ballroom.
                        coz wanna have everyone to celebrate the union with us...


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                          hi jess,

                          after being in so many weddings where I have to shadow the bride, i've come to realise a couple of things

                          this being singapore, you're more or less free to do what you want, there's actually no set rules to "hiding" in your room or what you wear when you come down. I've seen the following situations happen

                          1. bride stays hidden until guests go into banquet hall, then appears at the first walk in
                          2. bride goes down in tea dress to mingle, goes up to change to gown then walks in
                          3. bride goes down in gown to mingle, stays there till everyone goes in, then walks in
                          4. bride comes down just about 10 minutes before the walk in in her gown, so there's some mingling but not till she has to stand around and greet people

                          I find that greeting people is usually the groom's and parents' task for the drinks reception before the banquet. Personally, i think the idea that the bride should remain hidden probably stems from the Christian practice where the bride should not be seen until she walks into the church (in the same way we in Singapore have adopted the lifting of the veil in the morning door-games).

                          in short, it's all a mish-mash in singapore, which is not a bad thing actually, i find weddings in singapore to be far more interesting than those in europe but it also means you're largely free to do as you please, provided no one complains too much (ie aunties, parents, friends, aunties...hee hee)


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                            Sylvia, my solemnisation is also on the same day as the wedding dinner! So everyone can witness our marriage!


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                              melissa, how are you doing yours?
                              is your solemnization before your dinner too?
                              care to share how you time it?