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In replacement of cake cutting ceremony

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  • In replacement of cake cutting ceremony

    Hi all!

    I need some help!

    I will be having my wedding dinner in may next year and I would like to change how some things are usually scheduled in a banquet.

    I have requested not to have the wedding cake. I know this may sound weird but i've always feel that the slotting of a knife into a hole in the cake mould is so meaningless...and not really keen to have a real cake too as i don't really relate to that cake cutting ceremony.

    The only problem is that i don't know what to replace that portion of the banquet with. After my husband and I march it, i have thought of using the we will each hold a small candle to light up a bigger one to signify unity or bond and then blow out the smaller ones we have. However, MIL is afraid of the candle blowing out.

    Another version is the wine, where two of us are to pour the wine from the wine glasses that we have into a bigger one...and drink from that..... but i am not sure if we can actually drink it at the same time.

    So please gals, anyone has anyone great ideas???? :roll:

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    Hi.... your idea of lighting the candles is a good one In fact, I think it is really feasible as there restaurants which are already doing it. Well, at least I know that the restaurant at Miramar Hotel....Orient Ocean or something like that, they have candles which are linked together by a long wick and placed in the shape of a heart. The couple just have to light at one point and the entire heart will light up I don't think it is easy for the candle to go off this way

    As for your second idea, what about pouring the 2 glasses of champagne into a bigger glass and dip a 2 ended straw that is shaped like a heart shape (those you see with cocktails) into it and drink together?


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      ???!!! The candle thing you mention at the Mirama hotel sounds rather impressive....something that I can perhaps consider. Only problem is that my MIL might veto that...because if the candles are not completely lighted up as a heart, I will get

      I thought of the straw too but i must be careful to pick a nice straw if I choose to do that, because it may seem rather tacky otherwise...

      Sigh..i can't think of anything else... someone thought of a jigsaw puzzle of us or some significant picture...with the both of us fitting the last two pieces to form a complete picture...

      what do you think? :huh:


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        With regards to the jigsaw part, it may be too small to be seen by seated guests and hence lose what ever meaning it is supposed to represent?


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          Maybe I can get a HUGH GIGANTIC ONE!! Hahhahaa....but it sounds so egoistic....a hugh picture of the both of us..!!