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Anyone a member of a Toastmasters club?

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  • Anyone a member of a Toastmasters club?

    Hi all,

    I am quite keen in joining a Toastmasters Club in the hope of improving my communication & presentation skills.
    Anyone a member?
    I don't know which one to join or how i should go about doing it...

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    wow thks Sky.
    but we'll have to pay $300 for entrance fee! gosh.. i am not even sure if this is the right one to join. Dont feel good about paying $300 & to end up realising that I am not comfortable thru out??!?sigh.. it;s just too expensive...


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      Hi remember,

      I am currently registering this program for my colleague. We find the rates pretty competitive compared to other institues doing Communication courses. Didn't know that there is a Membership Fees to pay. Will let you know more when the organiser gets back to me.


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        Oh and don't think I have seen you around in the forum before. Do drop us an intro at Cozybabes as we would like to know you better.


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          hey thanks babe.. let me know ya?

          heheh.. I have introduced myself before.. quite sometime back. Just that i seldom post here..


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            OIC, thanks dearie! Hope to see you more often.


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              I think some community centres offer such courses. Not sure if they're afiliated to any associations.


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                check out People's Association for the Toastmasters there; contrary to the unglam image, CCs do provide pretty good classes at very competitive classes as i've found out for myself recently so give it a try!

                if you're still in uni, there must be speech classes lying around if you are game for them; i took one eons ago that was really stressful - 4 timed speeches in front of the class, all graded immediately


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                  Hi remember,

                  I received an e-mail from MIS. This is what she wrote:

                  "The toastmasters club meet on every last Tuesday of the month. The subscription fee is $200 for 12 months."

                  I am trying to get more information like the classes' schedule and such. Will post up again once I get it.