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What are you lemming for?

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  • What are you lemming for?

    We dont seem to have such a thread, and i think we need one cos CC keeps tempting us!

    So what're you lemming for? i'm considering MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Fall 09 Collection

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    girlgirl: You are soooooo evil!!

    Die!! i shall slowly post my wish list.

    First one will be the Hello Kitty spoon, fork, chop stick, laptop bag


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      wow xuan that was a fast reply. i need a lappie bag too! my fren offered to get me this sony one which cost $99 for my bday


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        Lemming for a cartier white gold lovecharity bangle!gonna bug my dad to get me one!haha


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          loads - new mobile phone, mini notebook, loads of clothes, shoes, cosmetics, skincare...

          don't think the list will end


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            lemming for handsome MEN

            joke aside lemming for E71 and more dresses and heels


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              neighbour: Be like me, slowly post.

              LOL at bikegal's lemming. HAHAHA!!


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                New computer accessories! I just built my rig last month,but I still need to do some major upgrade to some of the non-CPU stuff so that the rest of my family can get to enjoy the new rig. I'm planning to get:

                1. Razer Deathadder mouse to replace my dying Razer Copperhead
                2. Dell UltraSharp 2209WA to replace the aging LCD monitor
                3. Razer Actosa keyboard to replace the hard to type flat keyboard
                4. A pair of speakers to replace the already dead speakers

                Probably need to do some research on the speakers,but otherwise I'm ready for COMEX.


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                  Ultimate lemming:

                  This in 1:1 scale!


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                    im lemming for...

                    1. MY BF. I miss him alot la! Sorry I know very mushy
                    2. A pass in my retake. Good grades even better!
                    3. Flawless complexion come back to me! Stupid period.
                    4. Ideas for bf's bday.
                    5. To be slimmer and fairer.


                    • #11
                      LV NF in damier~~

                      honda rvf400 and of coz 2a lic~~


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                        same as bikegal81 and scarlet135: E71 and Lumix lx3!


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                          waah if i didnt create this thread also dont know you all got so many lemmings

                          i follow bikegal81's first post, where're all the cute guys?!?!


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                            girlgirl: you have a bf still want cute guys. Those cute guys should be left for us.


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                              xuan, but he's not cute